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10 Essential Trampoline Safety Rules Everyone Should Follow

Trampoline safety rules

10 Essential Trampoline Safety Rules Everyone Should Follow

Last Updated on October 5, 2023

Everyone wants to jump safely on a trampoline, right? You shouldn’t compromise with safety hazards as these can cause terrible injuries and even be life-threatening. So, before you allow kids to jump on the trampoline, it’s important to teach them the basic trampoline safety rules so they can enjoy a safe trampoline.

You may wonder, what are the safety rules and regulations for a trampoline? In fact, there are numerous rules, but you should follow the most essential ones at least. This article will guide you to get ideas on the most important trampoline safety facts!

Importance of Trampoline Safety Rules and Some Prominent Rules Explained

Why Safety Rules in Trampoline Jumping Are Important?

Trampoline safety rulesYou may already have experience trampoline injuries firsthand or at least seen this happening with your neighbors. Thousands of trampoline accidents occur every year. According to Pediatric Orthopedics, around 1 million ER visits are due to trampoline injuries in the year between 2002 to 2011.

The most alarming thing is reported by the American Academy of Pediatrics which shows that trampoline-related injuries are increasing day by day.  That’s why we need to create awareness among trampoline jumpers and parents about safe jumping.

Some of the common trampoline accidents are ligament injuries, fractures, lacerations, contusions, and dislocations. And the most commonly wounded body parts are the upper extremity, lower extremity, head, neck, and trunk. Trampoline injuries even may cause death.

Several reasons for trampoline injuries are wrong landing, falling on the ground, collision with jumpers, performing somersaults, pinching in the springs, banging in the frame, and so on. But you can reduce trampoline accidents by following safety guidelines properly.

10 Important Trampoline Safety Rules You Should Know About

Learn the Basics

Before you allow kids to jump on the trampolines, the most important thing is to teach them the basic trampoline tricks and landing skills. Teach them to jump in the middle of the trampoline and avoid jumping on the net.

Also, teach them the right landing. Because of wrong landings, the majority of trampoline injuries happen. So, don’t ignore this anyway.

No More One

One of the main reasons for trampoline accidents is collision among multiple jumpers. So, it should be strictly restricted to jumping more than one jumper at a time.

Safety Enclosure Net and Spring Pad

The chance of falling to the ground increases greatly when you jump on the trampoline without 360 degrees safety net. Thus, the trampoline should be surrounded by an enclosure net. So, attach a net with a trampoline before you allow kids to jump there.

Spring is another potential threat to trampoline jumpers. For safe jumping, you should put thick padding on springs to eliminate pinching hazards. Spring-free trampolines are another great option to avoid spring-related injuries.

Trampoline Ladder

It’s also important to attach a trampoline ladder so kids can safely enter and exit the trampoline. But, after each trampoline session remove the ladder so kids can’t climb on the trampoline.

No Flip

More than 10% of trampoline injuries occur when jumpers try to do somersaults. So, kids should strictly avoid flipping on a trampoline until they are grown enough and trained well.

Stop Unsupervised Jumping

Parents, caregivers, or adults should oversee children’s jumping. They will instruct and kids will follow for safe jumping. Usually, children below 6 years old should refrain from trampolining as their bones are fragile and could cause severe injuries.

Avoid Jewelry and Sharp Items

For safe jumping, it’s important to put off the jewelry and sharp items. Even shoes aren’t recommended on trampolines except in some special cases.

No Pets

Never allow you’re your pet animals like cats or dogs on the trampoline as they could harm the mat or net. If you want keep them on the ground to watch your moves.

Install the Trampoline on Leveled Ground

The trampoline should be put on a flat surface or make it leveled. Uneven surfaces are prone to a high risk of injury. Also, choose a trampoline with low height like in-ground trampolines.

Ensure Proper Clearance

While installing the trampoline, make sure there is proper head and side clearance. Without proper free spaces, jumpers could get knocked there and get injured.


Trampoline safety is important for enjoying safe jumping. Some of the trampoline safety rules are installing a safety net and spring pad, teaching your kids the trampoline basics, stopping unauthorized jumping, jumping a single child at once, avoiding somersaults, and many more.

If you want to ensure safe trampolining, you can’t ignore these anyway. Moreover, you can establish additional rules by yourself for more safety on trampolines. Follow these rules and enjoy safe trampolining!

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