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The Definitive Guide on How to Measure A Trampoline Easily & Accurately


The Definitive Guide on How to Measure A Trampoline Easily & Accurately

Last Updated on January 25, 2023

Trampoline parts wear out due to exposure to rain, sun, snow, and some other facts. Jumping on a faulty trampoline may cause severe injuries like back pain that nobody expects. So, the defective or broken parts need to be replaced soon to avoid any possible injury.

Before replacing the part, a vital thing is to know the actual dimension of the faulty part so that you can purchase the right size. That’s why learning how to measure a trampoline comes in handy.

Below we’ll explain the process of measuring the trampoline’s major replacement parts such as mat, spring, net, pad, etc. Reading this article, you can easily measure your trampoline size by yourself. Let’s get started.

Why Accurate Trampoline Measurement is Necessary?

Safety Comes First


If you plan to replace single or several parts of a trampoline, the old parts should be measured precisely. The more accurate the measurement will be, the more right you can choose the new parts for your trampoline.

However, if you fail to measure them correctly, there is a high chance to be failed to choose the perfect size parts. And installing an inaccurate part can be a reason for serious accidents. So, don’t overlook the easy task. Otherwise, it will be a reason for your misery.

Inaccurate Part Won’t Provide Good Exercise

You need the exact size of the frame, springs, or other parts for enjoying wonderful bouncing. For example, an overtight or loosen mat mightn’t give you good exercise. Therefore, you will not able to burn calories as you wish.

It’s Money & Time Issue

If you install the wrong dimension trampoline part, this will be a waste of money and time as you can’t continue this long. So, invest in the right size part of the trampoline.

Things Needed to Measure A Trampoline


Trampoline measurement is an easy task that anyone can do. Usually, one person can do the job. However, when measuring trampoline frames, mats, or other large parts, take help from another person. The accessories that are required for measuring a trampoline size are measuring tape or ruler, paper and pen, spring puller, etc.

Trampoline Measuring Guide to Replace Trampoline Parts

Trampoline’s most frequent replacement parts are a mat, spring, spring pad, net, etc. So, let’s know, how you measure a trampoline before replacing its parts.

How to Measure Trampoline Mats

how to measure trampoline mat

While measuring the trampoline mat, measure it from frame to frame. Never measure mat-to-mat distance, as the mat stretches over time. But you can measure the mat diameter to get a quick but slightly wrong size. For accurate measurement, go for frame measurement.

The detailed process is discussed in the subsequent section. But the process may vary a bit according to trampoline shapes and types. Let’s break down the ways how to measure a trampoline mat.

Round Trampolines

The round shape trampoline’s mat size measurement is very easy compared to other shapes. It can be done through several steps.

Place a ruler or tape measure on the trampoline frame. Measure the diameter of the frame straight across to the opposite end. Do it at least three times from different sides and figure out the average value. And note down the data with the respective unit.

Now measure the mat (fabric) diameter from the fabric-to-fabric end excluding the V-rings of the spring and record the average value. Also, measure the spring length and count down the V-rings or number of springs.

Square & Rectangular Trampolines

To measure a rectangular trampoline mat, you have to measure the length and width. On the other hand, square trampolines’ length and width are the same. Let’s see how to measure their mat dimension.

Measure the length and width of the rectangular trampoline’ frame from the outer sides and write down the average value. So, by measuring either the length or width, you will get the square trampoline’s frame size.

Measure the length and width of the mat size. Also, measure the spring length and count the number of total springs.

Oval Trampolines

Oval shape trampoline is not completely round. So, it needs a few more measurements than the round trampoline.

Firstly, measure the longest side of the frame from the outer side. Then, measure the smallest side space. Then measure the actual mat-side in the same way. Now, measure the spring length and count the spring number.

Complex Shapes

Measuring the frame and mat size to any complicated shape trampoline (like hexagonal, octagonal, etc) is much more difficult than the regular shape trampolines.

If you need to measure an octagonal or other compound shape trampoline mat and frame, you have to do it diagonally. Measure the frame length diagonally from one outer end to its opposite end. Then following the same way measure the mat size. Also, determine the spring length and cast up the number of springs.

The following video will help you understand how you measure a trampoline.


