How to Fix A Hole in A Trampoline by Trampoline Patching: 5 Best Trampoline Repairing Kit and Ways Explained!

Last Updated on April 18, 2021

A good quality trampoline can give year-round service for the family. But, if there is a hole or tear on the mat, jumping on it will be devastating. Fortunately, the matter of relief is that hole in a trampoline mat can be repaired using a trampoline patching and repairing kit. But, you have to learn first, how to fix a hole in a trampoline.

In this article, we’ll cover the topic in detail. Also, we’ll introduce you to the best trampoline repair kits so that you can easily get one to repair the trampoline hole by yourself. So dive in!

Best Trampoline Repairing Kit Comparison Table

GEAR AID Tenacious Tape Ripstop Repair Tape for Fabric and Vinyl, 3” x 20”, Off-White, 2 Pack, Clear, Model:10646
Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape, 4" x 10', White (Pack of 1)
Tear-Aid Fabric Repair Kit, Gold Box Type A, Single
Park Tool GP-2 Pre-Glued Super Patch Puncture Repair Kits (Pair)
Trampoline Mat Repair Kit - Repair Holes or Tears -Glue on Patches
Size (inch)
3 X 20
4 X 10
3 X 12, 7/8 X 7/8, 1&3/8 X 1 &3/8, 12
1 1/16 X 1 1/16
8 X 8
UV resistant
GEAR AID Tenacious Tape Ripstop Repair Tape for Fabric and Vinyl, 3” x 20”, Off-White, 2 Pack, Clear, Model:10646
Size (inch)
3 X 20
UV resistant
Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape, 4" x 10', White (Pack of 1)
Size (inch)
4 X 10
UV resistant
Tear-Aid Fabric Repair Kit, Gold Box Type A, Single
Size (inch)
3 X 12, 7/8 X 7/8, 1&3/8 X 1 &3/8, 12
UV resistant
Park Tool GP-2 Pre-Glued Super Patch Puncture Repair Kits (Pair)
Size (inch)
1 1/16 X 1 1/16
UV resistant
Trampoline Mat Repair Kit - Repair Holes or Tears -Glue on Patches
Size (inch)
8 X 8
UV resistant

How Hole In A Trampoline Mat Develops?

Trampoline mat holes may be created in several ways. The basic reasons are-

  • Falling heavy items over the mat. It may happen due to heavy winds when tree branches fall on the trampoline.
  • If someone jumps there with sharp elements like the boot or blade, the tear may be developed.
  • Sometimes cigarettes can also burn the trampoline bed.
  • After using a long time, the mat might tear due to exposure to the sun, wind, or rain.

When & Why Trampoline Hole Repairing is Necessary?


The trampoline mat hole might be small or big. If the hole is smaller than 0.2 inches, it can be left until the edges are frayed. When the hole size is below 1 inch, you can repair it by yourself using basic sewing skills. If the hole is greater than 1 inch, it should be patched with a repairing kit. If you don’t have an interest in this, you can hire a professional.

We recommend you fix the trampoline mat hole as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be hazardous to jump especially for kids. If you allow jumping over a hole mat, it will develop over time that will lead to replacing the mat completely which is a massive loss of money.

In general, if there is one hole, you can easily repair the mat with a top trampoline repairing kit, and when the number of holes is more than one you can consult with a pro or replace it.

Tools & Accessories to Fix Trampoline Hole

Before moving on to the trampoline mat hole repairing, it’s necessary to collect all the necessary items. Different methods need dissimilar items but most of the required tools and materials are almost the same. Several most common items are scissors, razor blades, tape measure, lighter, chalk, needle, thread, pin, sewing machine, patch, extra tarp cloth, etc.

5 Effective Ways to Fix Hole in Trampoline

So, you are eagerly waiting to know the ultimate hacks to fix a hole in a trampoline first. Let’s disclose 5 effective trampoline holes and rips repairing methods.

Method 1: Adhesive Patches

An adhesive patch is an easiest and most popular way to repair a trampoline mat hole. But this works only for smaller holes. Most of the adhesive patch kits come in round or oval shape.

Below, we’ll cover how to repair a trampoline hole step by step in detail.

Step 1: Identify and Mark the Tear or Hole

In the beginning, find the tear or hole in the mat. Using your chalk mark around the holes by circles. If there are multiple holes do it for all.

Step 2: Cut Wider Patch Than the Hole

Open the patch box and cut the patch around 2 inches wider than the diameter of holes using scissors. This will give some room to overlap.

Step 3: Cut Same Sized Tarp Like Patch

In this stage, take the extra tarp and measure the dimension of the cutting patch using a tape measure or ruler. Then cut the same size tarp patch similar to the patching kit that is already cut. This step is not compulsory at all times.

Step 4: Pin the Patch and Sew Patches with Mat

Take some pins to hold the cutting patch in place to fill up the hole. After that, using needle and thread stitch the patch ends to extend tear resistance. Cross stitch and whip stitch are two popular stitches in this regard.

You can also use embroider to make patches stronger using cross stitches. You can do this on both sides. This is not a mandatory step.

Step 5: Clean the Hole Area & Patch

Then using a damp cloth clean the hole surroundings and the patch surface for further process.

