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Is Jumping on a Trampoline Better Than a Treadmill?


Is Jumping on a Trampoline Better Than a Treadmill?

Last Updated on October 5, 2023

You may wonder, is jumping on a trampoline better than a treadmill? Let’s find out!

Trampolines and treadmills are two great exercise equipment. They are ideal for cardio exercise and burning calories. The trampoline is ideal for all ages people whereas the treadmill is usually a perfect choice for adults and fitness enthusiasts.

Both trampolines and treadmills have some features that make one superior to another and vice versa. So, what are the differences between trampolines and treadmills? Let’s reveal it!

Which Is Better Between Trampoline & Treadmill?


is-jumping-on-a-trampoline-better-than-a-treadmillTrampoline is available in different sizes from small indoor models to large outdoor ones. Kids, adults, and even elderly people can also use it. The fitness mini trampolines for adults are called rebounders. On the other hand, the treadmill is usually found 28 to 84 inches that are mainly designed for fitness lovers.


The trampoline allows you to do different tricks like jumping, flipping, somersaults, and many more. But the treadmill is mainly used for running or jogging. A large trampoline also provides great fun besides unlimited bouncing there.


If you walk on the trampoline, this is a low-impact activity. But when you increase the intensity i.e. running, your body will have more impact. On the other hand, the trampoline is considered low-impact activity as the soft mat absorbs the impact greatly.

So, if you need low-impact joint-friendly equipment, the trampoline will be the better option compared to the treadmill.

Calorie Burning

A sturdy from NASA shows that jumping on a trampoline is 68% more effective than running or jogging. So, the trampoline will burn more calories compared to running on jogging. Victor L. Katch at the University of Michigan performed research that shows 12 minutes on the trampoline is equivalent to 12 minutes of running if one runs at 5 miles per hour speed.

According to this result, a person of 150 lbs weight will burn 82 calories on the trampoline and 72 calories on running on the treadmill.


trampoline-vs-treadmillBoth treadmills and trampolines provide great calorie burning as they are aerobic exercises. However, jumping on the trampoline is fun and anyone in your family can attend there. Besides jumping, you can arrange trampoline sleepover parties on your outdoor trampoline.


Fitness mini trampolines are available below $100. But the big outdoor models for adults are very costly and you have to pay more than $500 for them. Cheap treadmills come at $200 but they might be a reason for your headache. However, if you want to purchase a good quality treadmill, you have to spend several hundred dollars. So, considering the price, the trampoline will also be in the upper hand.


Is jumping on a trampoline better than a treadmill? The straight answer is yes. Comparing them in terms of impact, calories burned, price, fun, and other aspects trampoline wins over the treadmill. Whether you own a small or large trampoline you will get better than the treadmill.

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