13 Best Indoor Trampoline for Kids, Toddlers & Adults: Best Indoor & Mini Trampolines For All!

Last Updated on September 4, 2021

Nowadays, you needn’t go outdoors for developing physical fitness. The best indoor trampolines for adults will provide your required fitness within short workouts along with great fun. This also gives you pleasure and saves you from the hassle of installing and maintaining a bigger one. Moreover, you needn’t have a large backyard. Most of them are mini size, foldable, and easily portable.

The best trampolines for your toddlers and kids are also available for your little ones for making their growing process smooth with fun. Out of the many rebounders, we have reviewed several top-rated ones today that will fulfill your needs whether looking for kids or adult models. So, check the top list of indoor trampolines first, and then we will guide you for knowing its ins and outs.

Comparison Table of Best Indoor Trampolines

Best for Kids
Little Tikes 3' Trampoline – Amazon Exclusive
Skywalker Trampolines Space Explorer Mini Trampoline, 48 - Inch, Dark Blue/Grey with Astronaut
Best for Toddlers
Toddler Trampoline With Handle - 36" Kids Trampoline With Handle - Mini Trampoline w/ Sturdy Frame, Coil Spring, Safety Padded Cover -Heavy Duty Mini Trampoline Indoor Outdoor Toddler Trampoline
Galt Nursery Trampoline, Toddler Trampoline for Ages 1+, Multicolored
Best for Adults
Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline | Quiet and Safe Bounce | Access To Free Online Workouts Included | Supports Up To 250 Pounds
Weight Limit (max)
55 lbs
100 lbs
150 lbs
44 lbs
250 lbs
Spring Type
Elastic Cords
Stretch Bands
Galvanized Springs
Stretch Bands
Stretch Bands
Handle Bar
Recommended For
3 to 6 years
3 to 7 years
More than 2 years
1 to 4 years
Best for Kids
Little Tikes 3' Trampoline – Amazon Exclusive
Weight Limit (max)
55 lbs
Spring Type
Elastic Cords
Handle Bar
Recommended For
3 to 6 years
More Information
Skywalker Trampolines Space Explorer Mini Trampoline, 48 - Inch, Dark Blue/Grey with Astronaut
Weight Limit (max)
100 lbs
Spring Type
Stretch Bands
Handle Bar
Recommended For
3 to 7 years
More Information
Best for Toddlers
Toddler Trampoline With Handle - 36" Kids Trampoline With Handle - Mini Trampoline w/ Sturdy Frame, Coil Spring, Safety Padded Cover -Heavy Duty Mini Trampoline Indoor Outdoor Toddler Trampoline
Weight Limit (max)
150 lbs
Spring Type
Galvanized Springs
Handle Bar
Recommended For
More than 2 years
More Information
Galt Nursery Trampoline, Toddler Trampoline for Ages 1+, Multicolored
Weight Limit (max)
44 lbs
Spring Type
Stretch Bands
Handle Bar
Recommended For
1 to 4 years
More Information
Best for Adults
Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline | Quiet and Safe Bounce | Access To Free Online Workouts Included | Supports Up To 250 Pounds
Weight Limit (max)
250 lbs
Spring Type
Stretch Bands
Handle Bar
Recommended For
More Information

Best Indoor and Mini Trampoline for Kids, Toddlers, and Adults

6 Best Indoor Trampoline for Kids

01. Little Tikes 3 Ft Kids Trampoline

Little-Tikes-3'-TrampolineOur top-pick indoor trampoline for kids is the 3 ft Little Tikes trampoline. This comes with a reasonable price and many outperformed features for kids.

Springless Design

The Little Tikes indoor trampoline uses elastic cords instead of springs. So, your kids will enjoy safe trampolining through this toy.

Sturdy Construction

The plastic and metal-made trampoline will give a durable structure to your kids. This trampoline will support 55 lbs of weight. The overall trampoline is lightweight. It is covered by a 1-year warranty.

Handlebar Ensure Kids Safety

The 3 ft kids indoor trampoline is suitable for kids ages 3 to 6 years old. For making kids active for hours, there is a handlebar of 26.25 inches high from the jumping surface. Kids can grab the cushion touch foam handle and enjoy the play.

Top-rated and Cheap Model

This is a top-rated and perfect product for your child. It is also cheap compared to other small-trampolines.


  • Easy to assemble and move
  • 55 lbs weight rating
  • Cheap and lightweight model
  • Elastic cords ensure safety
  • Handlebar increase stability
  • Top-rated indoor trampoline for kids
  • Provides 1-year warranty
  • Recommended for 3 to 6 years kids
  • Best indoor trampoline for kids


  • Legs and handlebar need to be upgraded


This Little Tikes trampoline is a good energy burner for kids. The springless and handlebar trampoline will ensure your kids’ safety. It is the right one for you if you are searching for the best kids’ indoor trampoline.

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02. Skywalker 48 Inch Kids Indoor Trampoline with Handle and Enclosure Net

Skywalker-Trampolines-Mini-Trampoline-with-Enclosure-NetOur next pick is Skywalker 48 inch -trampoline. This is a great starter trampoline for your little ones.

Stable Construction

The Skywalker indoor trampoline provides 8.45 square feet of jumping surface. There are 30 stretch bands in place of springs that provide safe bouncing. The frame is made of powder-coated steel. It can support a maximum of 100 lbs of weight. The Springs cover removes the gap over the bands.

