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What is the Difference Between Adult and Child Trampoline?

Trampoline is nowadays a must-have exercise tool for children and adults although there is a difference between adult and child trampolines. Both large and small trampolines are available for garden and indoor use. So, whenever you plan to buy a trampoline, you should consider who will use it and how big it will be (apart from the main reasons). Depending on trampoline size and type their function also differs.

As a newbie trampoline user, you may have a question what is the difference between adult and child trampolines? Although, both adult and kid trampolines look almost the same, still they differ from each other in terms of construction, weight limit, performance, etc. So, let’s discuss their differences in detail!

Know The Difference Between Adult and Child Trampolines


First, adult trampoline differs from child trampoline due to its structural strength. Adult trampolines are constructed from superior materials that make them sturdier than kids’ trampolines. That’s why adult trampolines last longer compared to children’s trampolines.

Size Difference Between Adult and Child Trampoline

Adult trampolines come in small and large sizes for indoor and outdoor uses respectively. Whereas, kids’ trampolines are available mostly for indoor use. Children’s small trampoline dimensions vary from 3 ft to 5 ft and a few of them are available in 7 to 10 ft for outdoor uses.

Adults’ outdoor trampoline sizes are 12 ft, 14 ft, 15 ft, 16 ft, and larger models whereas the size of the indoor ones varies between 36 inches to 55 inches.


Adults’ trampolines come in versatile shapes like round, oval, square, rectangle, hexagonal, etc. On the other hand, most kids’ trampolines have a round shape but some of them are available in oval and rectangular shapes.

Weight Limit for Adult vs Child Trampoline

Children’s trampolines are made with a lower weight capacity. Usually, kids’ and toddlers’ trampolines come with 150 lbs weight limit approximately. On the other hand, adult trampolines have higher weight limits like 250 to 300 lbs on average. But some of them can withstand more than 500 lbs of single jumpers’ weight.

Jumping Style

Adults’ indoor and outdoor trampolines are used mainly for fitness and exercise purposes whereas children’s trampolines are used for entertainment and for the better growth of the kids. Trampolines for children provide safe and small bounce but adult models deliver high bounce that burns lots of calories.


Kids’ trampolines are small in size so you can quickly move them if necessary. Moreover, some of them are foldable so you can carry them in your car too. Like kids’ small trampolines, adult rebounders come in a compact size to have and hide quickly. But outdoor models can’t be moved without the help of several people.

Safety Features

Kids’ trampolines should be safe for the children. Ideal kid’s trampolines come with a spring pad, handlebar, and enclosure net. Moreover, they are made with low-height legs for eliminating injuries like trampoline burns. On the other hand, adults outdoor models come with a safety enclosure but not all indoor adult trampolines include a net.


Kids’ trampolines are cheaply made and they are available for below $100. But, adult trampolines are large models and their price varies between $300 to $500 on average. And, there are some high-end adult trampolines that price more than $1500 and even more.

End Words

Hopefully, after reading the article you have got a clear idea of the difference between adult and child trampolines. In short, adult trampolines are stronger, have higher weight capacity, and are more durable than kids’ trampolines. On the other hand, kids’ trampolines are cheaper and easier to move models. Actually, each of them is made with its own field of use.

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