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How to Clean a Trampoline: A Definite Guideline!

How to Clean a Trampoline

How to Clean a Trampoline: A Definite Guideline!

Last Updated on January 25, 2023

You may have a top-rated well-built trampoline in your backyard but without proper cleaning, your favorite trampoline cannot have satisfactory longevity. Before you jump to cleaning your trampoline it is always better to have adequate information on how to clean a trampoline.

Otherwise, you may end up using the wrong technique and creating severe damage to the jumping mat or other parts of the trampoline.

When we say cleaning the trampoline is very necessary, most people think only about jumping mat cleaning. Some may also think about the enclosure net cleaning. But with those parts, you have to take care of the frame and springs as well.

In the following discussion, we will mention the most important things while cleaning every part of the trampoline and address the wrong things as well.

How to Clean a Trampoline

Why You Should Clean the Trampoline

How to Clean a TrampolineSince you have a trampoline you already know how great your trampoline is for fun and entertainment. And everybody would like to clean the trampoline and ensure a longer life. There are various types of trampolines, but the cleaning process is almost the same for all.

Cleaning the trampoline is like sharpening your knife or oiling your car. It may take some time but that’s really worth it. With proper cleaning, your trampoline will look new. Most importantly, the trampoline will accompany you for a longer period.

Moreover, a clean trampoline is safer than a dirty one. The jumper won’t be hurt by the stones or pebbles. Cleaning a trampoline is such a great habit that, every responsible trampoline owner should adopt this.

When You Should Clean the Trampoline

It is better to clean the trampoline on a regular basis. But it is mandatory to clean your trampoline after leaving it for a while. You should never jump on a dirty trampoline. It is harmful to both the jumpers and the trampoline mat.

During winter, if your trampoline remains outside, you should always clean the snow after each storm or heavy snowfall. This way, your jumping mat will be protected. During summer, try to protect your trampoline from the heavy sun. You can place the trampoline in an optimum location. It is better to cover your trampoline with UV protected option.

Best Time for Cleaning the Trampoline

While cleaning the trampoline with water, make sure you will get the warmest part of a sunny day after cleaning. This way you can easily dry your trampoline. For the same reason, don’t clean your trampoline with water on a rainy or cloudy day.

During winter, you should not clean with water. Otherwise, water could freeze on the trampoline if not dried properly. The main thing is cleaning the trampoline very often. Use water when you can dry the trampoline properly.

Must have Equipment Before Cleaning a Trampoline


Before cleaning your trampoline, you must have the necessary equipment. Using the wrong equipment will damage the trampoline. For cleaning the trampoline, the necessary equipment is,

  • Long-handled soft broom
  • Preferred-sized brush and dustpan
  • Soft scrubbing brush
  • Standard size bucket
  • Warm soapy water
  • Water hose
  • Cleaning towels

How to Clean Your Trampoline

Before Cleaning a Trampoline

Before starting the cleaning, you must have to remove the enclosure net first. Also, you should remove all other additional accessories from the trampolines like a basketball hoop, FlexrHoop, etc. Then you can start cleaning.

How to Clean a Trampoline Mat

The jumping mat is the heart of a trampoline. That’s why you have to clean the trampoline mat with time and dedication. Once you have cleaned the mat properly, other things like the enclosure net, springs, and frames cleaning will not cost much time.

Cleaning the Mat Surface

Cleaning Solution

For making the perfect cleaning solution, fill the bucket with lukewarm water, and add 30mL (two tablespoons) soap powder or dish detergent into it. Mix well and the cleaning solution is ready for application.


Before applying water or cleaning solution on the mat, you have to clear all the dry dirt like small twigs, leaves, stones, pebbles, etc. Use the broom, brush, and dustpan to remove all the loose dirt properly. You may think why waste time sweeping and want to hose the mat and remove all dirt? Before doing such a thing, know that applying water without cleaning the primary dust is suicidal.

The dust and sand, other loose elements will stick to the mat once you apply water. And then it will take much more time to clean the mat completely. So sweep first. Follow the steps properly and your trampoline will have a fresh look, we promise.