Base Net and Enclosure Net Maximize Safety

This small-size trampoline is fully enclosed with an enclosure net. There is also a base net that prevents entering pets or harmful insects, however, your child will get safe ground. The dual-zippered enclosure door gives safe bouncing through easy entering and exit.

Eliminates Gap Between Net and Mat

This is a no-gap system trampoline. Skywalker’s all-sides enclosure net and jumping carpet are sewn directly which eliminates the gap and increases safety.

Handle Adds Stability

The handlebar protects your kids from falling outside and increases overall stability. The padded handlebar assists your beloved child in jumping.

Pleasant Warranty

This Skywalker trampoline provides 3 years warranty for the frame and 1-year for other parts.

Exceeds Safety Standard

All the parts of this quality Skywalker trampoline meet ASTM safety and durability standard.


  • 100 lbs of the maximum weight rating
  • Eliminates gaps as the net is sewn directly to the mat
  • No springs rather than 30 stretch bands used
  • Enclosure net prevents falling
  • Base net restricts entering insects
  • 360-degree padded handlebar stabilizes the toy
  • Soft padded poles enhance safety
  • High-end indoor trampolines for kids
  • Meets ASTM safety standards


  • Assembly instruction should be developed


This Skywalker indoor trampoline is a great kids’ indoor toy for your child. The trampoline burns off energy within short times. You won’t worry about kids’ safety, as this trampoline accumulates all the safety features. Take the great kids’ mini trampoline for ensuring extreme fun.

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03. LBLA 36-Inch Kids Foldable Mini Trampoline with Adjustable Handrail

36-Inch-Kids-Trampoline-Little-Trampoline-with-Adjustable-Handrail-and-Safety-Padded-CoverCome with another indoor use kids trampoline that is a 36-inch LBLA -trampoline. Let’s see what’s its unique features and pros.

Construction Robustness

This is a bold steel-made trampoline for pure fun that has 6 legs that give great support while bouncing. It can withstand 132 lbs weight. The bungee cord and handlebar options will make this lovely to use for your child.

This trampoline bed is only 7.2 inches high from the ground that makes it easy to climb for kids. The mat material is stretchy and waterproof.

Foldable Bungee Rebounder

In the LBLA trampoline, there are bungees instead of springs that eliminate the accidents. This rebounder can be folded and stored in a tight space easily.

Adjustable Safety Handrail

This trampoline handle is adjustable in two options. Its horizontal space can be accustomed at 18” and 36”. Vertically the height is changeable at 24.5” and 36”. This kind of adjustment will fit different heights of kids ages 3 to 6 years.

Easy Assembly Process

Compared to other rebounders, it’s very easy to assemble and disassemble. Within 10 minutes you can make it ready for kids’ use. The instruction manual is also handy.

Covers for Extra Safety

The circular cover gives extra safety to kids from falling onto the hard steel. If kids fall accidentally, the cover protects them from a major injury.


  • 132 lbs maximum weight limit
  • Bungee cords make safe bouncing
  • Perfect for 3 to 6 years kids
  • Durable waterproof mat
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Handle adds safety for kids
  • A foldable rebounder can be stored in a tight space
  • Horizontal and vertical adjustable handlebar


  • No foaming in the handlebar


This LBLA 32-inch rebounder will give great entertainment to kids as well as educate them on the importance of fitness from the beginning that helps a lot to make them active.

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04. Sportspower 7 Ft My First Trampoline For Fun

Sportspower-My-First-TrampolineThe 7 ft Sportspower My First Trampoline is a popular kids’ trampoline. It accumulates splendid features for the kids.

Design with Best Durability

This great Sportspower indoor trampoline is made of quality materials. The frame is built from professional-grade rust-resistant galvanized steel. Enclosure net and jump mats are UV-treated and long-lasting materials constructed. The legs are strong enough that give awesome base support.

This can support a maximum of 100 lbs of weight. The tramp is 84” in width and 73.5” in height with the net.

Made with Kids Requirement

It is a low-ground trampoline, so your child can easily climb on the jumping surface. The 360-degrees netting gives protection with unrestricted visibility for parents. This starter trampoline is ideal for kids ages more than 3 years and gives great fun to the kids while improving their growth.

Poles Padding with Caps

In this little trampoline, all the poles are padded nicely that increases safety both inside and outside. Moreover, all the poles have protected caps that secure the padding.

Exceeds Safety Standard

The 7 ft Sportspower trampoline meets the ASTM safety standard. Jump carpet and spring cover-stitched together that eliminates injuries greatly. So, you needn’t worry about safety at all.


  • Low ground design
  • 100 lbs maximum weight rating
  • Unrestricted visible netting
  • Meets ASTM safety standard
  • Jump mat and pad stitching eliminate injuries
  • All seasons fun in indoors and outdoors
  • Perfect for more than 3 years kids
  • My first trampoline instructions included
  • Poles have padding and caps for security
  • Best indoor trampoline for home


  • Need extra care while assembling
  • Spring-based design
  • Bulkier than other models


The 84” Sportspower My 1st First Trampoline boosts up your kids’ health and ensures maximum fun. This is a great starter fun toy for your growing kids.

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05. Wamkos 36″ Dinosaur Best Mini Trampolines for Kids with Handle

Wamkos 2020 Upgraded Dinosaur Mini Trampoline for Kids with HandleOur fifth-pick mini indoor trampoline for kids is 36 inches Wamkos mini-trampoline. It is a 2020 upgraded best mini trampoline that ensures great fun and fitness as well.

