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7 JumpKing Trampoline Reviews for Enthusiastic Jumpking Trampoline Lovers!

Jumpking Trampoline Reviews

7 JumpKing Trampoline Reviews for Enthusiastic Jumpking Trampoline Lovers!

Last Updated on September 13, 2023

JumpKing is one of the oldest trampoline manufacturers who are fabricating reliable and valued trampolines for decades. Today, we will represent extensive JumpKing trampoline reviews so that you can get a clear guide for choosing a good JumpKing trampoline. 

Comparison Table of Best JumpKing Trampolines

JumpKing 15 ft. Trampoline 7 Legs/ 7 Poles with Safety Enclosure System & Bonus Basketball Hoop, 300 lb. Weight Limit, ASTM, CPSIA Compliant, Black/Orange, (JK157P3UBHC2)
Budget Choice
JumpKing 7 x 10 Foot Trampoline and XDP Recreation Metal Ground Anchor Kit
JumpKing 10' Combo - 5 Legs/5 Poles/G3 FRP, Blue
6-inches, 98 springs
7-inches, 60 springs
5.5-inches, 56 springs
Weight Capacity
300 lbs
180 lbs
180 lbs
Basketball Accessories
Number of Legs
More Information
JumpKing 15 ft. Trampoline 7 Legs/ 7 Poles with Safety Enclosure System & Bonus Basketball Hoop, 300 lb. Weight Limit, ASTM, CPSIA Compliant, Black/Orange, (JK157P3UBHC2)
6-inches, 98 springs
Weight Capacity
300 lbs
Basketball Accessories
Number of Legs
More Information
Budget Choice
JumpKing 7 x 10 Foot Trampoline and XDP Recreation Metal Ground Anchor Kit
7-inches, 60 springs
Weight Capacity
180 lbs
Basketball Accessories
Number of Legs
More Information
JumpKing 10' Combo - 5 Legs/5 Poles/G3 FRP, Blue
5.5-inches, 56 springs
Weight Capacity
180 lbs
Basketball Accessories
Number of Legs
More Information

We believe, a good trampoline will give lots of fun whilst lessening injuries. On overall considerations, all the JumpKings are great products but they have some serials in terms of offering quality.

JumpKing offers trampolines in different shapes, sizes, and price ranges. From them, we have shortlisted the top 7 JumpKing trampolines here. Let’s explore the top-valued trampolines from JumpKing at a glance!

7 JumpKing Trampolines Reviews

01. JumpKing JK1015RC3 10 x 15-Foot Trampoline and Enclosure Combo


Our top pick is the JumpKing 10×15 trampoline which comes with durable construction. Actually, this is a high-bounce trampoline that ensures acrobats’ safety.

Made of Durable Material

This JK1015RC3 rectangle trampoline uses galvanized and rust-resistant steel in its frame, legs, and spring construction. The tramp will certainly support you through the decades. Its frame has a weight capacity of 220 lbs without being twisted.

Here, T-connectors provide extra support while jumping. Similarly, 4 W-shaped durable legs secure the overall stability by reducing the trampoline’s movement. The trampoline’s height is 34 inches.

Maximum Bouncing Springs

The JK1015RC3 tramp uses maximum springs compared to the other JumpKing trampoline. There are 108 springs in total. Each spring is 7 inches long. So, this higher number of springs ensures smooth and extreme bouncing.

Jumping Mat and Pad

This trampoline will provide more jumping area compared to the round-shaped tramps. The jumping surface uses heavy-duty polypropylene material. It is also UV-protected, so you needn’t worry about color fading out.

The safety pad is durably made. To secure the pad there are mounting straps that give the pad a secure fitting.

Safety Net with Zipper Door

The enclosure net is UV-treated polyethylene. It will protect you from falling out. The L-shaped zipper door also ensures easy getting in and out. This surrounding net height is 74 inches, so you can jump safely there.

Meet the Latest ASTM Standard

This JumpKing trampoline follows the upgraded ASTM safety standard.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Used lots of springs
  • More jumping surface than round tramps
  • UV-treated mat and net
  • 4 W-shaped durable legs
  • Support heavy-weight
  • Mounting straps stable the pad
  • Meets the latest ASTM standards
  • Top-pick JumpKing trampoline


  • The enclosure net should be improved
  • No ladder included



The JumpKing trampoline rectangle comes with a special frame with a unique enclosure. This also delivers maximum jumping and necessary safety aspects. So, don’t hesitate to pick this top-class JumpKing trampoline.

