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How Much Does Trampoline Insurance Cost?


How Much Does Trampoline Insurance Cost?

Last Updated on October 5, 2023

No doubt, trampolining is fun for everyone but it poses a high risk of injury. This is why the trampoline is called an attractive nuisance. As different injuries and risks are involved with trampolines, so the insurance rate is quite high when you have a trampoline in the backyard.

Homeowners’ insurances have different policies to protect your properties if they get damaged by any danger. Their policies also cover personal liability as well as medical expenses when someone gets injured. So before purchasing a trampoline you may wonder how much trampoline insurance costs.

Trampoline insurance costs may vary depending on the insurance. So, it’s important to find a good insurance company that covers trampolines. If it covers then talk with the agent about the cost. Here we’ll guide you on trampoline homeowners’ insurance.

Why Trampoline Insurance is Important?

how-much-does-trampoline-insurance-costTrampoline injuries (like back pain) happen more or less. According to a study by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, almost 83,300 victims visit Emergency Rooms due to trampoline injuries. These accidents may cause physical damage as well as financial costs. But if you have insurance that covers the trampoline, you will get some economic support from the insurance company.

No one wants to bear the trampoline injury cost. The trampoline has some risks of injury, so if it is covered by insurance, this will help lessen the extra cost. When kids or guests get injured while jumping on the trampoline, the insurance company will cover the medical expenses.

If a trampoline injury occurs, you can claim medical costs from your insurance company. After reviewing the fact, the company will take necessary action to provide the health care cost.

Will Trampoline Increase Homeowners Insurance?

This depends on the homeowners’ insurance policy. If the insurance doesn’t cover the trampoline or include it with certain conditions, you have to ensure proper safety there. If any accident happens in your trampoline or other playsets, you’ll be liable for that, and in this case, you may owe an extra charge for that. But if your insurance policy includes a trampoline, it won’t increase the insurance cost.

How Much Does Trampoline Insurance Cost?

If the insurance covers the trampoline, the approximate cost may go to $140 per month and $1680 per year. But this may vary depending upon the state laws, your locations, and a few more things. But when trampolines are excluded, there won’t be any charge definitely.

How Trampolines Affect Homeowners’ Insurance

If you own a trampoline for the backyard recently, you should take proper initiatives for safety. You should keep in mind that; your insurance will reflect your purchase. It’s recommended to get a personal umbrella policy (PUP) as raises the liability coverage process after the lawsuit.

But not all insurance will include trampoline risks in their policy. Homeowners’ insurance policies might cover any of the following methods.

Trampolines Are Included in the Policy

If the insurance doesn’t have any exclusion, the trampolines have to be covered in any situation. In this case, you and the guests can jump there without worry. As the insurance will be on your side if accidents happen so you will get full medical expenses after the complaint.

Insurances also cover the trampoline if it gets damaged due to storms, or harsh weather. So, you’ll get the repair or replacement cost from them.

Trampolines Are Covered with Some Certain Conditions

Some insurance will cover your trampoline but they impose some criteria. The policy may include the backyard trampoline or other backyard fun activities like swimming pools, tree houses, slides, diving boards, swing sets, etc.

These policies may give you conditions to put a safety net, pad, etc. But, if you fail to show them the right safety measures, the insurance might be rejected.

Trampolines Are Excluded from the Policy

Not all homeowner insurance will cover your trampoline. Even if you purchase one, they might cancel your policy completely. So, before buying a trampoline checking the policy is important.

A few insurances will allow excluding the trampoline from their policy thus if there are any injuries occur on the trampoline, they won’t be liable for that. In case, if you want to get a trampoline but your current insurance denies it doesn’t be worried there are some insurances that will cover the trampoline, just sort them out.

Which Insurance Providers in the US Allow Trampolines?

Honestly speaking, the majority of the insurance in the United States won’t cover the trampoline due to the high risk of accidents. Still, you’ll get some options that will cover the trampoline. Here are some of them-

  • Amica
  • State Farm
  • Farmers
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Nationwide
  • Allstate
  • Progressive

These insurance companies will include your trampoline in their policies but they might put some exclusions and safety tips.

How to Know Whether Trampolines are Covered or Not?

trampoline-insurance-costSome insurance policies explicitly mention trampoline whether they cover it or not. But if there is no written policy, what will you do then? Ask the insurer directly to get the answer. Before buying a trampoline, you must talk with the insurer.

You can also ask for details if is there any way to include a trampoline under the policy. However, you can also switch the insurance that covers trampolines.

Tips to Avoid Trampoline Insurance Problems

If the insurance company doesn’t cover the trampoline, then there is nothing to do. But when they cover the trampoline in certain conditions you have to follow them such as-

  • A safety net and spring pad are essential.
  • Don’t allow multiple jumpers to jump at once.
  • Children should jump under adult supervision.
  • Don’t exceed the weight limit.
  • Ensure there is enough clearance surrounding the trampoline.
  • Make sure your insurance policies are updated.


How much does trampoline insurance cost? In general, it costs around $140 per month but exactly depends on the insurance policy itself. If you already have a trampoline or want to purchase one soon, it’s important to know whether your homeowner’s insurance company covers it or not.

And you should go for homeowners’ insurance that will cover the trampoline as this will support the medical and health expenses in case any trampoline injury occurs there.

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