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How to Make A DIY Trampoline Wrestling Ring: 9 Super Easy Steps!


How to Make A DIY Trampoline Wrestling Ring: 9 Super Easy Steps!

Last Updated on October 5, 2023

Who doesn’t love WWE? But not everyone can afford professional wrestling rings as they’re very expensive. Don’t worry you can do it at a cheap price in several ways. A backyard trampoline is an ideal thing to build a wrestling ring easily without much comfort. A DIY trampoline wrestling ring is an affordable way compared to buying a pre-assembled wrestling ring. The techniques are not too difficult, you can do it using some simple tricks.

Today, we’ll teach you how to make a trampoline wrestling ring easily. Before we move the DIY guidelines, let’s know first which tools you need to convert the trampoline into a trampoline wrestling ring.

Necessary Tools & Accessories

You might need several important things to make a trampoline wrestling ring such as-

  • 4 large wooden posts or PVC pipes
  • A large cloth piece
  • Non-stretch ropes
  • A staple gun
  • Several pads or pillows
  • Plastic fasteners
  • Shoelaces
  • Hooks with screws

Keep in mind, how much of these tools and equipment you require to complete the DIY process varies from trampoline to trampoline. Thus, we didn’t mention that in the above list.

Step-by-Step Guide on DIY Trampoline Wrestling Ring


While making a wrestling ring around the trampoline. Make sure, you don’t do any damage to the trampoline. So when doing the process, don’t attach anything with the trampoline to avoid trampoline harm. Let’s start the process.

Step 1:  Set Up the Trampoline

Before setting up the wrestling ring on the trampoline, it’s important to install the trampoline first if it isn’t installed yet. The trampoline setup may vary with the trampoline model. Read the manufacturer’s guidelines and follow the steps. Make sure the trampoline bed is leveled well.

Step 2:  Dig Holes to Secure the Poles

Now mark pinpoint locations to set the posts of the wrestling ring. No matter what the trampoline style is, choose the locations of the post to make the ring square or rectangle. Then dig at least 1-foot deep holes in that spots. The poles should be strong enough for better safety and protection.

Step 3:  Place the Poles

Next, you’ve to put the wooden wrestling posts in the desired places around the trampoline. The posts should be more than 6 to 8 feet above the ground. Now secure the poles in the ground and be sure they won’t move under pressure. To extend the stability of the poles, you can fasten them with trampoline legs.

Instead of wooden poles, you can also use PVC pipes as posts. The process is almost the same. In this case, you have to use plastic fasteners to stable the pipes. Usually, you need 4 to 5 fasteners for each PVC pipe.

Step 4:  Drill Holes for Adding Ropes


Now you have to make three holes in each pole maintaining a 1.5 ft height from each. In these holes, you have to attach ropes to enclose the trampoline. So, first of all, mark three points on all the poles using a knife. Then drill there to create holes. Make sure, the holes are the same size, height, and depth.

Step 5:  Attach Hooks

After that, screw the turnbuckle hooks in each hole facing toward the trampoline. You can also use bolts instead of hooks. It’s also important to secure both sides of the hooks by the washer. Also, add S-rings to the bolts or hooks and check whether they are secured or not. Also, add a circular ring on each side. You can use springs instead of S-rings.

Step 6:  Tie Ropes

Then tie ropes with the same height S-rings of the poles to enclose the whole trampoline properly. Make sure the ropes are tight enough. So, the trampoline’s wrestling ring is almost ready. Now, you have to add some safety features.

Step 7:  Add Pads

In this stage, you have to attach pads or pillows with each turnbuckle hook. This will enhance safety if wrestlers get hit with hooks. Shoelaces will be handy here to fasten pads with turnbuckle hooks. You can also add soft cloth on ropes to make the ropes padded well so they won’t hurt you.

Step 8:  Staple the Cloth

This is an additional stage. If you want to want to add aesthetic looks to the trampoline, you can cover the lower section of the trampoline and poles to give an original WWE wrestling ring appearance. Using a staple gun, you can easily add these covers to the trampoline’s lower part and poles.

Step 9:  Final Check

So, the trampoline wrestling ring is now ready to go. But before making it live, test whether everything is okay or not. So, allow several older kids to practice wrestling for at least 10 minutes and check everything is okay when kids fall on pole hooks. Some parts of the rings might be loosened during the trial period. If this happens, tighten them to make the ring durable enough.

Bonus Tips to Consider on DIY Trampoline Wrestling Ring


The above-mentioned process may vary a bit from trampoline model to model. However, you can follow some tricks to make the wrestling ring durable and safe.

  • If you want you can add steel, PVC pipes, aluminum, etc, rather than wood to avoid short-time corrosion.
  • Fill the poles’ ground holes with clay or cement instead of dirt. This will enhance the stability of the posts.
  • You can use old tires inside of the posts so they can withstand the impact when wrestling. Also, add a plywood layer over the tires to make this cushioning.
  • Consider the overall weight limit of the wrestling ring.
  • Before each play check all the posts, ropes, and trampoline are in good health.


Making a trampoline wrestling ring isn’t very hard to do. It requires some basic work that anyone can do following the above-mentioned guidelines. This DIY method is a cheap option compared to buying full wrestling rings. The homemade wrestling court is also an effortless and time-saving process.

If you love wrestling, you shouldn’t wait for more to turn your trampoline into a trampoline wrestling ring. So make your wrestling ring from the trampoline within your budget.

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