[wpsm_button color=”main” size=”big” link=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BNX2JHL/ref=as_li_ss_tl?th=1&psc=1&linkCode=sl1&tag=simpletrampoline-20&linkId=3c4aa204316e05e3a80f945a5e64c56b&language=en_US” icon=”none” class=”” border_radius=”50px” rel=”nofollow”]Check on Amazon[/wpsm_button]

02. JumpKing 15-Foot Trampoline 7 Legs & 7 Poles

JumpKing 15 ft trampoline is another high-quality trampoline. It comes with an enclosure net, basketball, and hoop. If you are a JumpKing trampoline lover, then this round tramp doesn’t disappoint you.

Seven-Leg Frame Construction

Its frame is constructed from durable and rust-proof galvanized steel. The six legs increase the stability of the frame. As a result, the frame doesn’t move while you jumping. This trampoline has a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

Solid T-Connectors

In this N dunk trampoline, there are welded T-sockets for making the frame more stable.

Heavy Duty Springs with Padding

These trampolines use 6-inches strong galvanized springs. A total number of 98 springs allow good bouncing for the trampolines. The springs are padded with a PVC foam pad that protects you from injury if you fall over the springs accidentally.

UV Protected Jumping Mat

The jumping mat design is a perfect jump surface for young kids and teenagers. It is made of premium UV-protected polypropylene.

Premium Enclosure Net

An enclosure net is important for safety. This tramp comes with a safe, UV-treated polyethylene net. The durable mesh netting gives extended life. For easy access, there is a curved door with a zipper and clip lock system. The poles strengthen the enclosure net.

Safety Standards

The trampoline manufacturer claims they follow the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) international standards.

Basketball Accessories

This JumpKing trampoline comes with soft basketball, hoop, and pump. With this basketball equipment, you can achieve fitness and family funs for hours.


  • Zipper and clip lock door in net
  • Seven durable legs ensure stability
  • Meets ASTM standards
  • Safe bouncing trampoline
  • Durable UV-protected pad
  • Includes basketball accessories
  • High-end JumpKing trampoline


  • Have to buy ladder and wind stakes externally


The JumpKing 15-foot trampoline is a great fitness toy as well as gives you fun. If you are looking for a safe JumpKing trampoline, then this one is for you. There are size variations like 12ft vs 14ft vs 15ft trampolines. Each of them has different advantages over another.

[wpsm_button color=”main” size=”big” link=”https://www.amazon.com/JumpKing-Trampoline-Basketball-Weight-JK157P3UBHC2/dp/B08P15BMQ4?crid=2F6UFGRHMMA3J&keywords=JumpKing JK1518AG 15 Foot Trampolines Bounce N’ Dunk &Enclosure_Combo_with_Basketball_Hoop=&qid=1665989292&qu=eyJxc2MiOiIwLjQyIiwicXNhIjoiMC4wMCIsInFzcCI6IjAuMDAifQ==&s=sporting-goods&sprefix=jumpking jk1518ag 15 foot trampolines bounce n dunk &enclosure_combo_with_basketball_hoop,sporting,298=&sr=1-1-fkmr3&linkCode=sl1&tag=simpletrampoline-20&linkId=67dce5e1458c84fe584de26b0809393d&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl” icon=”none” class=”” border_radius=”50px” rel=”nofollow”]Check on Amazon[/wpsm_button]

03. JumpKing 7 x 10 Foot Galvanized Trampolines with Padded Enclosure


Our next choice is JumpKing 7×10 ft trampoline. Although it’s small in size and great in quality considering its price.

Rust-Resistant Frame Construction

These Jump King trampolines come with durable construction. The frame is made of duty-proven galvanized steel. It is rust-resistant so this steel structure will support you through the years. There are 4 W-shaped legs that enhance the frame’s stability.

Standard Springs and Padding

There are altogether 60 springs. Each spring is 7 inches long. The padded foam over the spring protects your kids from injuries.

Professional Jumping Mat

This 7×10 rectangular tramp’s jump surface is durably made. It utilizes fully polypropylene materials. For this reason, you will certainly get a high bounce from there.

Safety Net and Easy Access Door

The enclosure net of this trampoline is made of durable patented polyethylene. There are durable padded poles that hold the netting. For getting in or out there is an easily accessible door.


  • Durable construction
  • 4 W-shaped legs strengthen the frames’ stability
  • Patented enclosure net
  • Easily accessible door
  • A great choice for a small backyard
  • Budget choice JumpKing trampoline


  • The zipper should be improved


This small trampoline is a wonderful choice for kids. If you don’t have enough space in your backyard, then this small and cheap JumpKing trampoline is a great option for you. Also, a good in-ground trampoline would be a smart choice. Although these sunken trampolines have some problems, they are great in many other aspects.

