7 Best Trampoline for Gymnastics: Top Gymnastics Trampolines

Last Updated on November 22, 2021

Gymnasts need high-performing trampolines than regular recreational types. The best trampolines for gymnastics mostly come in rectangular shapes but a few of them might be round. Perhaps, you know these tramps are used for fitness as well as in competitions like the Olympic sport.

Whenever you need a trampoline for the gym, you must consider its durability, weather-resistivity, bounce quality, spring numbers, and a few more things. From tons of tramps, we have assorted here 7 great gymnastics trampolines that come with great quality for developing fitness. Also, we include in-depth guidelines for your ease of understanding and shopping.

Let’s explore the review of pro gymnast trampolines!

Product Comparison of Gymnastics Trampolines

Giantex 10Ft Trampoline, ASTM Approved Trampoline for Adults Kids, Wear-Resistant Outdoor Backyard Large Recreational Trampoline w/ Enclosure, Ladder
Machrus Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline 8x14- Rectangular Recreational Trampoline- Large Trampoline with Enclosure Net- Big Gymnastics Trampoline for Kids & Adults, Fiber-Glass Top Ring
No of Springs
Supporting Weight
300 Pounds
500 Pounds
Comes with Ladder
Safety Standard
More Information
Giantex 10Ft Trampoline, ASTM Approved Trampoline for Adults Kids, Wear-Resistant Outdoor Backyard Large Recreational Trampoline w/ Enclosure, Ladder
No of Springs
Supporting Weight
300 Pounds
Comes with Ladder
Safety Standard
More Information
Machrus Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline 8x14- Rectangular Recreational Trampoline- Large Trampoline with Enclosure Net- Big Gymnastics Trampoline for Kids & Adults, Fiber-Glass Top Ring
No of Springs
Supporting Weight
500 Pounds
Comes with Ladder
Safety Standard
More Information

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Reviews of Best Trampoline for Gymnastics

01. Zupapa 15 Ft TUV Approved Gymnastics Trampoline with Enclosure net and Poles


Zupapa 15-ft TUV Trampolines is our top-pick trampoline for gymnastics. This best trampoline has different versions according to mat diameter sizes such as 15 ft, 14 ft, 12 ft, and 10 ft. All of them ensure great quality and fun. We are reviewing here the 15 ft size. But you can definitely check other available Zupapa models.

Durable Frame

This new Zupapa trampoline frame and net pole employ the hot-dip galvanizing process. As a result, the steel is protected from being deterioration which ensures these parts have a long life for decades.

Jumping Mat and Enclosure Net

The jumping mat is made of anti-UV polypropylene and the spring pad has double layers of safe PE and PVC. The enclosure net is made of UV-protected polypropylene and sets between the spring pad and jumping mat.

No-Gap Feature

This latest Zupapa trampoline eliminates gaps between the jump mat and spring pad that provide a safer jump surface as well as greater space for activities.

Numerous Springs Enhance Bouncing

The trampoline gives you maximum jumping as there are 108 galvanized and rust-resistant springs. This gymnastics toy will support up to 375 lbs of weight.

Safety and Warranty

The frame height is 2.8 ft and its net enclosure is 6 ft high. There is a double and tight clamping joint in each pole and leg that prevents structural twisting as well as makes the trampoline safer and firm. The tramp ensures safety higher than TUV standards.

The product provides ten years warranty for its frame and two years warranty for the jumping mat, springs, and safety pad net.

Versatile Extensions

This TUV approved trampoline from  Zupapa Saffun trampoline comes with a ladder for climbing, enclosure net, rain cover to protect the trampoline, and mat from rain and sun. There are also 2 T-hooks for spring installing, 2 pairs of gloves for safe installation, 6 galvanized weather-resistant steel wind stakes for ease of grounding.


  • A no-gap jumping mat ensures the safety
  • Double clamping in each pole and leg
  • Anti-UV PP jumping mat and net
  • Safer bouncing than rectangular shape
  • Includes all necessary things
  • TUV approved trampoline
  • Great warranty
  • Best trampoline for children
  • Top-pick gymnastics trampoline


  • Plastic clips of enclosure net aren’t sturdy enough


This round trampoline ensures safety for kids while jumping. It comes with all the accessories that you want. If you are looking for a great gymnast trampoline, then this thing is for you.

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02. Skywalker 15X9 Trampolines Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline

Even Bounce Trampoline


Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline is a unique rectangle shape trampoline that gives control and even bounces. From the different models, we are here reviewing the 15×9 ft model. This is a great trampoline for athletes and family fun for everyone.