Step 6: Gluing the Hole

After completing the above steps, glue over and around the hole and patch. Make sure the glue is more than 1.5 mm thicker and 5-10 mm wider around the hole.

Step 7: Attach Patch with Mat

Then attach the mat and patch by pressing 1 to 2 minutes. Be sure, both surfaces are in contact completely. After that leave the patching around 12 to 24 hours to let it dry, settle and harden.

Some experts use lighter or match to slow down the fraying in the future in the sewn area. In this case, you have to run the lighter along the perimeter of the edges of patches.

Method 2: Sew-On Replacement Patches

Another way to repair a mat hole is to sew a patch onto the hole. It is quite complicated but provides better results for a long. Most trampoline repair kits include several UV-resistant patch sheets made of canvas, heavy-duty thread, and durable needles.

At first, trim the replacement patch in a round shape. Make sure, it is more than 2 inches wider than the hole. Then place the patch on the hole and sew directly with the mat. Tighten the thread to enhance stability. And teamwork eases up the task and gives you a better result. Most patches come with an instruction guide on how to sew the patches to fix the trampoline hole. Don’t overlook to follow this.

Method 3: Flex-Tape Repair

If you need quick repairing, the flex-tape method is very effective. They come in different sizes and colors. The GEAR AID is a good example in this regard.

GEAR AID Tenacious Tape Nylon Repair Tape for Fabric and Vinyl, 3” x 20”, Black
  • Fix rips and holes fast with an ultra-strong, peel-and-stick repair tape that requires no heat or sewing; ideal for use on tents, tarps, jackets, vinyl furniture, and more
  • Apply Tenacious Tape to almost anything with its aggressive adhesive that bonds permanently to nylon, mesh, vinyl, rubber and plastic; not recommended for seams, denim, cotton, or natural fabrics
  • Make a washable repair sealed with this repair tape featuring a waterproof coating that won’t peel off over time; available in 3”x20” strip
  • Use the nylon fabric (black, red and colors), ripstop fabric (green and gray), and clear vinyl for nearly invisible repairs
  • Packaging may vary

You can use this in dry, wet, even underwater. The process includes applying the flex tape on the tear of the trampoline hole on both the front and back-side. Then seal with the flex spray. And finally, let it dry.

Method 4: Using A Sewing Machine

This way is applied when the hole is a bit large like 3 to 4 inches. It’s hard to find good patches for such a big hole. But the sewing machine will help to fix the mat hole.

Firstly, detach the mat from the spring. Once your mat is detached, bring it to the sewing machine. Before starting sewing, make sure, you set up a large and strong needle with heavy-duty UV-resistant thread. Run tight and strong jig-jag stitches over the hole or tear to ensure stitch stability.

This method is quite time-consuming but helpful when patches or repairing kits fail to work.

Method 5: Hire A Professional

When the trampoline has holes beyond 3 to 4 inches, then the repairing kit won’t work. So, call a local trampoline repair professional before replacing the mat. There are also several trampoline repairing services near you, contact a reliable one.

If you are not comfortable in trampoline patching or don’t have enough time, you can call a pro as well even the hole is too small. He/she can help you in repairing the mat more effectively.

Several Tips to Avoid Mat Holes

  • Install the trampoline away from the tree branch
  • Take sharp items and shoes off before jumping
  • Don’t allow overweight on the mat
  • Cover the mat on the hot summer day
  • Use UV protected spray at the beginning of the sunniest days
  • Clean mat routine wise to remove dirt, birds’ poop
  • Don’t allow smoking while jumping
  • Take apart the mat during the winter
  • Use right size springs

5 Best Trampoline Repair Kits for Repairing Trampoline Holes

Different trampoline repairing kits are used to fix trampoline mat holes. Out there, we have reviewed the 5 best trampoline patching. Let’s read the review and get your most suitable option!

01. GEAR AID Tenacious Repair Tape


If you are looking for the best repairing kit for the trampoline, we highly recommend the Tenacious Tape by GEAR AID. As most trampoline mats have vinyl fabric materials so this adhesive works well. It is available with various color that allows choosing the right matching one with your trampoline mat. This gives fast rips and hole fixing.

GEAR AID 3×20 inch strip will create a washable and waterproof coating. The peel-and-stick repair tape provides strong and no heat or sewing repairing. This aggressive adhesive will bond permanently to rubber, vinyl, plastic, nylon, and mesh. Either you want to repair a trampoline mat or spring pad, this repairing kit will do it well. This repairing tape also helps to fix other products like tents, jackets, tarps, etc.


  • Waterproof and washable patching
  • No stitch and heat required
  • Fast and strong holes repair
  • Available in different colors
  • Cheap trampoline repairing kit


  • Not good for denim, seams, cotton or natural fabric

Check on Amazon

02. Gorilla Patch & Seal Waterproof Tape


If you need a high-end patch for a trampoline hole, the Gorilla Patch & Seal Tape will be a great choice. This is a permanent bond that seals instantly either indoor or outdoor for home, camping, marine, and more. It can be used even underwater. It comes with an extra thick layer of adhesives that gives UV-resistant performance.