[wpsm_button color=”main” size=”big” link=”https://www.amazon.com/JumpKing-Trampoline-Recreation-Ground-Anchor/dp/B07PRY9WRH/ref=as_li_ss_tl?dchild=1&keywords=jumpking 7×10 foot galvanized trampoline&qid=1609937112&sr=8-1&linkCode=sl1&tag=simpletrampoline-20&linkId=b6e301eee8e9c742809ec1de12d5b47b&language=en_US” icon=”none” class=”” border_radius=”50px” rel=”nofollow”]Check on Amazon[/wpsm_button]

04. JumpKing JK10VC1 10-Foot Outdoor Trampoline and Safety Net Enclosure, Blue

JumpKing 10 Foot Outdoor Trampoline and Safety Net Enclosure

When you need a safe outdoor trampoline for your children, then JumpKing JK10VC1 is a good option. It will give smooth jumping equals more fun.

Easy to Assemble

This 10 ft trampoline frame is made of durable materials. The 4 legs in the frame improve the trampoline’s stability. A unique top rail system helps you to easily assemble the toy.

Jumping Mat

You needn’t worry about jumping space. The mat comes with a 78 square feet area made of bouncy and eco-friendly materials.


This trampoline uses 5.5-inch galvanized springs that protect the springs from erosion. There are in total 56 springs that give necessary bouncing for your children. Pad over the tramp protects you from being hurt when falling off the springs.

Four Poles Safety Enclosure

If you want to jump into the sky, this trampoline makes it easy. There is a quality enclosure net made of quality mesh netting that helps from dropping outside the tramp. The net is attached to four padded poles.

Also, the dual entry or exit door closure with zipper and buckle systems provides your kids’ safety.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Dual zipper and buckle door closing system
  • Durable construction
  • Can be climbed without a ladder
  • Safe bouncing
  • Kids outdoors trampoline


  • Poor enclosure zipper


This quality outdoor trampoline is not only a fun toy but also improves your kids’ health. The JumpKing trampoline 10 ft is a good choice for toddlers and teenagers.

[wpsm_button color=”main” size=”big” link=”https://www.amazon.com/JumpKing-10-Combo-Legs-Poles/dp/B08CZF5WW6/ref=as_li_ss_tl?dchild=1&keywords=jumpking 10 foot&qid=1609937294&sr=8-24&linkCode=sl1&tag=simpletrampoline-20&linkId=e2b24a9f09b0318b9242277641978d6f&language=en_US” icon=”none” class=”” border_radius=”50px” rel=”nofollow”]Check on Amazon[/wpsm_button]

05. JumpKing JK15VC2 15 Ft Outdoor Trampoline and Safety Net Enclosure


The JumpKing 15 ft outdoor round trampoline comes with more safety, fun, and usability. Most of the small trampolines aren’t fit for adults, but this tramp overcomes that.

Durable Frames and Springs

Trampolines with great frames that can be repaired and springs are always welcome. Like other JumpKing tramps, there are galvanized frames and spring construction. There are 6 W-shaped legs that extend the trampoline’s durability.

The 96 pieces of springs developed the trampoline’s bounce like the water types. All the springs are 5.5 inches long.

Secure Enclosure

The patented enclosure system gives you safe bouncing. As the net is made of mesh materials, so you can see through it. There are 6 poles that strongly clamp the enclosure net. To get inside or exit from there, you will find a doorway. Through a zipper and clip, you can securely attach the door.

Unique Top-Rail

The JK15VC2  trampoline comes with an advanced top rail system. So, you can easily assemble this toy within a short time compared to traditional trampolines assembly periods.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Six W-shaped trampoline
  • Zipper and clip system door closing
  • Strong and secure patented enclosure net
  • Adopts advanced top-rail
  • Outdoor trampolines for adults and kids


  • Pricier than other JumpKing
  • Need more space to set up


When you need a JumpKing outdoor trampoline that gives safe and upper bounce, then this trampoline is highly recommended.

[wpsm_button color=”main” size=”big” link=”https://www.amazon.com/JumpKing-Outdoor-Trampoline-Enclosure-JK15VC2/dp/B00PMDBBX0/ref=as_li_ss_tl?dchild=1&keywords=jumpking outdoor trampoline&qid=1582537812&sr=8-3&th=1&psc=1&linkCode=sl1&tag=simpletrampoline-20&linkId=35ee5463cd536e0e1e50210149a9a548&language=en_US” icon=”none” class=”” border_radius=”50px” rel=”nofollow”]Check on Amazon[/wpsm_button]

06. JumpKing 14-Foot Trampoline Combo for Kids and Adults with Safety Enclosure


Now we will talk about the JumpKing trampoline 14 ft. It is a perfect fitness trampoline that comes with an awesome Litez option.