Stable Construction

This dinosaur mini trampoline’s frame and legs are made from sturdy steel. All six legs have rubber caps that make them stable, noiseless and protect the floors from scratches. The legs and frame welding are excellent. This weighs only 17.6 lbs and the weight rating is 220 lbs. It meets US-based safety standards.

The mat is made from premium polypropylene that gives constant bouncing. Dinosaur painting on the mat is highly preferred by the kids’.

Ensures Quality and Safe Bounce

It is a spring-less design that uses rust-proof high elasticity 30 bungee loops that are sturdier than the traditional bungee strings. The protective safety pad of the trampoline is made of PVC material having an eye-catchy dinosaur painted camouflaged color.

Foldability Enhance Carrying

The durable top-notch mini trampoline is itself small in size. Moreover, the foldable option makes this handy for easy carrying and storing. You will take it as a companion anywhere you go.

Padded Handle Adds Safety

The Wamkos mini trampoline has a 21.5 inches padded handrail. It comes in three pieces. The 7 mm thick padding protects the handle from corrosion by sweat. Also, it extends the overall lifespan and supports kids’ hands while gripping.

Easy Assemble

This quality mini trampoline is easy to assemble and disassemble. You can easily make it ready within few minutes. The manufacturer offers you 30 days money-back guaranty.


  • 2020 upgraded mini trampoline
  • Foldability enhance carrying and storing
  • 220 lbs of weight capacity
  • Noiseless jump carpet
  • Utilizes 30 bungee loops
  • Six legs having rubber caps
  • Dinosaur painted cover and mat
  • Thick handle padding
  • Exceeds US-based safety benchmark
  • Ideal for kids aged more than 3 years


  • Chemical or gasoline odor at first few days
  • Handrail might not up to the mark


This Wamkos foldable mini trampoline is a great first trampoline for your children. It is recommended for the kids’ ages for more than 3 years. Absolutely, its safety features and bouncing make it a great rebounder for exercise and fun.

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06. Best Langxun 5 ft Mini Trampoline with Height Adjustable Basketball Hoop

LANGXUN-60-inch-Mini-Trampoline-for-KidsThe last-pick kids’ model is another 2020 upgraded model 60″ Langxun mini-trampoline. This can be simultaneously used for indoor and outdoor purposes. It is an ideal gift for ages 1 to 7 years old kids.

Construction Durability

The Langxun best mini trampoline has a galvanized thick steel frame that is attached with the net poles and both of them prevent structural bending at jumping. This trampoline uses a buckle that eliminates the need for screws.

Three U-shaped legs stable the trampoline. It uses 4 inches of heavy gauged rust-resistant springs that provide a higher bounce. The trampoline’s weight carrying capacity is 220 lbs of weight.

Seamless Mat and Net Assembly

The jump carpet is UV-protected and heavy-duty polypropylene made. Its safety enclosure net is robust and UV treated. It is made from dense tight weave and PE thread.

In this trampoline, the mat and net-connected in the outer frame eliminates the gap between them and prevent stuck kids’ legs there. It also extends the jumping usable surface.

Improved Zipper

It adopts an L-shaped zipper that makes it safe and convenient than the usual trampoline zipper. This thickened zipper doubled the service life that worth the money.

Height Adjustable Basketball Hoop

The Langxun mini trampoline features a basketball hoop that can be adjusted at three height positions. This fits various height kids, just need to adjust the spot. It also allows removing the basketball rack.

GS Certified

This Langxun round trampoline achieves GS certification. The GS is a Germany-based safety standard organization that is safer than the TUV standard.


  • 220 lbs of the weight rating
  • The protection net is outside
  • Unrestricted noticeable net
  • No screws are needed in installation
  • Indoor and outdoor uses
  • Adjustable height basketball hoop
  • Perfect for 1 to 7 years children
  • Good starter trampoline
  • L-shaped net zipper ease entry and exit
  • Adopts GS safety standard


  • Net height should be increased more
  • Construction and warranty should be developed


The 60 inches Langxun new upgraded trampoline is a great cardio workout toy for kids. This jumping toy will make childhood memorable.

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4 Best Indoor Trampoline for Toddlers

01. Avenor 36″ Top Mini Toddler Trampoline with Handle

36-inch-Kids-Trampoline-With-Handle-Mini-TrampolineAvenor 36” trampoline is our top-choice indoor trampolines for toddlers. The trampoline is engineered by a parent for parents who are searching for safe trampolines for their kids.

Best Safety Engineered Trampoline

This toddler’s small trampoline frame is made of sturdy materials. There are 30 galvanized springs that give noise-free bouncing. Mat is strong and bouncy enough made of durable material.

The anti-vibrant legs don’t move while jumping. In this toy, there are 5 legs each of 9-inches long. This preschooler trampoline can support 150 lbs maximum weight.

Protection by Spring Pad and Handlebar

The safe spring cover will protect you from springs and hard frames. There is a 25-inches long handlebar that helps the toddler gripping while playing. The foam padding in the handlebar increases flexibility a lot.

Indoor and Outdoor Model

This indoor toddler trampoline comes with all you need. Due to its durability, you can use both indoor and outdoor purposes. It will provide you a 1-year warranty.


  • 150 lbs weight rating
  • 30 galvanized springs
  • Durable springs pad
  • Includes padded handle
  • A low ground base structure
  • Easy to assemble
  • 1-year warranty
  • Perfect for more than 2 years of toddlers
  • Best indoor trampoline for toddlers


  • Spring-based design
  • Assembly directions should be developed


The 36-inches Avenor toddlers’ trampoline incorporates all the necessary features. This great indoor trampoline is recommended for toddlers more than 2 years of age. It is a great toy to make enjoyable toddlers’ childhood.