Jump Surface and Enclosure Net

This rectangle tram has a jumping mat area of 92 square ft. The jumping mat and enclosure net are constructed of UV-protected polypropylene. The trampoline frame and enclosure frame are made of 12-gauge galvanized steel and weather-resistant material.

Weather-Proof Frame

The frame is constructed from a galvanized 12-gauge of steel and durable materials that provide weather-resistant performance. There is an interlocking T-sockets joint between the enclosure frame and the trampoline frame that prevents structural twisting.

To eliminate gaps between the enclosure net and jump mat, they are interlocked with the button-hole system at each v-ring.


In this design, there are 76 tightly coiled steel springs with a rust-resistant coating that ensure extended life. Each spring is 7.6 inches long that provides maximum bounce. All the springs are set at the external side enclosure net for added safety.

Safety Comes First

Skywalker manufacturer gives high priority to safety. The spring pad comes with durable and long-lasting UV-resistant materials. With soft foam padding, net enclosure poles are covered and enhance durability. It ensures a no-gap safety enclosure system.

This nice Skywalker trampoline and enclosure meet all ASTM standards of safety and durability. The big-sized package includes all basic parts of the trampoline and enclosure. This big toy comes with 3 years warranty for the frame and a 1-year limited warranty on other parts.


  • Durable construction
  • Some model includes a basketball hoop
  • Patented no-gap safety enclosure
  • Meets ASTM standards of safety and durability
  • Maximum bouncing springs
  • UV protected jumping mat
  • Quality materials safety net
  • High-end gymnast trampoline


  • No ladder included in the package
  • The spring cover pad should be improved


The 9X15 rectangle trampoline is built of durable materials that give the highest trampoline bounce than the traditional round trampolines. So, this valued gymnast trampoline is a perfect choice for gymnasts and athletes.

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03. Skywalker Trampolines 10 Ft Round Gymnastic Outdoor Trampoline and Enclosure with spring

Durable Frame


Skywalker 10 Foot Round Trampoline comes with exciting durability and features. Its frame construction is made of heavy gauged steel. Each frame joint between the trampoline and enclosure net uses welded T-sockets that ensure stability.

Jumping Mat and Spring

This compact trampoline has 59 square feet of jumping surface. The jumping mat is made of UV-resistant materials. Also, the extra padding of the mat enhances its comfort. The 64 rust-resistant springs enable maximum bouncing for the children.

Enclosure for Safety

The springs are located around the exterior of the caged net for safety. Upright of the enclosing system includes foam padded poles that make it more stable. Further safety is ensured through the dual zipper and clip enclosing system.

ASTM Standards and Warranty

The product manufacturer is very concerned about the user’s safety. They utilize a patented enclosure so that the gaps between the surrounding net and jumping mat become eliminated. It exceeds ASTM safety and durability standards.

The trampoline ensures a 3-years warranty for its frame and a 1-year warranty for other materials.


  • Meet ASTM standards
  • Sturdy Construction
  • No-gap safety enclosure
  • Central focused bounce
  • Kids best trampoline
  • Gymnastics trampoline for home
  • Best budget trampoline for gymnastics


  • Spring length is lower than the standard value
  • Not very high bounce like the rectangular shape
  • No ladder included
  • Low weight capacity


This small and durable trampoline nicely fits your garden or playgrounds. We recommend this toy for its budget-friendly feature. Absolutely, this tramp will improve children’s fitness.

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04. Giantex 10 feet Gymnastics Trampoline Combo Jump Safety Enclosure Net W/Spring Pad Ladder

Small But Durable Construction


Giantex Trampoline is another outstanding bouncing trampoline in the market. The manufacturer is committed to providing safe products to users. These trampolines have different sizes of versions for adults and kids. We are reviewing the 10 ft trampoline here.

The frame is made of rust-resistant galvanized steel. There are three durable U-shaped legs that support the trampoline. In the frame, you will find special T-sections connection on each top rail that makes the trampoline more stable and secure. This is a small trampoline for gymnastics that supports a maximum of 300 pounds of weight.

Jumping Mat with No-Gap Feature

The jumping mat is constructed from duty-proven polypropylene. Enclosure net is joint to the steel tubes and at the bottom. Also, it’s attached with a spring cover. In this process, gaps between the jumping mat and net are eliminated that ensuring safety.


This trampoline uses 60 springs for fixing the base part and enables bouncing. It is thick and made of heavy-duty galvanized steel.

Accessories and Safety

This gymnasts toy comes with necessary trampoline parts and the assembly process is easy. It also includes a ladder. The jump mat, enclosure net, and pad are UV resistant.

