Best Trampoline Under $150: Quality Trampolines For 150!

Last Updated on December 19, 2021

Haven’t enough money to buy a large-size trampoline? Don’t be worried, the best thing you can do in this situation is to choose the best trampoline under $150. Yes, these trampolines will be the right fit for you for the price, space, and quality.

Well, we’ve come to help you out to ease your purchase. Let’s read the reviews and buying guides to pick your most suitable one!

Best Trampoline Under $150 Comparative Table

BCAN 40" Foldable Mini Trampoline, Fitness Rebounder with Adjustable Foam Handle, Exercise Trampoline for Adults Indoor/Garden Workout Max Load 330lbs
Handle Included?
Weight Rating (lbs)
Number of Legs
More Information
BCAN 40" Foldable Mini Trampoline, Fitness Rebounder with Adjustable Foam Handle, Exercise Trampoline for Adults Indoor/Garden Workout Max Load 330lbs
Handle Included?
Weight Rating (lbs)
Number of Legs
More Information

Reviews of The Best Trampoline Under $150

Skywalker 60″ Kids Indoor Outdoor Trampoline $150

Skywalker-60-inch-Kids-Indoor-Outdoor-Trampoline-$150If you need a good kids trampoline for indoor and outdoor uses, the 5 ft Skywalker trampoline would be the best option for you. Why? Check its features and we’re sure that you will also agree with us.

Space Theme with Fun Sound

Skywalker 60″ mini-trampoline features a unique mat having stars and a spaceship. It also syncs fun sounds that sound when kids jump there. So, kids will love this that makes them active to play in the trampoline hours after hours. Besides, kids will be familiarized with spaceships and stars, and different colors.

No Spring Design

Springs might squeak or cause accidents when jumping there. Springs might be hazardous especially for children. So, this trampoline uses stretch bands to reduce such odds. There are in total 32 bands for a better bounce.

Safe for Kids

This is a safe product for kids. It uses a PVC frame pad, tall enclosure net, bottom net for safety. The bottom net prevents entering kids or pets beneath the trampoline. The net is inside the trampoline and stitched with the mat so you don’t worry about pinching hazards.

There is a 360-degree padded handle for stabilization. The poles are also padded well for extra safety. Moreover, the kids’ trampoline meets the ASTM standards.

Durable Trampoline

The trampoline is made from safe and durable construction. The powder-coated steel makes the structure durable. If your kids’ weight is below 100 pounds, this will be a great choice for you. Mat and net have polypropylene material. And frame pad is PVC foam.


  • Springless design enhances safety
  • Spaceship mat with fun sound
  • No gap between mat and net
  • Tall enclosure and spring pad
  • The bottom net restricts unusual entry


  • The instruction guidebook should be improved


Kids love the dark blue/gray color with the spaceship trampoline. This will be a right 150 dollars trampoline for kids.

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Giantex 55″ Kids Indoor Outdoor Trampoline

Giantex-55-inch-Kids-Indoor-Outdoor-TrampolineDo you need an indoor and outdoor simultaneous useable good kid mini-trampoline for under 150 dollars? Giantex children trampoline makes it possible, so reveal its features now.

Maximum Durability

Giantex mini-trampoline comes with a durable structure. The frame and springs are made from stainless steel. There are a total of 50 springs and the maximum weight capacity is 110 pounds. So, kids below the weight limit will find it a good platform to jump and have fun.

Six legs of the trampoline extend the stability of the structure to hold it in place. Moreover, the rubber feet prevent slipping the structure when jumping therein.

Easy Setup and Disassemble

The visual instructions tell how you set this model step by step and parts by parts. So it will make the process easier than hiring a professional. Similarly, you can easily disassemble the product using the manual as it is easily collapsible and storable.

In the case of moving the trampoline, you will also find this trampoline handy as the weight of the product is quite small.

Safe for Children

This trampoline features padding in poles, underneath the net, a full enclosure net, zipper lock door for easy to go in and out. The net is the inner side of the spring and tightly hold with the mat that eliminates the high chance of accidents.


  • Small but durable design
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Well-padded to reduce the impact
  • Colorful design for kids’ attraction


  • No handlebar for kids


So, the size and durable design make this trampoline an ideal choice for your growing kids to make them active and fit. And kids will love the colorful design.

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ROANUDE 4.5 Ft Toddlers Trampoline

ROANUDE-4.5-Ft-Toddlers-TrampolineBack-to-back another generous indoor-outdoor trampoline for kids and toddlers is ROANUDE 4.5 Ft trampoline.