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02. Galt 27.5″ Nursery and Mini Toddler Rebounder Trampolines

Galt Nursery Trampoline, Toddler Trampoline for Ages 1+, MulticoloredWhen the toddlers just started to walk a few steps, you can allow them to play in the 27.5” Galt nursery trampoline with usual toys.

Ideal Fun Toy

The tortoise-shaped best toddler toy is a perfect first trampoline for toddlers. The bouncing style and multi-color design are ideal for kids ages 1 to 4 years. Playing in this cute toddler trampoline, your kids’ balance, coordination, and confidence will develop rapidly.

Structural Safety for Toddlers

This fun tortoise best trampoline uses the tubular steel frame, stretchy fabric, durable mat, padded cover, handle, and rubber legs. The easy-grip handle is 23” in height from the ground. No spring design doesn’t hurt little ones if they have fallen accidentally. The frame diameter is 27.5” and allows 44 lbs maximum weight.

Easy to Assemble and Store

The green Galt toddler trampoline is one of the best toddler trampolines and can be easily assembled and dissemble. You can also detach the legs and handle and hide in a small area.

Great Safety Trampoline

This is a quality-controlled safety toy for toddlers that fits all American, Canadian, European, and British toy safety standards.


  • No spring design ensures the safety
  • Very lightweight design
  • Multi-color attracts toddlers
  • 44 lbs maximum weight rating
  • Helps kids growing and coordination
  • Handle with soft gripper
  • Handle and legs can be detached easily
  • Perfect for 1 to 4 years toddlers
  • Passed safety standards


  • Carrying capacity is less than the featured
  • Structural resilience should be developed


This indoor and outdoor use 70cm Galt nursery trampoline is recommended for your kids for developing coordination and balance.

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03. SmarTrike 9200000 Foldable Indoor Toddler Trampoline for Pure Fun

smarTrike-9200000-Indoor-Toddler-Trampoline-with-HandleCome with another foldable best indoor toddler trampoline, that is SmarTrike 9200000 indoor trampoline. With the trampolining feature, it includes a ball pit for the cute little ones.

3 in 1 Activity

This SmarTrike trampoline combines a foldable toddler trampoline with a baby ball pit with 100 balls. The ball pit is for 10 to 12 months children that will develop fine motor and cognitive skills. It will allow kids of 1 to 2 years for practicing with the handle.

After gaining control, balance, and confidence when their ages are 2 to 5 years they can play in the same trampoline without any handle.

Build with Durability

High-grade elastic mat and elastic bands provide even bounce. The rubber grip legs won’t slip while playing. The handle is foam-covered and can be removed easily. It can withstand 55 lbs weight maximum. The trampoline is covered by a 1-year warranty.

Half the Size in Folding

This is a great trampoline for its compactness. Moreover, the folding option will allow you to store it easily

No Notable Assembly Needed

You needn’t spend lots of time assembling the parts, as it comes with almost done. Just unbox the toy and start playing.


  • No metal springs used
  • 55 lbs weight rating
  • Removeable foam-covered handle
  • Comes with 3 configurations
  • Foldable trampoline saves storage
  • Perfect for 10 months to 5 years toddlers
  • Simple assembly needed
  • Provides 1-year warranty


  • Sometimes handle removing seems very difficult


This SmarTrike indoor toddler trampoline is a good choice starter trampoline. The ball pit feature and trampolining will develop your toddler physically and mentally with fun. Moreover, the nice-looking colorful toy attracts the toddlers very much.

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04. Pure Fun 36″ Kids’ Preschool Jumper

Pure-Fun-Kids'-Preschool-JumperOur last but not least toddler mini-trampoline is the 36 inches square Pure Fun preschool jumper. This comes with nice features for your little ones playing and learning.

Legs-Frame Single Construction

Almost all the trampolines come with legs and frames as dissimilar parts. But this trampoline is made from unique molded steel where the frame and legs come as a single body. Two parallel frame bars contain two legs in each and support the toddler trampoline in the best possible way..

After that, two frame rods assemble the previous two parallel parts and make a square shape frame. Thirty bouncy springs cover the frame. The trampoline can tolerate 75 lbs of weight and is ideal for 3 to 7 years old ages.

Interactive Spring cover

The spring cover is very user-friendly. There are ABC, color, and shape pattern that helps encouraging preschooler child’s learning and recognition. This unique feature distinguishes this mini trampoline from another toddler trampoline.

Inclined Handle

To ease toddlers’ jumping, there is an ergonomic inclined handlebar that helps adds stability to the trampoline. It is attached to the two legs and 35 inches high from the ground.


Pure Fun 9007PJ model mini trampoline has different safety certifications such as ASTM, GS/TUV, and CE.


  • Perfect square mini trampoline for toddlers
  • 30 safe and bounce springs
  • 75 lbs of mass rating
  • Alphabet, shape, and color recognition padded cover
  • Inclined padded handrail adds stability
  • Ideal for 3 to 7 years’ preschooler
  • Exceeds ASTM, GS/TUV, and CE safety standard


  • Assembly is a little tricky
  • Quality control should be developed


The Pure Fun preschool mini square trampoline provides more jumping space than the round toddler trampoline. Toddlers will love its color, shape, and bouncing very much. On overall consideration, it is worth the money and can surely be considered as one of the best toddler toys.