While sweeping the mat, try to cover the spring pad and springs as well. You should use a soft broom. The hard broom may damage the spring pad and mat as well. But take care if there is any dirt left under the spring pad.



After sweeping away dirt from the mat, your trampoline will look better. If you inspect properly then, you will find some bird poops, mud, and other unwanted dirt attached to the mat. For this, you have to apply water. One of the smartest ways of applying water is using a water pipe with a hose attachment.

With a hose pipe, you can apply water with certain power and thus most of the dirt attachments will be removed from the mat. If you have a garden or a car or both, this hose pipe will help you to clean them also. It will be great if you can angle the trampoline slightly before applying water. This way the water can drain naturally and quickly.

While applying water you can clean the springs and frames as well. If they are not galvanized dry them as soon as possible. Before applying water remove the enclosure net and spring pad.


If there is no dirt left after sweeping and hosing, there is no need to apply soap water and scrub the mat. Otherwise, you have to apply the soap and water and scrub the mat gently. Apply and scrub gradually and cover all over the mat. Beware of using a chemical or hard brush to scrub. They may severely damage the jumping mat.

Rinsing the Mat

Once you have applied soap water and properly scrubbed the mat, you have to rinse the mat. You can again use the hose pipe to clear the soap water and dirt from the trampoline mat. Rinse the mat till there is no bubble appearing from the mat.

Drying the Trampoline Mat

You can dry the mat in the sun. But we will suggest you dry the mat with a long soft towel first and then leave it to dry in the sun. This way the mat will dry fast.

Things You Must Keep in Mind

  • You shouldn’t use a hard loom or scrubbing brush
  • Don’t apply any chemicals for cleaning the jumping mat
  • Scrub gently, don’t hurry
  • Have enough patience while cleaning the trampoline

How to Clean the Safety Pad

A safety pad or trampoline pad is a really very important part of trampolines. It removes the dangerous gap between the springs and the jumping mat. They are almost similar to jumping mats with some differences. Jumping mats are elastic while the spring pad or safety pad has mainly foam with a cover.

The cleaning process of a spring pad is as same as cleaning the mat. But you have to take care of the area where the pad is connected to the frame and jumping mat. Dust and debris mainly gather here.

How to Clean Trampoline Safety Net

Nowadays, all top-quality trampolines like the inground ones come with a safety net. This net prevents the jumper from falling off while jumping and protects them from a heavy injury like hurting their back whilst trampolining. You can clean the safety net using your hands.

The best way is to hang the net and rinse it with your hose pipe. If necessary, you can scrub but make sure there is no soap water left after rinsing. Safety nets are hard enough but they can tear if you apply extreme pressure while cleaning. So take proper care while cleaning.

How to Clean the Frame, Springs, and Ladder

Just like cleaning the mat, you can clean the frame, springs, and ladder with soap water, and a scrubbing brush. Cleaning these parts regularly and properly is very important. If springs get rusted, your trampoline will have a shorter life. The same goes for the frame. So you have to inspect the springs and frame properly and remove if there is any rust. Don’t forget to dry them as soon as possible.

Clean Rust from Trampoline Springs

If you find rust on springs, make sure to mark them. This way you can easily find out the rusted springs. You can mark the area with simple tape. Rust is really dangerous for the springs. So you should inspect every now and then and clear the rust if there is any.

To clean the rust, you can apply any rust cleaner. And we would suggest you apply the homemade mixture to clean the rust. To make the rust-cleaning mixture, you will need some salt and lime or lemon. Take a half cup of salt and juice from a few limes or lemons. Mix contents until a paste is formed.

Once the mixture is finished, take away the rusted springs from the frame and apply the paste to the rusty places. Leave them for two to three hours. Then use an old toothbrush to scrub off the rust. After scrubbing off all the rust, rinse and dry properly.

If the rust has penetrated really deep, you should replace them with a new one. This will hardly happen if you clean your trampoline properly and regularly.