How to Measure Trampoline Springs

how to measure trampoline springs

Spring is an essential part of the trampoline. Sometimes one or several springs replacement may be needed, so how to measure trampoline springs?

Dismantle one or several springs using a spring puller from the hook end. Then measure the length using a ruler. After that, count the number of springs that you want to replace. If you feel to replace all the springs altogether, take them apart and count down the number of the total spring.

When measuring a spring’s length, make sure it’s not stretched enough. If it enlarges extremely, don’t include it in your measurement. Truly, all the springs stretch more or less over time. However, find out the small stretched one. And while buying the spring, consider the stretching. You can also contact the manufacturer to know the exact size.

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How to Measure A Trampoline Net

how to measure trampoline net

Do you want to replace the old trampoline net with a new one? If yes, knowing how to measure a trampoline for a replacement net is very important for you. Don’t worry, by following the steps you can do it easily.

For the round trampoline, measure the frame diameter. Next, find out the number of poles on the enclosure. Also, measure the height of the pole so you can understand how high the net will be.

If you have other shapes of the trampoline, measure the circumference of the trampoline frame instead of the diameter. Measure pole number and height as usual. Also, consider the trampoline net door and zipper as well while measuring the trampoline net size.

How to Measure A Trampoline Pad

how to measure trampoline pad

Trampoline pads work as spring covers to protect jumpers from the direct hit of springs and frames. Typically, spring pad measurement varies with the trampoline’s shape. Let’s reveal how you measure the trampoline spring cover.

This is very simple and almost similar to measuring a trampoline mat. Measure the outer edge to outer edge diameter of the frame. Also, measure the mat dimension. By subtracting the frame diameter from the mat diameter, you will get the width of the spring pad.

And frame diameter tells which size pads will fit your trampoline. You can also measure the frame’s outer end to the bed edge to get the width of the frame pad.

The process may vary a bit for dissimilar shapes of the trampoline but the main concept will remain almost the same.

How to Measure Trampoline Poles

Poles provide support to trampoline enclosures. Sometimes basketball hoop is also attached to trampoline poles or enclosure nets. If you want to make a clubhouse over the trampoline, poles will be handy. But sometimes you may need to replace the poles. Measurement of poles is very easy. As poles are straight metal frames, so using a tape measure or ruler you will get the length easily.

Things to Remember while Measuring A Trampoline Size

Several things will help you to measure the trampoline dimension accurately. At the same time, you should maintain some safety precautions. Let’s know them.

  • Measure all the dimensions multiple times.
  • Write down your measurement with units.
  • Measure all distances straight from one end to the other.
  • When taking apart the spring, carefully handle this.
  • Rusty frame may hurt you, be careful.
  • Don’t stand over a torn mat.

How to Measure A Trampoline Size: FAQs


Should I measure the trampoline if I have a trampoline instruction manual?

Well, if you have the trampoline instruction manual, you needn’t measure the trampoline further. The trampoline manual comes with the package when you purchase the trampoline that explains the trampoline installation with its care and maintenance guide, the dismantling process, and most importantly the dimension of each part. So, by keeping the guidebook safe, you can easily avoid measuring the trampoline when replacement is necessary.

Should I use one trampoline part for another trampoline?

If the size matches each other, you can use them in this case. But never use, unlike dimension parts when replacement is necessary.

Where to buy trampoline replacement parts?

We always recommend buying from reliable online stores (now you can also play online trampoline games) or local ones. In this case, there is no exception. Whether you want to purchase a trampoline mat, trampoline mat cover, springs, net, spring cover, poles, etc., just visit your favorite online store and purchase your necessary trampoline replacement parts.

Is trampoline replacement parts work like new parts of a trampoline?

Most prominent trampoline brands provide trampoline parts and accessories. It is recommended to install the same company trampoline part which belongs to the trampoline itself. If you do that, you will get the maximum benefit. But there are some flimsy products also. Don’t buy and install them anyway.

Final Verdict

By now, you know how to measure a trampoline size. We believe you will be able to measure any part of your trampoline easily by following our comprehensive guidelines. Let’s replace the old or broken part and give a new look to your trampoline. Happy trampolining!

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