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Best 10 Beach Game with Small Trampoline & Ball: Spikeball, OgoDisk Mini & Water Trampoline Games!

Beach Game with small trampoline

Best 10 Beach Game with Small Trampoline & Ball: Spikeball, OgoDisk Mini & Water Trampoline Games!

Last Updated on September 13, 2023

Have you ever been on the beach with your favorite trampoline? Well, a beach trip is not only a place for relaxation but also allows playing numerous fun trampoline games there. Having either a large or mini-trampoline, you can easily do lots of recreational activities there.

The first name that came to our mind when we think of beach games with trampolines is SpikeBall. Some of the similar games are OgoDisk Mini, Water trampoline fun, and many more. Here, we’re going to give you some trampoline game ideas that you can play with your friends and families on the beach.

10 Fun Beach Game with Trampoline for Kids to Adults

01.  Spikeball Beach Game with Small Trampoline and Ball

Beach Game with small trampoline

Do you know, what is a Spikeball? This is a mini version of the volleyball game. Teenagers and young adults love this very much. It needs only two things- a small ball and a high-tension mini-trampoline. This game is played between two teams, having two players each. Spikeball is also called the Roundnet.

Spikeball on Shark Tank

Spikeball was first seen on the Shark Tank tv show in 2015 and had successfully made revolutionary changes from then in the Spikeball game. The creators did a deal for $500,000 to launch a simple but entertaining product through this show. That drove many athletes to pull in Spikeball games.

Who Invested in Spikeball from Shark Tank?

A famous entrepreneur of Shark Tank star, Daymond John found potential in Spikeball and invested there, and became a celebrated entrepreneur through this. Really, he loved sports-related products, that’s why he also invested in some companies like GOGoGear, One Sole, Hells Bells Helmets, etc. John was so lucky, that he and Spikeball is now a great inspiration for the entrepreneur.

Who Came up with Spikeball?

Spikeball was first designed and invented in the 1980s by Jeff Knurek, an American cartoonist and toymaker. Chris Ruder was one of the earliest purchasers of Spikeball in the 1980s. After a long time, Chris Ruder founded Spikeball Inc. in 2007 to spread Spikeball worldwide.

Spikeball Inc. is now the largest company of Spikeball. They generate more than one million in sales per year with 8 employees but interestingly none of them work full time.

How to Set Spikeball Miniature

Spikeball set comes in a small bag parts by parts. So, it’s necessary to assemble them first before you play. Lay down the parts and assemble the tube of the miniature to form a circle. Attach the legs with the frame too. Now tie the woven net with the frame tightly to make a good bounce of the ball.

How to Play Spikeball on Beach


Each group should wear dissimilar jerseys to distinguish one from the other. Everyone stands in front of the miniature to make a circle. Spikeball starts by serving the ball by hitting the ball into the net. After serving the ball, each player can move to any side of the miniature trampoline.

When one player serves the Spikeball, players of the other team try to defend it. They get a maximum of three chances to bounce the ball into the net. But make sure to alternate hands to return Spikeball into the net.

Again the ball comes back to the players of the first team. And this continues until the ball is up. If a team fails to hit the ball into the net or exceeds three-hit times, the opposite team scores a point. So, this is pretty simple but fun, right?

Official Spikeball Rules

Spikeball Roundnet Association (SRA) develops several rules to play Spikeball in an organized way. The main points are given below.

Chapter 1: Equipment and Court

  • Spikeball Pro Set and Ball are the only things used in this game.
  • The court should have a minimum of 30×30 ft.
  • The set comprises 5 rims, 5 legs, and a net.
  • The Pro Set diameter is 3 ft and the frame height is 8 in.
  • The ball is inflatable and its circumference is 12 in.
  • Net tension should be consistent as the ball is dropped from 5 ft above and bounced up to 20 in.
  • If possible draw a serving line circle of 7 ft from the edge or 8.5 ft from the center of the set.

Chapter 2: Participants

  • Spikeball is a 2 vs 2-person game.
  • Wear sneakers, and cleats, or play barefoot. But dangerous parts such as broken or metallic cleats aren’t allowed.
  • Players may wear glasses but they are responsible for risks.
  • Wear soft clothing and knee pads.

Chapter 3: Playing Format

  • A toss is held before the play starts. The toss winner will decide to serve or receive.
  • Four players will stand 90 degrees apart making a circle. But after serving the ball, they can move 360 degrees.
  • After every 5 points, players will rotate counterclockwise to a single position.
  • Each team will get a 1-minute time-out. There are 5 minutes of injury time-out to return the game.
  • If the set is not suitable to play it will be replaced. Also, the legs can be returned to their original position, when they move.
  • The team scores when the opposite team fails to return the ball and commits a point loss infraction, or two successive faults in serves.
  • A point may be replayed in some conditions such as hinders, or teams disagree.
  • When the serving team wins a rally, they score and continue their serve. If the receiving team wins, they score and go for the next serve.
  • The winning team must score 2 more points than the loser. If the game is tied at 14-14 or 20-20, the play will continue until one team lead by 2 points such as 17-15 or 27-25.