Heavy Weight Limit

Surprisingly true, this 4.5 ft toddlers trampoline comes with an abundant weight rating of 300 pounds. So, adults can use it occessio0nally with little kiddos.

The background behind the higher weight rating is the durable stainless-steel structure of the frame, springs, and legs.

No Spring Design

The most important feature of this trampoline is its elastic bungee straps instead of springs that provide great safety to the trampoline. The elastic bands ensure cushion bounce as well as a safe landing.

Quick Installation

Superb fast setup! Yes, this trampoline allows putting it together within 10 minutes. So, kids won’t wait for hours to bounce and make fun through trampoline games.

Safety is Assured

ROANDUE mini-trampoline is the right platform for kids considering the safety aspects. The bottom of the trampoline is surrounded by an extra safety net to encircle the trampoline bottom to make it safe for kids. Mat and net are connected together in the inner side of the trampoline to make jumping safer for all i.e. pregnants.

The tall enclosure, thick pad, cushion foam cover make a safe platform for kids and toddlers to play. The bungee ropes replace the springs to reduce safety hazards.


  • Full-proof safety
  • Bungees extend safety
  • Massive weight capacity
  • Additional bottom net


  • No handle for toddlers
  • Instructions should be more explicit


Having this kid’s trampoline, kids ages between 3 to 10 years get a good platform to jump and have fun. This will be a real alternative to screen and make kids healthier.

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ANCHEER Kids Mini Trampoline Under $150

ANCHEER-Kids-Mini-Trampoline-Under-$150Looking for the best mini trampoline under $150? ANCHEER oval mini-trampoline might be your first choice for its wonderful features.

Spacious Enough

The 56 by 36-inch oval shape ANCHEER trampoline has more space than the others due to its oval shape. It has good room for at least two kids at a time. If you have two little kiddies at home you can buy this trampoline from Amazon for budget purchase whilst ensuring their fun.

Durable Fun Station

Besides stainless-steel frames and springs, there are 8 durable legs to make the structure sturdy. Each leg has a rubber tip to avoid skidding. The polypropylene UV-resistant jumping mat and PVC cover are waterproof that enhance stability. Overall, the trampoline can hold up to 220 pounds of weight.

Adjustable Handle

The children’s mini trampoline comes with an adjustable handle. It allows you to adjust the height at 5 levels from 38 to 45 inches. So, you can adjust the height according to your kid’s height. The handlebar supports small children to improve their balance.

Foldable Design

The mini-trampoline model is detachable and foldable which allows you to carry the product easily from one place to another. You can hide the design under a closet or in a tight space. Installation of the trampoline is super fast; it may need around 10 to 15 minutes or a maximum of 30 minutes if you are a first-timer.


  • Double folded mini-trampoline
  • Adjustable handle suits any height kids
  • The spacious bed allows older children


  • Chance of collision between jumpers
  • Spring design isn’t fully safe for little kids


Besides fun, this small trampoline will be a handsome choice for kids’ exercise. It increases bone density, strengthens bone density, improves blood circulation, and helps kids to grow taller.

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BCAN 48″ Adults Mini Trampoline Under $150

BCAN-48-inch-Adults-Mini-Trampoline-Under-$150Like kids mini trampoline, 48 inch BCAN mini trampoline comes with great features for adults indoor exercise. Have a look at what it comes with!

Sturdy Construction

Stainless steel-made frames and springs provide great sturdiness to the product. It uses 8 firm legs, 40 springs, wear-resistant polypropylene mat. Legs feet have rubber ends to restrict slipping. And there is a padded spring cover for safety.

Foldability is Awesome

Whether you want to carry the trampoline easily or hide it in a tight space, you need a foldable trampoline like this one. The double folded trampoline will reduce the size to a great extent.

Massive Load Limit

The duty-proven adult’s mini model is an unparalleled choice for weight capacity. So anyone from the family can experience the rebounding exercise in this trampoline. Just learn about the negative rebounding side effects before you do it.

Adjustable Stability Bar

Depending upon adults’ size, the handle can be adjusted to 4 levels to adjust it with bouncers’ height ranged from 39.5 to 49.5 inches. The handlebar helps amateurs to get balanced while rebounding.

Heavy Rebound

BCAN trampoline is a great option for efficient exercise. 10 minutes of exercise in this trampoline provides equivalent fitness to 20 minutes of swimming, 30 minutes cycling, or 1-hour of jogging.


  • High-weight capacity
  • Ideal fitness trampoline
  • Safe adjustable bar


  • Sometimes squeaks


For any fitness enthusiast, this one would be the top-notch option to get fit and energized. Grab this for boosting your fitness.