In the enclosure net, there is a double-sided zipper with a black buckle. In the high-density enclosure net, there is an exterior pad so don’t worry about safety.


  • U-shaped legs extend stability
  • UV resistant mat, net, and pad
  • T-shaped connectors increase the steadiness of the frame
  • Safety enclosure net with outside foam
  • Sturdy steel frame for better load-bearing
  • Easy assembly
  • Comes with ladder
  • Good fitness trampoline for kids
  • Great gymnastics trampoline for home


  • No warranty
  • Poor instruction manual


The Giantex trampoline is designed with well construction materials. Surely, it will deliver good bouncing and safety. This small trampoline is a good choice for your kid’s fun.

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05. Upper Bounce Gymnastics Trampoline, Rectangular Trampoline Set

Durable Construction


Upper Bounce Gymnastics rectangular trampolines provide high bouncing besides safe entertainment for gymnasts. This review is for the 9×15 ft rectangular model. The total height of this trampoline is 106-inches.

This gymnastics trampoline’s frame is constructed from heavy-duty steel with back-coatings that extend its durability. There are welded sockets that make the frame and the upper enclosure poles connection secure and stable. It also prevents the frame from twisting when acrobats bounce. There are four W-shaped legs as a frame stand that perform greatly.

Quality Mat and Safety Pad

The jumping mat is a construction of heavy-duty premium polypropylene. It utilizes mesh materials with 8-row stitching which ensures security and provides a long-lasting mat preventing wear and tear.

In the pad, several layers of combination ensure your safety. In the top, there is 450 gram PVC, and on the bottom 310 gram PE with EPE high-density, the shock-absorbent foam of 1-inch ensures safety.


There are in total 90 springs that are made of rust-free and heavy-duty galvanized steel. All the springs are 7-inches long that ensuring maximum bouncing. The quality springs support a weight of 500 pounds. Like other trampolines, the springs are equipped with a jumping mat.

Safety Net with Dual Closure System

The enclosure net is made of duty-proven Terylene mesh material that gives maximum durability. The dual closing system through the zipper and latch clips will make a secure enclosure while jumping.

The net is clipped to the V-rings of the mat. By the way, gaps between the enclosure net and the jumping mat are mostly eliminated. Besides you can fasten the net with the spring loops through ropes for extra security.

Easy Set-Up and Safety

If you talk about the trampoline’s setup, it’s really very simple. You don’t need any hardware for that. The trampoline utilizes all the safety facts for your child and it passes ASTM standards.


  • Solid heavy-gauge steel frame
  • Galvanized high-performance springs
  • ASTM safety standards
  • Protective safety pads
  • Top flex pole enclosure system
  • Poles covered with foam and vinyl material
  • Fiber flex safety enclosure
  • 8 curved poles extend stability
  • Multi-purpose rectangular trampoline


  • Comes without a climbing ladder


This is a great lifting trampoline. You can choose this big trampoline for multipurpose uses such as outdoor backyard fun, gymnastics, competitive jumping, and more. A quality in-ground trampoline is also a good option for you despite having some problems.

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06. Acon 10×17 Feet Rectangular Top Trampoline Air 16 Sport HD with Enclosure

Heavy Duty Frame

Acon Trampoline Air 16 Sport HD with Enclosure I Includes 10x17ft Rectangular Trampoline, Safety Net, Safety Pad and Ladder

Acon Air 16 Sport HD is a 10x17ft advanced rectangular trampoline. It provides a durable and safe structure. The frame is made of duty-proven galvanized steel. When you jump over the bouncer, it doesn’t twist.

Large Numbers of Spring

In the Acon trampoline, there are 140 heavy-duty springs. Each spring is 10-inches long, so you will get the highest stage bounce there.

Safety Enclosure Net

Acon 10X17 ft trampoline will come with an almost 11 ft enclosure net height. As this tramp gives higher stage bounce, so the long net height will protect you from accidents.

Jumping Surface and Extras

The jumping surface is made of UV-treated polypropylene that has 10-row stitching. This thing comes with enclosures, ladders, pads, boards, and important parts.

Safety Standards and Warranty

This rectangular trampoline meets ASTM and CE standards. It provides you with a good warranty. The frame comes with 10 years warranty, 5 years for springs and jumping mat, 2 years mat components and safety pad, and the enclosure gives a 1-year warranty


  • Durable construction
  • High bouncing compared to other trampolines
  • Meets ASTM and CE standards
  • A large number of springs
  • Extended enclosure net height
  • Great warranty
  • All-time use gymnastic trampoline


  • Poor mat stitching
  • Pricy trampoline


This Acon 17ft is a great bouncing trampoline for you. Definitely, it’s a high-quality trampoline for pro gymnasts. You can use this throughout the years.