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3 Best Indoor Trampoline for Adults

01. Stamina 36-Inch Folding Fitness Trampolines for Adult

Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline Quiet and Safe BounceOur top-pick indoor trampoline for adults is the 36-Inch Stamina folding trampoline. It is a heavy-duty workout big toy that can be used for multipurpose exercises.

Sturdy and Professional-Grade Design

This top-rated adult’s indoor trampoline is a duty-proven fitness toy. Frame and legs are made from rugged steel. The detachable six legs have a rubber-tipped end that will prevent sliding. Each leg is 8.75” high. It uses 30 tension bands rather than dangerous springs.

The safety pad covers the tension bands. The Jumping surface is constructed of bouncy materials. This adult indoor rebounder features a weight limit of 250 lbs. The trampoline provides a 1-year warranty for its frame.

Foldability and Compactness

It is a foldable indoor trampoline that is also a lightweight toy. For its compactness, you can easily set it up in your room corners or anywhere else. When it’s time to store, you don’t need any dedicated space. You can easily hide this under your bed or closet.

Multipurpose Workout Toy

This adult trampoline is not only a rebounder but also supports a few more exercising options that burn lots of calories within short times. Moreover, you will get three expert online guides for learning to rebound correctly.


  • Uses 30 tension cords
  • The foldable toy can hide easily
  • Withstands up to 250 lbs weight
  • Rubber-tipped skid-free legs
  • Multifunctioning trampoline
  • Lightweight design
  • 1-year frame warranty
  • Includes three online expert guides
  • Best indoor trampoline for adults


  • Little problem with folding


This top-class Stamina 35-1625 model indoor trampoline is an effective rebounder for kids. Its durability, functionality, affordability, and safety features are unparalleled. We highly recommend this adult indoor trampoline for daily fitness.

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02. Marcy ASG-40 Trampolines Cardio Trainer Rebounder with Handle

Marcy-Trampoline-Cardio-Trainer-with-Handle-ASG-40Marcy 40-inch cardio trainer trampoline is another durable indoor rebounder for adults. This allows you to perform great exercising within a few minutes.

Durably Constructed

The little trainer trampoline is made with great features that provide professional-level rebounds. In the fitness trampoline, there are high elastic bands in place of springs that ensure safety. There is a durable cover for hiding the bands.

The mat is made of waterproof and stretchy materials. The trampoline can withstand 250 lbs of weight.

Non-Slip Legs and Soft-grip Handle

There are six durable non-slip cap legs that give extreme user support. For your hand support, there is a removable foam grip hand bar. If you don’t need the handle, just remove it.

Compact and Foldable Design

This Marcy cardio trampoline needs small spaces, so you can set it either in the gym or at your big home. It will help you to carry easily from one place to another. This is a foldable toy that allows keeping under your bed or any tight places.


  • 250 lbs user weight capacity
  • No spring design eliminates injuries
  • Stretchy and waterproof jump mat
  • The folding option allows easy storage
  • Non-slip legs cap
  • Come with a removable gripper handle
  • Heavy-duty trampoline for adults


  • Folding and unfolding aren’t friendly


This Marcy ASG-40 indoor trampoline is a great cardio rebounder for men and women alike. The trampoline will give you safe bouncing. Start with slow and add varieties of exercising to maximize your fitness.

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03. Maximus PRO 40″ Folding Mini Rebounder Fitness Trampoline with Storage Bag

Maximus-PRO-Folding-RebounderOur third and last-pick best adult mini trampoline is Maximus Pro 40 inches folding rebounder. It is a great fitness toy for all ages people and includes different outstanding accessories that help to burn lots of calories within a short time.

Construction Superiority

This mini trampoline uses robust steel and precision machined component parts. There are 32 highly calibrated big springs that provide the utmost resilient and low-impact bounce. It has 6 strong easily detachable legs having rubber caps that make the base strong and safe so that you can jump on it without any cons. The mat is made of non-slip and double-cross stitching materials.

Best Home Gym for Fitness

This MXL Maximus Pro mini-trampoline comes with great features and accessories that give you a gym feeling at home. It includes a handrail, 4 resistance bands, 2 sand weights for strength training. Also, there are online and 2 DVDs having workouts that will motivate and keep you on track to go through the roof.

The 7 amazing rebounding workouts will train step by step. However, you can easily attain skills through fun. All these make the rebounder a great fitness trampoline.

No Assembly Needed

Usually, users need to assemble the trampolines and pay extra fees but this rebounder is free from the hassle. All the parts including springs came with complete assembly and were ready to use. Just open the storage bag and start jumping.

Unique Facility Storage and Transportation

The trampoline can be folded two times. First folding makes it half and further foldup converts it a quarter of the main size. The legs are collapsible also, you can detach the legs and tie them with the built-in bands.

After mat and leg folding are finished you can easily store it in the canvas storage bag that comes with the rebounder. In this way, you can easily transport it from one place to another.

Great Weight Lose Rebounder

Maximus Pro rebounder gives low impact bounce and can carry up to 287 lbs of the user’s weight. If a person bounces 20 minutes in this rebounder, it will burn 1000s of calories and lose his/her weight rapidly which is one of the greatest pros of this fitness trampoline.


  • 287 lbs of the weight rating
  • Collapsible rubber cap legs
  • Quarter folding trampoline
  • Comes with a fully assembled
  • Perfect home gym for fitness
  • Storage bag for carrying trampoline
  • Comes with a handle, resistance bands, sand weights
  • Includes online and DVD workouts
  • Best rebounder for lymphatic drainage


  • Bulkier than others
  • Pricier than other rebounders


This MXL Maximus Pro rebounder is a top-class portable mini-trampoline. It helps burning lots of calories and makes you fit. The great accessories and other features are worth the money.