Chapter 4: Serving

  • The toss winner will decide who is going to serve from their team.
  • When receiving team scores a point, they will go to serve.
  • If the serving team wins the score, they will switch their positions with their teammates and serve another player on the receiving team.
  • The server must be 7 feet away from the service line.
  • Servers should be below the shoulder height of the receiver.
  • The serve is considered as dead when it struck before traveling 4 inches, the ball hits the rim or legs, the server doesn’t maintain the distance, the ball misses the set, the ball goes beneath the set, timing violation, etc.

Chapter 5: Playing the ball

  • Each team gets a maximum of three hits to return the ball to the net. If anyone commits an interaction will lose the point.
  • No one can hit the ball twice consecutively. Also, they can’t use both hands simultaneously.
  • When teammates hit the ball concurrently, it is counted as two touches. Anyone on the team can touch for the third hit in this case.
  • Hit will be illegal, if the ball touches the ground, the ball roll in the net for a long, player is in contact with the ball when it is still in the net.
  • The 1.5 ft area around the set edge is the No Hit Zone (NHZ).

Chapter 6: Hinders

  • When any hitter reaches within the opponent’s teammates’ arm’s reach, any offensive attempt will be considered a hindrance.
  • A replay will happen when the player moves before the point of interference.
  • The hindered team will get a point.

Chapter 7: Participant Conduct

  • Participants must know and abide by SRA rules.
  • They must play with integrity and accept observers’ decisions.
  • Rude manners, offensive gestures, or physical attacks are considered misconduct.
  • If any player does misconduct, he/she will be warned, penalized, or disqualified according to the level of misbehavior.

Chapter 8: Making Calls and Setting Disagreements

  • When any player hits the net or makes any type of hindrance, others must be called immediately to stop play.
  • If at least one player disagrees with the other three in one decision when there is no observer then go for replay.

Chapter 9: Observers and their Responsibilities

  • The observer will see and stop the play when infractions are taken place such as foot faults, NHZ violations, illegal net or ball contact, service violation, misconduct, timing violation, etc.
  • When there is one observer, he will stand near the server to see foot faults clearly.
  • If there are two observers, one will position to the side of the server. Other strands to the side of the receiver to watch height violation and pockets.
  • For three observers, the third one lines up on the servers’ other side (compared to the first observer) to see illegal tosses and encroachment over the 6 ft boundary.
  • When there are four observers, the fourth one will stand on another side of the receiver.
  • If multiple observers are used, the most experienced one will be the head observer who gets supremacy to penalize for the misconduct and make the final decision on any call.
  • Calls are made from the observers’ best perspective, not by majority rule.
  • If the player disagrees with the observer’s decision. The observer behind the receiver will signal another observer by hand. If the second observer disagrees with the first observer, then it goes for a huddle-up. And the final decision will come from the head observer.

These are some of the important rules of Spikeball. You can see the complete official rules by SRA. Keep in mind, SRA reserves the right to change anything from there.

Dimensions of Spilkeball Miniature Trampoline and Ball

The official measurement of the Spikeball net is 3 ft and its height is 8 inches from the ground. But, if you want a larger size, you can go for a DIY set.

On the other hand, the circumference of the ball is 12 inches. While choosing the ball make sure it is inflatable. It shouldn’t be very hard and don’t pick a soccer ball, basketball or volleyball. And don’t inflate it fully otherwise it will be very hard to play.

Spikeball Serving Tips

spikeball game rules, serving tips

Good service is important to get points in Roundnet. On the other hand, bad serves mightn’t get positive results for your team. While serving, put some spins or serve at an angle so the opponents can’t play it easily. Straightforward serve will ease score the opponents with no trouble especially if they are experienced.

So, if you can confuse them in the first serve, the chance of getting in the upper hand will be higher. But sometimes hard serve isn’t the best in Spikeball. Find out the weak points of your opponents and make your services according to their weak zone.

Spikeball Tactics and Tips

If you want to up your Spikeball skill, it’s important to adopt unique and effective tricks for positive results. Here are some tips for you.

Don’t Fear Being Hurt

Nothing can be achieved with fear, especially in a physical sport. Don’t care about the dirt or small scraps in your knees. You might see how the best players throw their bodies across the ball to save points. To be the best like them, eliminate your fear.

Think Not to Be Winner All Time

This is an important tip to be a good player. Sometimes, you might prefer playing against weak teams. Doing this, you can’t learn from the best players. To attain new tricks you have to play even lose sometimes. So, try to play with the best players around you to attain new tricks and strategies from them.

While playing with better players than you, try to defend their shots and observe their severing styles and shots selection. Learning from them, you can eventually beat them after several rounds.

Try To Be Tricky

You may have seen basketball players be deceptive against their opponents. This is also effective in Spikeball games. Learn how to use your body language to mislead your opposite team. It keeps you in the upper position and your opponents won’t read your mind on what you are showing and doing.

Keep Practicing

If you fail today, don’t let it be gone. Practice continuously to be a winner. Adopt new and unique tricks to get points. Make your body flexible to through your body easily across the Spikeball. Also, develop the defending strategy.

