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5 Super Fun and Free Trampoline Games Online!


5 Super Fun and Free Trampoline Games Online!

Last Updated on October 5, 2023

Are trampoline games online good for kids? Experts have mixed opinions on this topic. If you allow kids to play online trampoline games for a certain period that’s good as they can learn the basic safety and jumping rules through it. But spending too much time on screen is harmful to them.

If your parents aren’t convinced to buy a trampoline-like indoor type or they don’t have enough money for a big adult-sized one or a special in-ground one, then online trampoline games will give you virtual trampoline jumping fun. Well, today we’ll introduce you to several fun trampoline games online that you can download for free and play for amazing fun.

Why Trampoline Games Online Are Good?


Online trampoline games provide lots of benefits. Some of them are listed below.

  • Fun and entertainment for kids
  • Teach the basic trampoline jumps
  • Opportunity to know some safety rules

Why Online Trampoline Games Are Bad?

Trampoline games online have some bad impacts on children such as-

  • Addiction on screen
  • Waste of time
  • Bad impacts on health

Where Can I Get Trampoline Games for Free?

If you want to play trampoline online games you can do it either from your browser or smart device.

Browser Trampoline Games


Maybe you already know about different game websites like FunnyGames, CrazyGame, Miniclip, and more. There are several wonderful fun trampoline games. But these websites use Flash thus you have to disable your AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, and other adblocker from the browser before playing games from these websites. These game websites show lots of ads so if you turned the AdBlock they don’t work and you can’t play games then.

After visiting these websites, find out the trampoline game that you want to play. Simply using a keyboard and mouse, you can play these games. You can also share your score points on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more thus you can invite your friends to play these games.

Trampoline Games on App Stores

The games that you can play in browsers, most of them are also available in Apple and Google app stores. And they are free thus you can download them without paying a single cent. They are also small in size that may require a maximum of a few megabytes of memory. So you can store and play all the app trampoline games on your tablet and smartphone.

Free Trampoline Games Online Ideas


You may be wondering what is the best trampoline games for online. There are lots of browsers and app stores games such as Retro Trampoline, Stickman Trampoline, Flip Master, Walaber’s Trampoline, Realistic Trampoline Simulator, Crazy Power Ups, Motion Volt Games, and many more.

From the abundant trampoline games unblocked on mobiles, it’s quite difficult to find out the funniest ones, but we’ve shortlisted 5 popular virtual trampoline games from there. Let’s know a brief about them.

1. Trampoline Stickman


In the app store and browsers, this game is available as “Stickman Trampoline”. The jumper here is a tiny and happy stickman who loves jumping very much. It has three modes such as arcade, classic, and timed mode. But there is no tutorial to play the game.

How to Play

To play the trampoline stickman game you have to use the directional keys. When you press the arrow button, you do a front flip. And the left button gives you a backflip. There are no limits to flips, you can do as long as you want. So you can play the game until you can do it without falling to the ground.

Trampoline Stickman is a perfect game for trampoline lover kids. Let’s head to CrazyGames to play this game now.

Play Trampoline Stickman

2. Flip Master


Flip Master is a popular classic game from Miniclip. For backflip lovers, this is really fun to play this game. You can easily download this game from the app store. It is a colorful game that every child will welcome happily.

How to Play

If you want to play this game, you have to use the mouse instead of the keyboard. When you click the left button on the character it will do a front flip. The character will swing along with the movement of the mouse. But don’t move the mouse very fast, it will drop the character on the ground and the game will be over. If this happens, you have to restart again.

Besides jumping, Flip Master offers something special. You can collect pop balloons and coins with the jump. Alternatively, if you fall on your face on a trampoline bed or touch the edge you have to lose points. For younger kids this might be difficult to play for the first time but once they learn they will enjoy the game.

Play Flip Master

3. Realistic Trampoline Simulator


This is a casual game that you can play from Scratch. The character is an orange cat that jumps on an animated trampoline. The game is fun for younger children. Background music and animation make this game entertaining and live.

How to Play

You can use the four directional keys to move in any direction in this game. You can also change the character in several modes like a dog, goat, kid, and many more. If you fall outside the bouncer, you have to start again.

Play Realistic Trampoline Simulator

4. Trampoline, or Retro Trampoline


Another game from CrazyGames is “Trampoline”. This is actually a classic game that’s why it’s sometimes called Retro Trampoline. By pressing the directional keys you can control the movement.

How to Play

Use the right arrow to do a front flip. On the other hand, the left key will allow the character to do a backflip. This game has only the timed-on-play mode. But, you’ll also get tutorial mode to be an expert in this game. So, it’s time to play Trampoline and get entertained.

Play Trampoline

5. Love to Jump


Love to Jump is a top-rated trampoline game that owns a 10 rating out of 10. You can play it from FynnyGames. In this game, you can choose any character out of four. Also, you can choose the difficulty level from easy, normal, and hard mode. This is actually a gymnastics-level online trampoline game.

How to Play

Love to Jump is an elaborate game that you can play using direction keys. The hard level is really tough to play. So, this is not a casual game like other online unblocked trampoline games. So, younger children won’t find it easy. If you love to play trampoline-challenging games, this will be a really challenging one.

Play Love to Jump


Trampoline games online are fun as well as great learning for youngsters. They can play these games either on browsers or smart devices. These games will teach the kids very basic jumping and safety lessons of the children. But too much addiction might be dangerous for them. So, you can allow kids to play trampoline games online for a limited time. Happy online fun trampolining!

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