Frame and Springs Construction

This JumpKing round trampoline is made of duty-proven galvanized steel. It resists rust and persists for a long period of time. There are galvanized steel springs that provide a smooth and safe bounce. The 6 W-shaped legs make the trampoline very stable upright.

Large Jumping Mat

You need a tight and comfortable jump surface. This 14 ft round trampoline will come with this feature.

Lovely Litez Features

The JumpKing 14 ft trampoline comes with spinner flash Litez. You can easily attach it beneath the trampoline. The Litez will help your kids play for a long time.

Safety Enclosure System

In this round trampoline, there is an enclosure pro flex netting that increases the stability of the enclosure. It will save you from dropping out of the trampoline. For easy access, there is a nice door. The zipper and buckle system door ensure your safety. Six padded poles hold the net stably.

Comfortable Pad

Considering your safety, this JumpKing tramp includes a durable pad for covering springs. If you suddenly bump against springs, you will be safe with this comfortable safety pad.


  • Durable construction
  • Nice safety pad
  • Pro flex enclosure
  • Features spinner flash Litez
  • Great for teenagers and kids


  • Springs noise should be eliminated



This combo JumpKing trampoline is a good fitness tool for adults and kids. It ensures great performance for more than you pay. The Litez option will definitely please your kids.

[wpsm_button color=”main” size=”big” link=”https://www.amazon.com/s?k=JumpKing 14-Foot Trampoline&linkCode=sl2&tag=simpletrampoline-20&linkId=d890ddcf02734598c9c2145cb6ab92fc&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl” icon=”none” class=”” border_radius=”50px” rel=”nofollow”]Check on Amazon[/wpsm_button]

07. JumpKing JK3866GN Oval Trampoline with Green Pad, 38″ x 66″


JumpKing JK3866GN trampoline is a great fitness toy for youngsters and adults. If you don’t have dedicated space for installing a trampoline, then this is a perfect choice for you.

Oval Frame Structure

This oval shape 38×66 inches rebounder comes with a durable, rust-resistant, galvanized steel frame. There are 4 U-shaped legs that give long-lasting durability to this trampoline. The T-sockets enhance the frame’s stability more. This trampoline comes with an 8-top rail system, that enhances the toy’s assembly. It is capable of taking weight up to 110 lbs.

They are good for your health but have some side effects too. Learn about them before using them.

Springs With Pad

JumpKing trampoline uses 3.5-inches sturdy galvanized springs. The 36 springs make your exercise easy. You needn’t worry about pinching limbs, there is a green safety pad that covers the whole springs. Also, the mounting straps secure the pad’s fitting.

UV Protected Jump Surface

The trampoline comes with UV protected polypropylene jumping surface. It gives you long-lasting strength and durability.

Safety Handlebars

This tramp has no enclosure net, but it comes with 2 handlebars. The handlebars are protected by 2 foam padding that gives you cushioned feeling. Each handle is 24 inches high.

ASTM Standards and Features

All the trampoline’s parts are made following the ASTM standards. So, you can rely on this small trampoline.


  • Comes with foam-padded handlebars
  • UV-protected jumping mat
  • Easily moveable trampoline
  • Small installation space required
  • Meets the latest ASTM standards
  • Animal-printed safety pad attracts toddlers
  • Jump King trampolines for kids


  • Don’t suit adults


This JumpKing oval trampoline can be easily placed indoors and outdoors. If you are searching for a mini trampoline, then undoubtedly take this rebounder as a fitness toy or your kid’s fun.

[wpsm_button color=”main” size=”big” link=”https://www.amazon.com/JumpKing-Mini-Oval-Trampoline-Green/dp/B00XKOTA8G/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=simpletrampoline-20&linkId=8f45b5370c0cefa587d38e7dd5fb1844&language=en_US” icon=”none” class=”” border_radius=”50px” rel=”nofollow”]Check on Amazon[/wpsm_button]

Guidelines for Understanding JumpKing Trampoline Reviews

Jumpking Trampoline Reviews

JumpKing provides different sizes, styles, and prices of trampolines. They have come with great positives but you will find some shortcomings there.

When you intend to buy a JumpKing trampoline you must know all about them. Without knowing these, perhaps you will fail to choose the right one from them. So, we’ve discussed several hot considerations below.