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07. JumpSport 12 Feet Elite Trampoline With Safety Enclosure and Overlapping Doorway

High-Quality Frame and Mat


JumpSport 12-foot Elite trampoline uses durable, weather-resistant, and high-quality materials. Its frame is made of rugged, cold-rolled steel that delivers outstanding performance. The Permatron jumping mat comes with a UV and water protection system that last long.

There are 10 rows of stitching that enhance its stability and performance.

Pro-Stretch Springs

This trampoline utilizes Staged Bounce Technology springs that ensure even bounce and last long. The springs are made of high-tensile zinc-plated steel. Each spring is 8.5-inches long, so it provides a high bounce.

Over the springs there is a reinforced PVC pad shell that is UV and water-resistant ensures durability and safety most. The trampoline supports a weight of 235 lbs.

Safety Enclosure and Pad

The Elite trampoline enclosure has high-impact strength netting with an overlapping doorway. This doorway system gives you maximum protection. No zipper is used there, but it automatically closes the door gap after your entrance or getting out.

Great Warranty for All Parts

The steel frame and poles declare 15 years warranty, springs, and jumping mat for 5 years. You will get 3 years of assurance mat stitching, 2 years for enclosure netting, and 1.5 years for trampoline pad. Also, the other components offer a 1-year warranty.


  • Heavy-duty and durable construction
  • Utilizes Staged Bounce Technology
  • Ensures smooth landing
  • Permatron jumping mat
  • Opts pro-stretch springs
  • Very smooth bounce
  • Overlapping doorway
  • Outstanding warranty


  • No ladder comes with the trampoline, but you can make one
  • Don’t deliver higher bounce like a rectangular type


This is a great gymnastics trampoline. The doorway, jumping mat, and warranty are awesome. Definitely, you will be happy using this Jumpsport fitness trampoline.

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Buying Guide of Best Trampoline for Gymnastics


If you are going to purchase a good trampoline for gyms purpose, it’s important to know all about their vital features first as there are varieties of trampolines out there. Gymnast trampolines must have a durable frame and spring with a nice jumping pad and high-end poles with enclosures. Also, they should be weather resistant and high weight capacity. All these vital issues are discussed below so that you can choose the right one easily.

Durable Frame and Springs

The springs and frame of a gymnast tramp are highly responsible for its durability. The trampolines frame must be made of high-quality materials that can support long weight and be sturdy enough so that it can resist twisting when jumping. Generally, the ideal gymnast trampolines are made of a galvanized steel frame. There are also some coatings that extend their stability and make them weather-proof.

Standard tramp springs are also constructed from weather-resistant galvanized steel. Usually larger and thicker springs deliver more bouncing and ensure a safe landing. You should consider spring size more than the standard (7-inches) size. Lengths of springs lower than the standard size won’t give you a nice bouncing experience. And if you have no budget problem, we will suggest you invest in quality springless trampolines that are really great and safer than traditional ones.

The number of springs is also important for bouncing. With the increase of springs number, the bounce level rises. We recommend you to take gyms trampolines having more than 100 springs.

Shapes of Gymnastics Trampolines

Probably you’ve noticed most of the professional top-rated trampolines are rectangular shapes. Contrary to that, kids and newbies use round trampolines. There are also many other shaped trampolines such as oval-shaped ones, top-quality square trampolines, octagonal, and more. But round and rectangular shapes are most popular from them.

Rectangle-shaped trampolines give more bounce than round types. These rectangular trampolines give even bounce all over the surface but round trampolines give maximum bounce at the center and pull acrobats to its center.

As a rectangular trampoline gives the highest bounce so you need to be cautious while using it. If you are concerned about safety, then circular trampolines are the best option. Round tramps need more space than rectangular types. So, depending upon your backyard area, your choices may vary.

Jumping Mat of Gymnastics Trampolines

Most of the quality jumping mat is made of anti UV polypropylene materials. The high-end mat allows for replacing them when necessary. Some of them are waterproof and weather resistant also like the awesome water trampolines with bouncers. To protect the mat from rain or run trampolines come with rain cover. Therefore, you should always maintain your trampoline and if necessary repair it with proper kits.

Size and Supporting Weight

The size and weight capacity of trampolines are always important. In the market, you will find smaller to larger size tramps. The size depends on the user’s weights, skills, and a few more things. Small size and lightweight trampoline are good for kids as it delivers low bounce. This type is cost-efficient than the larger one and the set-up is easier.