Apply Rust Protection Jelly on Springs

After removing rust, you can apply petroleum jelly to keep the springs lubricated and free from rust. Or you can spray rust protection on them. You should remove the springs from the fame and jumping mat before applying rust protection spray. Because this spray may harm the jumping mat.

Clearing Rust from Frame and Ladder

The process is the same as clearing rust from springs.

How to Clean Tree Sap Off a Trampoline

When you place your trampoline in the backyard your trampoline encounters many unwanted things. One of them is tree sap which is most probably one of the most annoying things. Tree sap is sticky and seems quite impossible to be completely cleared from the mat. And many trampoline owners are really afraid to try to remove the sap whether the mat is damaged in the cleaning process.

Our above-mentioned steps are enough to clear the tree sap. If that doesn’t help much you can try with hot water and a sponge. The hot water softens the sap and you can scrub it away. Such a gentle approach will hardly damage the jumping mat since the mat is made of hard materials.

If hot water doesn’t help either, you should go for rubbing alcohol. The most available source of rubbing alcohol is hand sanitizers. You can apply them to the sap and hopefully, it will be removed with gentle scrubbing.

How to Clean Mold Off a Trampoline

Mold is a type of fungus that thrives on moisture. If you use a trampoline cover in winter, moisture will get trapped under the cover and mold will form there. If this happens with your trampoline don’t panic. Clean the trampoline properly before use. A good trampoline brand will offer top-quality materials. As a result, it will demand less maintenance.

You can remove the mold with hot soapy water and a soft scrubbing brush. Or you can simply use pressure water with a low-pressure option. Using a power washer is the easiest way to remove any type of mold from the trampoline.

How to Clean Snow Off a Trampoline

Since it is recommended to leave your trampoline open without any cover you will have to clean the trampoline after each storm or heavy snowfall. Don’t let snow pile on your jumping mat. Though mats are heavy enough to bear the weight of heavy snowfall you should not take any chance.

Rather you should remove the snow from time to time.  Another technique can be moving the trampoline before the snowfall and making the cleaning process easy.

As we have said earlier, a soft broom is a perfect tool to clear the snow from the jumping mat. Don’t use a shovel or sharp tools. They may seriously damage your jumping mat.

How to Clean Water Trampoline

Water trampolines remain wet most of the time. So they are more vulnerable to bacteria, algae, and mold if left wet and uncleaned. You should avoid harsh cleaners while cleaning water trampolines. We suggest warm soap water and a soft scrubbing brush for cleaning the water trampoline. The special PVC fabrics of water trampolines should be cleaned regularly and properly.

While cleaning the water trampoline if you find any holes, rips in the surface, or other parts of the trampoline, fix them before using the trampoline again.

How Often You Should Clean the Trampoline

You should always take care of the trampoline. If you clean it after regular intervals that will be the best practice. And after leaving your trampoline for a while, you must clean it before use. You can apply the deep cleaning process a couple of times throughout the year. But you should sweep the mat whenever there is dust or snow accumulated.

How Often the Trampoline Parks Are Cleaned

Since trampoline parks opened by various companies fall in the public domain, the workers need to clean the park daily. And they have to use special bacterial sprays. Otherwise, allergy or infection may occur to the jumpers, especially to the kids.

Some Important Things on How to Clean a Trampoline

  • During winter it is better to disassemble the trampoline and store it in a dry place
  • If you are confident enough about the sturdiness of the trampoline, you can leave it open outside. Don’t use a trampoline cover in winter. It will trap the moisture
  • While leaving the trampoline outside, remove the safety net from the poles. You can leave the net on the mat
  • Never use a hard brush or sharp tools to clean the trampoline
  • Inspect the trampoline very often and take necessary steps if necessary

Final Words

Since trampolines cost a handsome investment (including insurance costs) you should take the necessary steps to keep your trampoline clean. Every small step taken for your trampoline will add to the lifetime of your favorite bouncer. If you follow our instructions, you will end up with a fresh trampoline with a sound life. Take care!

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