Complete Guide to Build A Trampoline Room in House: 2 Types!

Last Updated on January 24, 2023

The trampoline is not an instrument for the backyard only, it can be set indoors too. Usually, the small-sized trampolines are placed inside the house like in the bedroom. But the trampoline room in the house allows setting up a large trampoline there. It is now becoming popular among trampoline enthusiasts’ families. It turns the room into an ideal place for fun and exercise.

As a trampoline owner, you may have a great interest in how to build a trampoline room indoors. Well, today we’ll talk here about the way to make an indoor trampoline room within your budget. Let’s dive in!

Guide to Build A Trampoline Room in House

What is A Trampoline Room?


A trampoline room is a dedicated space in the house where the trampoline is placed. You can make a trampoline playground indoors for kids or adults’ easily by setting up a mini trampoline or rebounder there. This will allow toddlers to adults even seniors to jump there for exercise and fun. But this type of setting is not the perfect trampoline room.

Actually, when you install a full-size large trampoline indoors, it will turn into a trampoline room. Here is the place that will give you the opportunity like the ones that you can enjoy in a trampoline park. You may be astonished to hear that Bill Gates has a dedicated trampoline room. This Microsoft founder did this for his children who were between 16 to 22 years old at that time.

Not only for jumping but a trampoline in a room also allows lots of fun for the family including sleeping there. Indoor will allow you an easy sleepover as there is no need for hanging blankets and other accessories around the trampoline. Moreover, you’ll never be exhausted when you have a trampoline room.

How to Build A Trampoline Room In House?


You can make your dream trampoline room in two different ways. Either you can expense a lot or spend a small amount of method. The hefty budget method will give you a customized wonderful room. But, the low-cost method will be the most preferable option for optimism as you can do it by buying a new trampoline or moving the existing one inside. Here we’ll explain both methods.

Luxurious Trampoline Room

If budget isn’t a problem, this will be the perfect way for you. First of all, choose a room, it should have a decent ceiling and several windows for good ventilation. It should be spacious too so you can set the trampoline with side clearance. Throw out all the items from the room and set the trampoline in your preferred spot. Always, consider the enclosure net for safety.

Homeowners also choose good-quality mats here that give cushion bounce. For soft bounce, you should go for additional protection by installing thick foam padding. Covering the ground with soft materials is also a good idea for safety. If the wall is near the trampoline also cover it well with cushion materials well.

A Square or rectangle trampoline will fit best in such rooms. Alternatively, you can order a personalized size according to your need. The room should have numerous lighting, a rest place, a first aid kit, and other necessary facilities. After setting the trampoline, decorate the room and add some other playsets to make an ideal playroom.

Budget-Friendly Trampoline Room

Don’t have a budget for a trampoline room? Well, you can make your room without spending a lot even you can do it without any cost. If the room maintains the minimum requirement like dimension, proper ceiling, ventilation, etc. Then clean the room well and fix a place for the trampoline. Detach the backyard trampoline and clean it for installation inside.

If you haven’t a trampoline, buy a new one and set it indoors. Now put necessary things on the trampoline such as a safety net, springs pad, etc. You can spend some money to decorate the room as an additional task. In this method, the room will be a mixed one, not dedicated to the trampoline only.

How Much Does A Trampoline Room Cost?


Maybe you are now wondering how much is indoor trampoline room cost. Well, the first thing is that a trampoline room price is an inexpensive option than the trampoline park. You won’t be a millionaire to build your trampoline room. If you are a man of middle-class man, don’t worry you can also do it by spending some money. But how much it cost exactly depends on the size and quality of the trampoline.

You will get standard sizes like 10 to 15 ft trampolines that need around $300 to $600 with enclosure net and padding. But if you want to set a rectangle or other trampoline shapes trampoline, it’ll cost you more. With this, the more features you will add to the trampoline, the more the expense will be. For example, you can buy foam pits, pool noodles, etc. Moreover, you can decorate the trampoline with balloons, lights, costumes, and more.


A trampoline room in the house is a dreamy room for kids. You can do it without breaking the bank. But make sure you have enough room to put the trampoline inside the house. Kids can play there for a long period even read books, arrange parties, sleep at night, and so on. So, build a room for a trampoline and have a day-long great fun!

Have a look at this video on making a trampoline room in the house:

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