Background of JumpKing Trampoline

The JumpKing started its journey in 1948 and its head office is situated in Dallas, Texas. They are manufacturing excellent value trampolines for more than 60 years. Gradually, they have turned into one of the largest trampoline manufacturers worldwide.

The YJ corporation brought JumpKing in 2004. Since then, YJ corporation is manufacturing these trampolines and shipping them to YJ USA and YJ Europe in the United Kingdom. Both the YJ and JumpKing experts teams are working combinedly for additional improvement of the trampolines.

Robust Construction


Most of the Jump King trampolines confirm the durability of their products. Their frame, springs, poles, legs, and T-sockets are made of robust, galvanized, and rust-resistant steel.

Due to their sturdiness, they can handle heavyweights. The jumping mat is UV protected so you don’t worry about color fade. The springs and mat combination will ensure maximum bouncing.

The spring pad is comfortable enough. It will save your child from injury. An enclosure net also protects you from falling out. The safety net poles are covered nicely with foam that will also give you additional safety if you are suddenly struck by the poles.

The zipper doorway will ease your entry and exit. All these together will provide you with a good product and never dishearten you.

Size and Shape

JumpKing offers different sizes and shapes of trampolines. And you can find it by knowing the trampoline measuring process. If you are a gymnast you need a good rectangular trampoline or a good square trampoline. Kids or safety concern acrobats like a round or oval tramp, they also provide that.

When you are a space-constraint person and badly need a mini type, you can find them in JumpKing. According to your skill, and age you can choose from different sizes for your awesome gymnastic tramp.

Accessories and Features

Jump King trampolines come with the basic parts and best accessories. These include a safety net, springs pad, mat, springs, rain cover, etc. To ease your climbing, a few of them come with a ladder. If you like to play baseball then take that one that offers baseball kits. You can also buy them separately.

Some best models offer the Litez option which enhances the kids’ trampolining. You can also buy and install wind stakes to lessen the damage from the storm or wind.

ASTM Standards

Before buying a trampoline, you need to be sure whether it comes with safety standards. Most Jump King trampolines adopt the latest ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standard. It ensures the toys are made from quality materials and maintains safety standards, so you can use this for fun and be sure about safety.

Reasonable Price

Jump King trampolines come with variable prices i.e. tramps under $300, trampolines under $150, etc. You can be sure to get this brand’s tramp within your budget limit. If you compare the JumpKing toys with other top trampolines, certainly you will agree with me that they are cheap. For example, if you want to know JumpKing vs Skywalker trampoline which is cost-efficient, definitely JumpKing wins in this case.

Warranty and Easy Replacement

Most Jump King trampolines come with a 1-year warranty period. Some of them also provide a maximum of 6, 3, or 2 months warranty for different parts. If you found any defects in the tramp or don’t perform correctly. Don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer, they are very responsive to solving the problem.

When shopping for a trampoline don’t forget to take the warranty card. Apart from all these, you must know the cleaning process of your trampoline to get a long-lasting service from it.

Instructions for JumpKing Trampoline Assembly


Most JumpKing trampolines use the unique top-rail system. So, they are easy to assemble compared to other brands of trampolines. They provide easy assembly instructions with the package. Please check whether it includes the manual or not. If they missed anyhow, you can check here for all JumpKing trampolines assembly guidelines.

You have to pay additional fees to quickly install the trampolines. It would take more than four hours to install it. But, if you are confident, then you would complete the setup with your friends as a DIY project. Just watch the video or instruction manual and do the job step by step.

Customers’ Feedback on the Features

Most JumpKing trampolines gained more than 4 ratings under 5 from authentic customers. Actually, these high-quality trampolines serve more than you pay. And you will find lots of positive feedback for this brand trampoline.

Some of the other well-known brands are Propel Trampoline, Bounce Pro Trampoline, Zupapa Trampoline, Acon Trampoline, Sportspower Trampoline, Skywalker Trampoline, Springfree Trampoline, Urban Rebounder Trampoline, and many other brands.


Is JumpKing a good trampoline brand?

Ans: Yes, Jumpking is one of the top trampoline brands.

Where are JumpKing trampolines made?

Ans: JumpKing trampolines are made in Dallas.


JumpKing trampolines are great editions in the history of trampolines. They come with almost all the features that you want. These trampolines are the best in quality and ensure all necessary safety aspects. We shortlisted different shapes, sizes, and prices of top-notch JumpKing trampolines here. So, you can easily choose from them according to your requirements.

We tried our level best to discuss in-depth in this JumpKing trampoline review. Hopefully, this review article will help you to make the right choice. Now, get the best JumpKing trampolines and start jumping!

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