Spikeball Tournament

The tournament of Spikeball is getting more popular day by day. The Spikeball tournament is a good place to improve your skills. Every year most beaches arrange several tournaments by gathering experienced players.

If you think, you are a good competitor just register there and check out your skill. We recommend finding out such beaches near you to level up your skill even if you are not a good player. Or at least go there as a spectator, this will also up your confidence as well as skill.

You can also arrange a tournament on the beach. Besides fun, you can earn money through it.

Where to Buy Spikeball Set

Either you can buy Spikeball online (like playing online trampoline games) or in brick-and-mortar stores. You will find numerous retailers near you. But we recommend purchasing your Spikeball set from Amazon, as they will provide good support with products. To find the best Spikeball set on Amazon, you can click the link now.

02.  OgoDisk Mini Beach Game with Small Trampoline

Small Trampoline for Beach game
Image: Simple Trampoline Team

OgoDisk Mini is a favorite beach game either for kids or pets, even adults also love this very much. Minimal things are necessary to play the game- mini hand trampolines and a softball. The disk size is approximately 12 inches and the ball is made of pom rubber or a water balloon.

There are no people limits to playing the game. Kids can play it alone or in a group or with pets or friends even with adults.

How to Play OgoDisk Mini on Beach

If you plan to play OgoDisk Mini with your friend, you need two OgoDisk Mini hand trampolines and a ball. This game is quite similar to badminton. Serve the ball to your friend’s end and wait for the next turn.

After getting the ball, your opponent’s teammate will hit the ball to your end. When the ball drops to your friend’s end, you will get a point, and vice versa. Very simple!

Other Games to Play with OgoDisk Mini

OgoDisk Mini set offers to play several types of other games such as ball catching, hitting water balloons with hand trampolines, golf, tennis, badminton, volleyball, disk throwing, etc.

Where to Buy OgoDisk Mini Set

If you want to buy an OgoDisk Mini game set, you can go near any retailer or buy from Amazon. But, we’re sure that, you will prefer Amazon over physical shopping. To view a list of top OgoDisk Mini sets, please click here.

03.  Water Trampoline Beach Games with Small Trampoline

Water Trampoline Beach Games with Small Trampoline

Trampolines provide plentiful entertainment even on the beach. Having a good water trampoline or bouncer, you can spend quality time in the water after being dehydrated on the sunny beach. This will add more fun in bouncing, swimming, water splashing, and other water games.

List of 8 Water Trampoline Games in Beach with Small Trampoline

3.1. Attack the Castle

With a minimum of four players, divide them into two groups one on the trampoline and the other in the water. The outsiders trying to hit the trampoline mat with a ball and others standing on the trampoline to defend the castle.

If the team in the water can throw the ball into the mat for a predetermined time, they get points and own the castle. Now the conqueror will go on the trampoline and the opposition on water. In this way, this game continues.

3.2. Hot Potato

A least three players are needed to play the hot potato game. It starts with jumping in the water with a ball. All players jump together from the trampoline and one player throws the ball to another. And the process will continue from one to another.

If a player fails to catch the ball he will be out. And the last one who exists without any drop will be the champion.

3.3. Crack the Egg

This is another good game to play on the water trampoline during beach time. It needs at least three players. One will sit or lay in the middle bending his/her knees near the chest to make an egg. Other players will bounce repeatedly.

Jumpers try to crack the eggs and the egg player will hold the shape. The player who will sustain more to hold the egg will be the winner.

3.4. Trampoline Telephone

A minimum of three players will play the game. All players will make a queue around the trampoline edge. The first player starts to show any trick in the middle. The second player comes then and does the same as the first one plus adds one more trick.

The third player repeats the last two and one more. This will continue until any player fails to remember or show a new trick. It will kick him/her out and the last player who survives will be the winner.

3.5. Slithering Snake

One player will place a rope on the water bouncer and moves it constantly to make it slither. Another player will jump on the trampoline avoiding the snake (rope). If the jumper gets bitten (touched) the other will come to jump.

3.6. Survivor

It is a competition but fun they tell who can survive longer. In this game, every participant will try to do their best to show off how much one can do the most backflip, front handspring, backdrop, etc, in one row. This will add more fun when spectators will count loudly.

3.7. Mom / Dad / Grandma / Grandpa Says

Follow-The-LeaderIn this game, parents either father or mother, or anyone else will stay on the shore as supervisors whereas kids will be in the water trampoline bed. Adults shout different instructions and children must follow them.

For instance, when the father or mother says ‘jump in one leg’ they will do that as much as they can. Or adults like grandma or grandpa say jump high, kids will follow that.

Sometimes adults will suddenly pronounce not to follow any instruction, children have to follow this too. If a kid fails to cope with the command, he/she will be out.

3.8. Follow The Leader

Younger children will love it very much. Players who take turns will be the leader and perform trampoline tricks (such as seat drop, tuck jump, pike jump, etc.) while others will copy these.


Anyone from kids to adults won’t be away from the beach game with the trampoline. Spikeball is the most popular fun game on the beach. OgoDisk will make kids busy and entertained. Also, kids can go for water trampoline fun while seniors will be the supervisor. So, have fun on the beach with your favorite trampoline!

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