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Buying Guide of Best Indoor Trampolines for Toddlers, Kids, and Adults

Best indoor trampoline for kids, toddlers and adultsWithout knowing the basic facts of indoor trampolines, you may fail to choose the greatest one. For making your selection easy we have already reviewed the top-choice indoor trampolines in the above section. But you need to know the following things also.

Age Limit for Different Indoor Trampolines

You should consider the right Indoor trampolines for kids, toddlers, and adults. Toddler trampolines can support 1 to 5 years of littles. Kid trampolines are a good choice for 3 to 8 years ones. And the adult trampolines are perfect for teenagers and adults.

Although, the adult trampoline can withstand kids’ and toddlers’ weight. But due to safety reasons, we don’t recommend doing that. Also, never allow teenagers to play in the kids and toddler models.

Indoor Trampoline Shape

In the market, you will see different brands of trampolines, with variations of shapes and sizes. Indoor trampolines are used for fitness purposes and they come with circular-shape generally. You know, round-shaped trampolines are safe and lower bouncy than the other big trampoline types. They are also space-saving also.

You will see, few indoor models come with square, rectangular, and oval shapes too. But you need to be careful allowing your kids to any space rather than round. If you intend to choose any other shape then consider the other important factors also.

Size and Space of Indoor Trampolines

Generally, indoor trampolines are compact sizes compared to the backyard types, and in most cases, they come with a rebounders model. Actually, indoor trampolines standard sizes shouldn’t exceed 4 ft but few cases the sizes can be extended up to 7 ft, for instance, some small outdoor models are sometimes used as indoor trampolines.

It is important to ensure side clearance for any size of trampolines. If the trampolines are for kids and toddlers, don’t set them up near a wall or any hard items. Without proper clearance, adults can’t practice a variety of exercises like using a good urban Rebounder trampoline. So, we recommend at least a 3 ft allowance on each side for indoor trampolines. To assure that, you should know how to measure trampolines so that you can easily find out the right place to set the trampoline.

Durability for Extreme Performance

Obviously, you should invest in a robust design trampoline for indoor use that will support you for a long time without any cons. The frame and legs must be constructed from resilient and rust-resistant steel. Jumping carpet should be waterproof, UV-resistant, and fade-resistant.

If the design uses springs, they should be made from galvanized and rust-resistant steel otherwise it will be risky. Instead of that, if there are elastic bands or bungee cords, they should also come with stretch providing capacity. The springs or bungee padding should be safe and comfy.

Other things, such as the handle and enclosure net should come with full support to be free from any risk. Trampolines’ durability is the combination of all its parts robustness. Fitness trampolines are multi-purpose playing toys, so durable trampolines are a must for adults as well as kids. Besides, you should know how to fix little trampoline issues with repair kits.

Weight Rating of Indoor Trampolines

Trampolines weight carrying capacity is an important buying factor. Manufacturers set a weight limit of trampolines according to acrobats’ weights. Usually, kids’ and toddlers’ indoor trampoline models have a weight rating of 50 lbs or more, even some of them have more than 100 lbs users’ weight capacity.

Indoor adult trampolines can withstand more than 200 lbs of weight. So, you should take that one that comes with the weight rating that the acrobats have.

Indoor Trampoline Bounce Quality

The kid’s indoor trampolines are not for higher bouncing. They help kids to firm their foot balancing, hand gripping, and few basic things. Kids age more than 3 years can make small bounces, for the reason their trampolines are made of low bouncing materials.

Adults need the bouncy rebounders; their trampolines provide more than 1 ft bounce on average.

Springfree vs Spring Based: Which One to Choose?

Traditional trampolines are spring-based designs, they are not safe like the Springfree trampoline. The indoor purpose trampolines for kids are small in size, so they should be free from spring construction. Otherwise, the injury rate will rise higher.

There are also some indoor trampolines especially adults models that use spring. If you take this type, make sure there is plenty of safety pad option that will make the accidents by springs approximately zero.

Indoor Trampoline Ground Height

Toddlers and kids’ indoor trampolines are low-ground models. These low-level trampolines will make them easily accessible for kids. It also prevents the little ones from a severe injury, if they suddenly fall down. Kids’ indoor trampolines height shouldn’t exceed more than 7 inches, so they are alike in-ground trampolines. But the adult model is a little higher.

Foldable Option

Most of the indoor trampolines or rebounders come with folding opportunities. They will help you to effortlessly carry from one place to another. One more advantage is that you can easily store them in a small place after playing. But, follow the manufacturers’ instructions at folding and unfolding. Another important aspect is the ease of moving the trampoline from one place to another and the quick disassembling feature.

Legs Support

Trampolines’ legs number largely elevates its stability. In the market, you will see some toddlers trampolines use 3 legs. We never suggest these trampolines, as they can’t balance right when the jumpers bounce. Always pick that kid’s trampoline having at least 4 legs. Adults model should have 5 legs minimum.

You should consider legs height also and they should come with a minimum height to avoid accidents. To avoid skidding, you must take that legs which feature rubber caps in the leg’s end. Never drag the trampoline, it will weaken the legs severely.

Ease of Assembly

The spring-based indoor models’ setup time is larger than the springless trampolines. Kids and toddlers don’t want to wait for more. Generally, no spring trampolines are best for kids. From them, you need to pick the model which is easy to assemble.