Gymnasts need larger tramps as they need higher bounce. Usually, the small size starts from 7 ft and can be large as 15ft, 16ft, 17ft, 18ft, and more sizes. Larger size trampolines allow more gymnasts to bounce at a time.

Don’t use more loads than its maximum loading capacity. There is also a unique Urban Rebounder trampoline for indoor exercises. You can explore that to burn calories in a great way. Rebounders have some negative side effects too. Learn about them and follow the rules to avoid any injury.

Safety Features and Extensions of Gymnastics Trampolines

Before taking a trampoline, you must check some important features. If the tramp doesn’t provide adequate safety aspects, it’s a wasting of money to purchase that one.

Some safety features for trampolines are listed below:

Gymnastic Trampoline No-Gap Feature

Nowadays, some great gymnasts’ trampolines feature no-gap enclosure-mat. This feature eliminates the gap between the jumping surface and the enclosure net. So, you become safe and your limbs don’t pinch at the jumping mat edges.

Safety Pad and Enclosure Net safety

If a gymnast fell down to the outer side of the jumping surface, he/she may be injured. To avoid this coincidence, the safety net and pad play an important role. The safety pad is set upon the springs to make a safe and comfortable surface. The enclosure net encircles the full trampoline surface and is attached to the jumping mat. The JumpKing trampolines are quite good in this aspect.

There are zippers and clips to close the enclosure net’s door gap. Some trampolines have an overlapping doorway that ensures safety more than the zipper and clip system.

More Net Height for maximum safety

The enclosure net must come with mesh materials for making it breathable. The net should be high enough that prevent falling off outside. We recommend a minimum net height of 6 ft.

Poles Foam of Gymnastics Trampolines

Standard trampolines poles of the frames have foam sleeves covering that provide protection if an acrobat bump against the frame.

Safety Standards

The best-quality gymnast trampolines meet CE, TUV, ASTM, and some other safety standards. Always, take that tramp that ensures these standards.

Gymnast Trampoline Extensions

There are some items that come with a ladder for easy climbing and may come with a basketball hoop for your trampoline. The T-sockets, V-rings, wind stacks, and all other necessary things help to make the trampoline stable.

Gymnast Trampoline Storage

Nowadays, quality models of gymnast trampolines come with all-seasons usability. They don’t need disassembling and storage in winter or rain. But many manufacturers instruct to dismount while inactive.

Usually, it is encouraged to disassemble jumping mat, safety pads, enclosure net, and protective pole sleeves in cold weather. Also, you should cover your tramp in the rain and sunny weather.

Price and Warranty

Trampolines come with different price assortments like under $300 trampolines, under $150 trampolines, and some high price ranges too. Some people won’t exceed their budgets while few of them aren’t concerned about prices, but both types of customers favored the best products. In terms of price, the Propel trampolines are really good.

To get the best gymnastics trampoline, you need to spend a few times. You may write down your required features first, then match them with the shop’s trampolines. Take the product which meets your conditions. In the meantime, you can enter your nearby adult trampoline parks which normally cost a little before buying your own one.

Most trampoline manufacturers provide you with a long-term warranty for frames and springs and short terms warranty for other parts. Verify the guarantee cards, whether it’s well documented or not. Try to pick a good place and time to buy a trampoline.

Some Outdoor Safety Tips While Using Gymnastic Trampoline

  • Children under 5 years are discouraged to use trampolines.
  • Never play alone. Take the supervisor for safety.
  • Teens should be supervised by adults.
  • Before using a tramp, check springs and other hardware.
  • Make sure, the jumping mat is clean and free from obstacles.
  • Verify, you close the net door rightly.
  • Make sure, there is a ladder for climbing on the tramp.
  • Don’t use trampoline multiple persons, at a time.
  • Check the springs are fully covered with a pad.
  • Never play in a wet trampoline.
  • Remove jewelry and sharp objects before the bounce.
  • Jump at barefoot. Don’t jump wearing shoes or socks.
  • Always try to jump at the center, it’s safer than edge bounce.
  • Round tramps are recommended for children.
  • If an accident occurs, immediately go to the hospital.


Gymnast trampolines are important for fitness and competitive sports.  They greatly serve as top-notch adult trampolines. Whether you choose a rectangular shape or a round shape, you must consider its durability, no-gap enclosure feature, and other safety facts. We hope you are benefitted from the best trampolines for gymnastics reviews.

We make this shortlist depending upon the trampoline’s quality, price, and field values. Undoubtedly, you will get the best ones from here. Enjoy the gymnast trampoline!

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