Gorilla Seal Tape is made from Low-Density Polyethylene. This sealing tape has 2x more tape than 5 ft flexible tapes. The 4×10 inch Gorilla repair kit is available in white and black color. This waterproof patch can be applied to hot and cold weather from 70°F to 200°F to varieties of materials such as wood, vinyl, PVC, metal, acrylic, etc. It will be great patching to fix trampoline holes and tears.


  • UV resistant
  • Permanent bond
  • Thick layer patch
  • Instantly seals out air, water, and moisture
  • Waterproof patch


  • Don’t adhere to water-repellent or silicone
  • Quite pricey than others

Check on Amazon

03. TEAR-AID Fabric Repair Patch


The mats of most kids’ trampolines are made from fabric for safety reasons. When it gets ripped, the best way is to repair it with TEAR-AID Repair Kit as this is particularly made for fabric material. This patching creates an excellent protective film on the tears and holes. It is matte finish, tough, elastomer, abrasion resistant that provides tearing and puncture protection.

TEAR-AID Type A Fabric patching works well to varieties of materials such as nylon, fabrics, canvas, plastics, rubber, polyethylene, polypropylene, neoprene, polyurethane, acrylics, fiberglass, aluminum, polyester, and many more. This 3×12 inch tape can be used in any shape. It is a fast repairing process where no glue is needed. And the UV-resistant kit resists the patch color fading years after years.


  • Suitable for fabric and lots of other materials
  • Self-adhesive repair kit
  • Invisible repair
  • UV resistant patch


  • Tiny patch repair
  • Works well only in fabric

Check on Amazon

04. Park Tool Pre-Glued Super Patch


Another expert’s choice repairing kit for the holes of the trampoline is Park Tool GP-2 Pre-Glued Super Patch. This is a self-adhesive patch that doesn’t need any sew and heat. Each box contains 6 waterproof patch that gives outstanding performance for long. So 2 kits come with 12 patches in total.

This rectangular puncture repair kit sticks any shape especially vinyl and fabric jumping bed. The Park Tool Super Patch is good for covering small holes, not for the big holes. Sometimes, you may need sandpaper, this is also included in the package. This repairing patch will make kids’ trampoline safe to use eliminating holes and tears.


  • Waterproof patching
  • Self-adhesive repair
  • 12 patches and sandpaper included
  • Comes with sandpaper


  • Not ideal for large holes
  • Lose adhesion with time

Check on Amazon

5. PATCH BOND Formula-X Trampoline Mat Repair Kit


Our last but not the least trampoline mat patch is the Formula–X PATCH BOND. It works well up to 2-inch holes and 3 ½ inch tears. This is a larger 8×8 inch diagonal cut repairing kit made of Permatron material. It allows you to cut multiple patches for your need. The instruction manual is really helpful for newbies as it explains the process elaborately.

PATCH BOND comes with two ounces of special black marine glue and brush. The glue is waterproof and has good tensile strength that makes the mat outstanding durable. Although this repairing patch is made for small holes, still you can use this for larger holes but you have to stitch the mat well before that.


  • Large patch
  • Glue and brush included
  • Prematron material ensures durability
  • Comes with clear instructions


  • Works well for small holes

Check on Amazon

Things to Consider Before Patching Trampoline Holes

  • Depending upon mat material, choose the repair kit
  • Get waterproof and UV resistant tape
  • Clean the surface before applying the patch
  • Make sure, tape and mat are in complete contact
  • If there is glue, shake the bottle well before applying
  • Read the product’s instructions carefully

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of holes & tears in trampoline mats?

Several widely found mat holes and tears are- the hole in the middle, small impact hole, fraying mat at edges, broken D ring, stitching coming undone, burn small hole, long burn mark, grazed mat, pulled thread in the mat, and much more.

Which is the most effective way to fix the trampoline mat?

Well, fixing trampoline holes with the repairing kits is the best and effective way if the hole is not too big.

Can I use a trampoline repair kit to repair my trampoline spring pad?

Not all the time. The trampoline mat and trampoline pad are made from dissimilar materials. Trampoline mat repairing kit is solely reserved for it. But some patches allow use for both.

Should I patch either on both sides or front only?

It depends on repairing patch quality and type. In general, both side patches give better output.

How to repair a trampoline safety net?

There are two main ways to repair a trampoline net- patch repair and duct tape. In both ways, removing the net is essential. You need two pitches of patching for the front and backside. Stitch thoroughly with the good thread along the edges of patches. You can do it either by hand or sewing machine.

If you want to use duct tape, use it on both sides as well. The duct tape method is not very stable. Moreover, you have to use multiple layers to secure repair. If the net needs too much repair, replacement might be needed. In this case, the measurement of the trampoline is necessary.


Fixing a trampoline hole is not a hard job. The most challenging part is to find out the best repairing kit for the trampoline. However, we made it easy with the reviews of best patching for trampolines. Now your task is to pick the most suitable repairing kit from the above 5 options. And follow the manufacturer’s instructions to complete the task.

If you face any difficulty contact an expert and get the solution. So, you know now how to fix a trampoline hole by patching. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the DIY task.

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