Some kids’ models come with mostly assembled situations. You can complete the assembly within 10 to 15 minutes for kids. Adults models need more setup time than toddlers’ trampolines. Don’t allow kids while the assembly is running.

Indoor Trampoline with Adjustable Soft Handle

Every one of us wants trampolines that adopt more safety features. You should choose the indoor trampoline for kids that features a durable handle. The purpose of using kids’ and toddlers’ trampolines is to improve their coordination, balancing, and confidence. There is also a soft foam layer for cushion gripping.

Many quality kids’ models feature an adjustable handle. According to the kids’ height, the handle can be customized horizontally and vertically. The adults’ models come with a handle or handle-free options. Usually, professional trampoline users don’t love the handle, but beginners love it very much.

Enclosure Net of Indoor Trampoline

There are few small-sized backyard trampolines for kids that can be used indoor also. These trampolines have a 360-degree enclosure net. Make sure, the net poles come with soft padding. It is also good to have a handle all around the enclosure net for toddlers’ and kids’ safety. These types also use the base net to make it safe under the trampoline bed and they require maintenance to preserve the bounce quality.

Indoor Trampoline Safety Standard

Whether you need adults’ or toddlers’ indoor trampoline, it must be approved by the well-known safety standards. ASTM is a popular safety testing benchmark. This safety standard tells how much the trampoline is safe for users. If the trampoline hasn’t any safety certificate, don’t buy this for playing. For the safety of the tramp, you should learn how to keep it safe from strong winds and during the winter season too.

Multicolor Indoor Trampoline for Kids

The little ones love colorful items very much. For making their play enjoyable, you need to pick the colorful trampolines. Few models also provide different extra toys for growing kids’ skills. These types are highly recommended.

Indoor Trampoline Price and Warranty

As indoor trampolines are small in size and limited functioning so they are cheaper than outdoor trampolines. Most of the indoor trampolines’ can be found at $100 approximately but there are costly items also.

Indoor trampolines offer various warranty periods. Their warranties are lower than the backyard trampolines. Moreover, several indoor trampolines come with a lifetime warranty. You need a standard warranty product. Another important thing is that you shouldn’t buy any new model without expert approval.

Indoor Mini Trampoline Brand

best-mini-trampoline-for-kids,-toddlers-and-adults-Similar to various trampoline brands, you will see different mini-trampoline or rebounder brands worldwide. Out of them some of the best mini trampoline brands are Skywalker, Sportspower, Pure Fun, Stamina, Maximus, Little Tikes, Bounce Pro, Cellerciser, Wamkos, Jump Sport, Zupapa, Urban Bounce, Upper Bounce, Merax, Bellicon, Avenor, Galt, LBLA, Propel, and many more. From them, we have made the shortlist with 9 top rebounders.

Why Should You Get Best Mini Trampolines for Kids?

Kids are very playful and have lots of energy. Therefore, you should find a productive way to keep them active and allow them to burn their energy. Otherwise, they will remain idle which will affect their body and mind. And they will be addicted to screens which are quite harmful.

Best mini trampolines for kids come into play to solve this problem. Mini trampolines are affordable and great means to keep your kids fit and active.

You can set up the mini trampolines in the house and easily observe the kids while they are playing and enjoying on the trampoline. This way you will end up having a personal trampoline park at home. There are two types of mini toddler trampolines. They are the best mini trampolines for toddlers with handlebars and standard mini trampolines for toddlers without handlebars.

Benefits of Best Mini Trampolines for Toddlers with Handlebar

Parents prefer the best mini trampolines for toddlers with handlebar because it adds extra safety features to the mini toddler trampoline. Toddlers can hold the bar while jumping on the trampoline. It will help them balance more perfectly and prevent them from falling down on the ground. But you should keep in mind that, while jumping on the mini toddler trampoline your kids may hurt by touching the bar with their chin or face. Therefore, you should go for the mini toddler trampolines that have handlebars with adjustable features.

Advantages of Using Mini Trampolines and Indoor Trampolines

Mini trampolines are the perfect equipment for fitness that can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes even they can be carried while you travel. From the lots of benefits of rebounding, some of the common ones are-

  1. Improving balance, posture, and confidence
  2. Strengthen bones and joints
  3. Aiding blood flow in the veins
  4. Strengthening the heart
  5. Reduces body fat burning
  6. Drains the lymphatic system

Few Safety Tips for Indoor Kids and Toddlers Trampoline

Trampolines are great sources for fun and activity. At the same time trampoline can cause severe injuries if proper safety measures are not taken. And this can happen for both kids and adults. Therefore, in this section, we will mention the primary steps so that chances of injuries are significantly minimized.

Main Reasons for Trampoline Injuries

Multiple Jumpers at a Time

Jumping with others on a trampoline is quite fun and exciting. But it increases the chance of collision greatly. Therefore, severe injuries may occur to the jumpers. And studies show that most trampoline injuries occur whenever multiple jumpers jump on the trampoline.

Minimum Age of Kids

Before allowing your kids to jump on the trampoline, you must be sure whether the little ones are ready to be on the trampoline or not. Kids must know how to move and jump on the ground first. Gradually, you can introduce them to indoor trampolines and finally outdoor trampolines.

Never Neglect Injuries

Falling on the ground, landing on the back of the frame, doing wrong somersault and flips are the main reasons for severe injuries. And your kids may hide the injury from you since you will remove their beloved trampolines. Therefore, you should be conscious of everything.

Low-Quality Mat, Net & Springs

If you choose a trampoline that comes with low-quality things, they will deteriorate with time. And it will result in severe injuries.