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Lovely Snail 5 Ft Kids Mini-Trampoline

Lovely-Snail-5-Ft-Kids-Mini-TrampolineLovely Snail 5 Ft mini-trampoline is another good choice for kids. This 3 to 10 age kids model will be a handy option for indoor-outdoor use.

Safe for Kids

There is a 360-degree enclosure net and padded poles to protect kids from falling into the ground. Net is more than 4 ft high that will provide a safe bounce. Mesh net also allows unrestricted visibility. The padded spring cover will add a great layer for keeping jumpers safe from spring stuck.

On top of that, the mat and net are sewn together to prevent the hazard. That’s great!

Durable Model

Lovely Snail has a stainless steel frame, springs, 6 poles, and 3 W-shaped legs to make the construction sturdy and rigid to sustain kids’ weight up to 220 pounds. The load limit will allow adults too. Legs and poles support provide double stability of this mini model.

Heavy Bounce

In this trampoline, there are 36 springs that push you higher when you touch the mat. The mat uses 8-thread sewing technology that makes it UV-resistant, waterproof, and bouncy than other models. So active kids will find this wonderful to make great fun.

Extra Basketball Hoop

With the trampoline package, you will get a basketball hoop to double kids’ fun. So, you needn’t manage another court or accessory for basketball play.


  • The package includes a basketball hoop
  • Net and mat are stitched together
  • Padded poles and safety springs pad
  • Unobstructed net viewing


  • Higher assembly time than expected


For your little kids, this one would be a good play station for enjoyment like playing on spikeball on a small trampoline on beach.

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Darchen 40 Inch Mini Trampoline For 150 Dollars

Darchen-40-Inch-Mini-Trampoline-For-150-DollarsAnother adult mini-trampoline for exercise under 150 is the Darchen 40 inch rebounder. This is cheap in price but great in quality.

Highest Weight Capacity

Surprisingly, this mini-trampoline can hold up to 450 lbs weight that allowing any heavy adults to do efficient exercise there.

Safe and Better Bounce

This trampoline uses strong-tension 3rd generation bungees that make quite bounce. So, you needn’t worry about joint pain while using the rebounder. A total of 30 bungees are attached to this model to generate safe rebounds.

Strongly Made

Darchen 40 inch trampoline is constructed of durable steel. The 6 legs provide unmatched stability. So you can easily reach your fitness goal. Polypropylene mat and net also make the bouncer durable.

Silence Bounce

This trampoline uses bungee cords like the bungee chairs so you can enjoy noiseless bounce. It also increases the overall lifespan of the trampoline.


  • Huge weight capacity
  • Bungees provide safety
  • Durable construction


  • Assembly needs some effort


If you need a good trampoline for 150 dollars, this one is a perfect option for indoor exercise.

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Buying Guide of Best Trampoline Under $150

Consider Size

Best-Trampoline-Under-$150While choosing the trampoline under 150, it’s very important to pick the size firstly. It’s true that trampolines for 150 are available only for the small sizes, not the big ones. So, out of the small models find the best one that suits you either for kids or adults.

Weight Limit of Trampoline Under $150

Not only size, get the right weight capacity trampoline to be sure that the trampoline you are choosing is right for you. Some trampolines below 150 dollars might be under 200 pounds, don’t buy these. If you are over the weight rating.

For a better option, try these trampolines which are under $300 that have good features.

Spring or Bungee Quality

If you need a safe, noiseless, and low bounce, the bungee models will be most suitable. But if you need a higher bounce trampoline, go for the spring model. One common thing is that both springs and bungees should be durable.

Robust Construction

The trampoline you are going to choose should be strong enough. Frame, springs, and metal parts need to be made from rust-resistant materials such as galvanized stainless steel. Mat, pad, and enclosure should come from UV-resistant and durable materials.

Don’t Overlook Safety Purchasing Under $150 Trampoline

Some cheaply made trampolines are made from low-quality material and there might be a safety deficit. Don’t buy these types for safety purposes. Outdoor trampolines should be enclosed well by a safety net and springs should be covered by a safety pad. On the other hand, indoor models should come with skid-free feet and maintain full safety padding.

If the trampoline has safety certification, that is a plus point too. Some safety standards are ASTM, TUV, etc.

You can also check these options for free or cheap second-hand trampolines.

Conclusion of Low-Cost $150 Trampoline

The best trampoline under $150 can give you 1000 dollars trampolines quality if you can pick the right one wisely. So, consider the facts that we discussed here and find the most suitable one from the above list. Hopefully, you will find a cherished one. Happy trampoline shopping!

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