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Does Jumping on a Trampoline Make You Pee? How to Overcome Incontinence Issue?

Does Jumping on a Trampoline Make You Pee

Does Jumping on a Trampoline Make You Pee? How to Overcome Incontinence Issue?

Last Updated on October 5, 2023

When a friend of mine asked me this question, does jumping on a trampoline make you pee, I was a bit surprised and at the same time wondered if this happens in real life too. But when I came to know that this is an issue that actually happens, I was really curious to know more about it and make a post to inform the readers about it.

When I dig deep into this matter, I came to know that, this is called an incontinence issue and it happens a lot for women who have recently given birth to children or those ages above forty-five. Many of them don’t take this issue seriously and just laugh off the matter.

But, this issue can be treated and you don’t need to be worried when you enjoy jumping over your adult-shaped trampoline. So, what this incontinence issue is really?

So, Why Does Jumping on a Trampoline Make You Pee?

Does Jumping on a Trampoline Make You PeeWhen you face this unusual urine leakage during jumping, laughing, or coughing, this may be the reason for your incontinence or stress. This stress may arise due to various reasons.

When you jump on a trampoline for fun activities, you give pressure on the abdomen. This causes the bladder to shrink and is pressurized.

This stress on the bladder is the primary reason women tend to have less control of their bladder during pregnancy and after childbirth.

The reason for the less control of the bladder is caused because of weakness or damage to the pelvic floor muscle or the urethral sphincter. Sometimes both are damaged or weakened. This issue can be classified into two major types:

  1. Hypermobility of Urethra: When you feel pressure on the abdomen, your urethra and bladder are shifted down. So, the support is lost for the urethra and you can’t keep this compressed and closed.
  2. Deficiency for Intrinsic Sphincter: When this type of incontinence happens, the urinary sphincter causes the ability to control the close of the bladder. Sometimes it is open during any pressure situation.

What Causes This Stress Incontinence

The reasons for stress incontinence are mainly four:

  1. Childbirth (Vaginal): Those women who deliver their child through the vaginal process, are more prone to face this issue. Because the childbirth process will cause the pelvic muscle to go through a stretch and causes the loosening of the nerves.
  2. Age problem: As age is adding up, people tend to have less control over their pelvic muscles and urethra. This process is natural and it will happen today or tomorrow.
  3. Because of Menopause: When women go through menopause, the estrogen hormone in their bodies decreases. So, the pelvic muscle is weakened.
  4. Damage to the Urinary Sphincter: If for any reason the urinary sphincter is damaged, then this will result in less control of the bladder.

There are several other minor issues too. They are:

  • Weight gain
  • Trauma or fears
  • Genetics, or
  • Acute chronic conditions

Many of us feel embarrassed for having this problem and are shy to ask for help or advice. This is not good for you as the problem won’t go away on its own. So, ask the doctors about it and seek help. This is easily manageable.

How to Stop Peeing When I Jump on Trampolines?

You may have avoided jumping on trampolines with your kids or friends because of the fear of peeing. But, you can face this problem and seek out help from experts on this issue. Here, I will discuss some common measures that you may follow to overcome this issue.

There are some surgical and non-surgical processes through which you may gain control of your bladder. Let’s discuss those:

Lifestyle Change

The first measure that you may follow is a simple one but very effective. That is to change your lifestyle and reduce your stress level as much as you can. The weight can be an issue. So, try exercise and diet control for a healthy weight. Quit smoking if you are a smoker. These little but effective things will change your life.

Strengthen Your Pelvic Muscle

Try to strengthen your pelvic muscle through various methods and exercises. Some of the very effective exercises for strengthening your pelvic muscle are:

  • Squats
  • Gluten bridges
  • Kegel exercise
  • Squeeze & release practice

These exercises will definitely help you to make your pelvic muscle strong and firm. So, you will be able to hold your bladder during trampoline jumping. Some yoga poses will also help in this matter. These are Malasana, reclined bound angle, and child’s pose.

Pee-prof Underwear during Jumping on Trampolines

You can use pee-prof underwear when you are trying the above remedies in the meantime. You can find some amazing items online or near your home too.

Surgical Procedure for Pee-Control

If other measures are not successful or you don’t want to follow those measures, then surgical procedure is always there for you. But, normally I wouldn’t suggest you do that unless it is absolutely necessary.

The first type is the urethral bulking process. Here, bulking agents are used to prevent leakage. It is FDA approved back in 2020. So, no need to worry.

The second one is the Colposuspension treatment method. This is a long-term solution that will help you to get the perfect remedy for pee leakage. This process can be done in two ways: one is an open system, other is laparoscopic. The first type is done by a big cut. The second type is done by one or two small ones.

The last one is the sling procedure of your mid-urethral part. This one is slightly more complicated than the previous ones. Your doctor will know better which one would be perfect for you.


According to SUI statistics, 1 in every 3 women faces this urine leakage issue at a different point in their lives. About 33% of women above the age of 60 may find this urine leakage issue. Also, about 50% of women aged 65 and above may also face these phenomena at any point in their lives.

A Male is also prone to this problem and has pelvic nerve damage or prostate cancer surgery. What I’m trying to say here is that this is a common problem for many of us. So, you should face this issue bravely and try to overcome it.

We have discussed various ways through which you can have your bladder control back and start jumping on trampolines again. You can enjoy your backyard trampoline or in-ground ones too as much as you can. So, get up and make yourself confident again.

Here is an example of a woman sharing her experience of trampoline peeing and immediately knowing what to do next:


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