Wrong Assembly

If you don’t assemble your trampoline in a perfect way or according to the instruction manual accidents are inevitable while jumpers are on the trampoline.

How to minimize the risk

Now you know the main reasons for trampoline injuries. Therefore, you can follow the following safety tips to minimize the overall risk,

Allow One at a Time

Never allow multiple jumpers at the same time. Allow them one by one. This way each can enjoy their dedicated time and eventually, their safety is assured.

Supervise them

Always supervise your kids while they are on the trampoline. Guide and instruct them until they are habituated with the trampoline. Then allow them to explore new tips and tricks. But always keep an eye on your kids.

No tumbling

No one should try tumbling without having proper knowledge, let alone the kids. If your little ones are really interested, get them connected to professionals. Once they know how to tumble, they can do it safely at home.

Maintain the Age and Weight

Each trampoline has a maximum weight limit with a minimum age restriction. Follow them accordingly.

Trampoline Placement

You must place the trampoline on a flat and uniform floor. It is better to have a soft surface under the trampoline. For indoor trampolines, it can be a soft mat, carpet, etc. And for outdoor ones, it can be grass.


You should check and examine the springs, frames, and nets on a regular basis. If you find any issues, you should fix them asap. Take proper care and clean the trampoline regularly.

Restriction of the Tricks

When your kids are getting started with trampolines, restrict the tricks they can practice on the trampoline. Once you are 100% sure that, your kids know how to do tricks, let them do that.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

01. What are the Main Differences Between Rebounders and Trampolines?

The first difference is its shape. Mini trampolines or rebounders are smaller compared to traditional trampolines. Rebounders can be easily portable but trampolines don’t allow that. Mini trampolines are mainly used for fitness purposes but trampolines can do more than that. A trampoline can be used as an acrobatic exercise such as flips, handsprings which rebounders can’t do. But both can burn significant calories from your body.

02. Are Mini Trampolines and Rebounders Same?

Actually, mini trampolines and rebounders are mostly similar but they have also some dissimilarities. Mini trampolines are usually set in one place whereas rebounders are portable. Rebounders are designed for fitness, so they provide concentrated and controlled jumping but mini tramps have low-quality mats having low jumping support.

03. Are Mini Trampolines Safe for Toddlers?

This is one of the most common questions regarding mini-trampoline. Yes, mini trampolines are fully safe for toddlers. Manufactures use soft and risk-free materials and parts like bungee cords, soft padded spring/bungee cover, padded handle, low ground trampoline bed, etc. All these made the mini trampolines safe and friendly for toddlers.

04. What Size of Indoor Trampolines is Best for Your Kids?

Well, that depends on the available space and the age of your kids. For below 5 years, you should get a toddler or mini trampolines for them. And gradually you can go for 6ft-12ft for up to 8 years of old. And you can go on like this.

05. What is the Minimum Age for the Kids to Jump on a Trampoline?

In this regard, the more is the better. But at least, kids must be four years old before getting access to a trampoline. And, before that, you can get mini or indoor trampolines for them.

06. How Many Kids Can Jump on an Indoor Trampoline Simultaneously?

You should allow only one jumper at a time while keeping in mind the weight limit of the trampoline.

07. What is the Best Indoor Trampoline for the Kids?

We found the 3 ft Little Tikes trampoline. as the best option for kids.

08. What is the Best Indoor Trampoline for Toddlers?

Avenor 36” trampoline can be the perfect choice for toddlers.

09. What is the Best Indoor Trampoline for Adults?

For fitness, adults can go for the 36-Inch Stamina folding trampoline.

10. Can these Trampolines be Used in the Outdoor?

You should not use them outdoor unless they are built to be used like that.

11. How Long Do the Indoor Trampoline and Mini Trampolines Last?

It depends on the trampoline quality as well as the use and maintenance. If you buy a quality trampoline and maintain it properly, the indoor or mini-trampoline will accompany you for a satisfactory period.

12. Can Children Older Than 7 Use a Mini Trampoline?

Yes, if the mini or indoor trampoline supports that age number. Remember, you should always follow the age and weight recommendations.

13. How to Use Indoor Trampolines for Adults?

You should use them for your regular exercise. Only 20 minutes of perfect workout with indoor trampolines for adults can improve your fitness significantly.

14. How to Exercise With an Adult Indoor Trampoline?

Firstly, you can jump slightly above 10-15cm in the air from the adult indoor trampoline. Gradually, you can mix some trampoline push-ups and leg lifts.

15. How to Lose Belly Fat With Adult Indoor Trampolines?

Besides jumping, pushups, and leg lifts you can do some extensive excises to effectively lose belly fat. You can adapt sprinting in place, seat, and knee drop on the adult indoor trampoline along with simple tuck jumps. You can watch some youtube videos to have a better idea.

16. What is the Ceiling Height Required for an Indoor Trampoline?

It should be around 8 feet or 2.43 meters.

Ending Words

Indoor trampolines are gaining popularity among all for physical workouts. They can be set up in a small space, come with reasonable prices, and are easy to handle. Considering all ages people, we have compiled several top-quality indoor trampolines here. If you need kids and toddlers’ models, then you will get them in the best indoor trampolines for kids and toddlers.

Adults need more durable and weight capacity trampolines, for this we have made a dissimilar section for the best indoor trampolines for adults. We hope, these reviews and guidelines definitely lead you to pick the safest indoor trampolines. Enjoy a healthier and happier life with the best indoor rebounder!

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