How Much Does An In-Ground Trampoline Cost: 2 Types of Cost!

Last Updated on March 31, 2021

Now the time has changed, people are more concerned about their backyard spaces. Installing an above-ground trampoline makes your garden space occupied. But they are now being replaced by the nice-looking in-ground trampolines. Also, these trampolines lessen the risk of falling outside from the height when playing even prevent blowing away at the storm. So, in-ground trampolines are a safer option to choose from.

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As a newbie buyer or DIYer, you may be wondering how much does an in-ground trampoline cost. Well, we will clarify their cost so that you can prepare yourself for a great buy. Let’s explore the fact!

All You Should Know About In-Ground Trampoline Cost

How Much Does An In-Ground Trampoline CostJust like other trampolines, in-ground trampolines cost depends on their quality, size, types, and a few more things. Alongside the purchasing cost, there is also added sunken cost in the in-ground trampolines that make them a little bit pricy.

In-Ground Trampoline Purchasing Cost

There are various ranges of trampolines are found nowadays. Our well-known typical trampoline brands can be found in the $300 to $1200 range especially backyard items. Mini trampolines and indoor trampolines come with price tags from $100 to $500 in most cases.

But the in-ground trampolines are pricier than the usual ones for a few practical reasons. Their average price lies between $1000 to $2500. There are few in-ground trampolines also that come with $4000 to $8000 price level. Let’s reveal the cause why are in-ground trampolines so expensive.

First of all, the frame and springs of the in-ground trampoline need to be durable and long-lasting than the traditional ones. For this reason, they are made of galvanized steel that makes the product overpriced. The unique bungee cord padding is used in the in-ground trampolines which makes the products pricy. This padding is easy to put on and off which also prevents you from getting hurt.

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In-ground trampolines size is also a prime cause of their higher costs. Normally, they come with 12ft to 15ft or more sizes that make them high-priced. Another cost issue is material purchasing for making reinforced walls for in-ground trampoline installation.

The in-ground trampolines are low-bouncy that makes them safer than the top-ground trampolines. But the enclosure net is necessary to make them fully safe. You know, most of the in-ground trampolines come without a net. So, you may need to purchase it externally, which is also a cause behind the in-ground trampoline’s higher cost.

In-ground Trampoline Installation Cost

Traditional trampolines can be prepared easily to use but in-ground trampolines installation is time-consuming. The frame of the in-ground trampoline needs to be buried under the ground. That’s why you need to bear extra material and labor costs. You may think now how much does it cost to install an in-ground trampoline.

Generally, a standard size in-ground trampoline installation costs vary from $300 to $1000. Surely, you will agree with me, this’s not very cheap at all. It needs almost 3 hours to dig the hole by one labor and you have to pay $15 to $50 on averagely for an hour.

If you have enough time and energy, then you can complete the whole process by yourself and save some money. But, that’s not so easy. Rather hire any community service to make the process hassle-free. There are available different in-ground trampoline installation services near you, just find out and call them or contact the trampoline company.

You also need a reinforced wall to make your in-ground trampoline stable that is a field of cost to consider. Another expenditure sector is drainage. You don’t want any standing water in the hole. So, there must have well drainage to pass the stagnant water.

Wrap Up

The truth is, the inground trampolines are expensive than most of the traditional trampolines. But it is tough to say exactly how much does an in-ground trampoline cost. It depends on various facts that we discussed earlier. We only mentioned the cost variations here.

In-ground trampolines will give a wonderful look to the backyard and allow you to use the backyard in need of essence. The purchasing and installation costs seem higher, but they are great in many ways. So, invest once and enjoy the benefits for a long!

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