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Opening a Trampoline Park with Cost & Detailed Planning


Opening a Trampoline Park with Cost & Detailed Planning

Last Updated on October 5, 2023

Opening a trampoline park is not so much a troublesome task to start if you take care of some most important issues. To create a successful trampoline park business plan, you must first determine what equipment you will require to run your business, as well as who your clients will be and who will service them. You must have a strategy in place before opening a trampoline park or improving an existing one.

Owning a commercial resalable trampoline park may be a satisfying and successful experience, particularly as the indoor park sector expands. In principle, it appears straightforward, but there is much more to ponder and figure out.

Opening a Trampoline Park

When launching a trampoline park, you must first evaluate the franchising of the services to the consumers, followed by the business. If you’ve been thinking about creating an adult trampoline park, now is a wonderful moment to get started. Lack of space outside of the house, most people want to take services of trampoline park.

The families are looking for healthy and enjoyable activities for their children. Similarly, health-conscious people can’t wait to spice up their training regimen with some fun and adventure. Alongside opening a trampoline park, there is more condition that needs to be taken into consideration.

Business Plan & Strategy Before Opening a Trampoline Park


Jumping on trampolines is not always enjoyable when it featured also an excellent method to exercise. So, before opening a trampoline park, you must consider several viable aspects for attracting people.

Costs of Opening a Trampoline Park

The startup expenditures of constructing a trampoline park are often significant since a custom-built trampoline court is required. Pursuant to the IATP, creating a trampoline park involves an average anticipatory expenditure of $1.2 million to $1.8 million.

Again the initial expenditures for a trampoline park, particularly one constructed from the ground up, can be substantial. A smaller trampoline park will cost at least $100,000 to open, but a larger park with additional activities, such as rock climbing, will cost $2,000,000 or more to open.

The indoor trampoline park sector has taken off like a big jump into the air during the last decade. Most children and adults like bouncing about on trampolines and spending more time, and they are prepared to pay for the pleasure.

The whole first approach to raising for an indoor trampoline park is to create a business model. A trampoline park marketing strategy will outline what your firm does that is valuable to clients in a way that distinguishes you from the competition.

Trampoline park franchise costIt should also cover your initial costs, financial sources, marketing plan, and predicted income and expenses. Let’s look at how much it typically costs to establish a trampoline park (also the insurance cost of trampolines) and the predicted trampoline park earnings to help you get started planning the financial element of your business:

Refreshment Items: To get started, refreshment items thus like drinks and nibbles may cost $1,000 to USD 2,000. Bottled waters and sports drinks, fountain drinks, fruit, candies, soft pretzels, and other food items are all popular refreshment alternatives.

Trampoline socks: Depending on the amount purchased, trampoline jumping socks range in price from $40 to $100.

Basketball hoops o dodgeballs: Adding basketball hoops or dodgeballs can range in price from $20 to $50.

Game Items: Basketballs, soft footballs, and other toys can range in price from $100 to $500 for a trampoline company owner.

Trampoline mat and paddings: You may buy units by the square foot for $60 to $100, or you can buy a pre-built trampoline mat and paddings for $10,000 to $50,000.

Furniture and accessories: Furniture and other accessories such as the bench, table, sound, lighting system, foam pit, climbing walls, signage, and so forth items price a vast.

These are the trampoline franchise costs.

How Much Profit Does a Trampoline Park Make?


Opening a  trampoline park expenses a high at the initial stage, but the profit may be significant as well. For example, a glow-in-the-dark trampoline park in California makes about $780,000 each year, wherein comparison some of the industry’s biggest stars earn millions of dollars in total annual revenue. It’s entirely up to the condition of your trampoline park as much as it is furnished.

By adding concessions and other types of entertainment, an indoor trampoline park firm may boost its profitability.

Transforming a trampoline-only facility into a trampoline-focused family entertainment venue may quadruple guests’ stay in the park and raise income by up to $1 million per year.

Taking into account the location of your trampoline park i.e. altitude ones, as it can make a popular and friendly place it may go to the high-rent region, then you may able to charge somewhat more than the average.

If on the other hand, your business is located in a low-income neighborhood, you may wish to charge less than the average rate to better meet the target client.

Rent maintenance and labor expenditures are the most significant expenses for running a trampoline park. In addition, you’ll need to pay for insurance, marketing, and utilities. You will be able to maintain your trampoline park if you become a qualified service technician with the IATP.

Adding concessions and other types of entertainment may significantly enhance profitability and keep families in the facility for extended periods. Regardless of what you do, you can expect to wait an average of eight to twelve months to get a return on your investment.

Marketing Your Trampoline Park and Grow Up Your Business

Since trampoline parks appeal to people of various ages, you should promote them to diverse age groups to optimize your earnings. To appeal to each group, it is important to target various demographics separately and offer activities throughout the day.

For example, you may host adult dodgeball games in the evenings or regular morning exercise courses. You may organize an after-school jumping club for children. You may promote any class or event where your target audience spends a significant amount of time, such as libraries or leisure facilities.

Customers will return to your business as a result of these seminars, groups, and activities. Other techniques to advertise your indoor trampoline park are as follows:

  • Distribute cheap vouchers to persuade customers to visit your trampoline park
  • Use your website and social media to promote your business
  • Placing posters and fliers throughout the neighborhood
  • Distributing pamphlets

Concept and Development for a Successful Trampoline Park


Here are some guidelines to help you make your park appealing to a wide range of people. Whether you’re just starting or have been running a trampoline park for years, these recommendations can help you take your business to the next level.

Provide Innovative Equipment

The most significant aspect of your trampoline park is the equipment. If you provide memorable methods for children and adults to have fun, they will return for more adventure in the future.

Choosing fresh, interesting equipment will help set you apart from other trampoline parks, especially if you provide clients with an experience they won’t be able to get anyplace else.

You may make the most of your area by including a range of equipment and interesting activities for children and families. For example, you can deploy the interactive game STOMP in any tiny location. It’s a fun and high-action game in which players battle to stomp their way to the maximum score.

It’s a freestanding piece of play equipment that adds a distinctive touch to your park. A game like STOMP might be the deciding factor for a family to pick your park over others. Consider adding an adventure playground that the entire family can enjoy if you want to boost your trampoline park to a level where competitors cannot reach you.

Innovative adventure structures are intended to engage individuals of all ages and abilities, making them ideal for families who wish to share the fun. Our belayed and non-belayed adventure courses employ cutting-edge technology to transport guests far into the sky for a one-of-a-kind climbing experience.

You may either add an adventure course to the interior space or consider expanding your trampoline park outside.

You might charge a fee to utilize an adventure course, or you could sell package offers that include admission to the adventure course. Alternatively, you might include the training in the regular ticket price and see your total sales rise.

Include More Competitive Services

Offer excellent discounts to clients to differentiate yourself from the competition. Offering discounts for group purchases can help you increase sales and attract large groups. Consider giving discounts on monthly passes and encouraging people to sign up ahead of time.

To attract a diverse range of clients, consider appealing package discounts for special occasions such as birthday parties or corporate functions. Outline what a party package covers and how much it costs on your website so that buyers can make quick judgments.

Products such as party favors, food, and any other items that come with the package should be included. Consider allowing clients to upgrade or modify their packages. Make your trampoline park the best one as an ideal location for a memorable party.

Improvements to Your Ticket System

Numerous customers like the ease of purchasing tickets online. Set up an efficient system that allows users to purchase tickets swiftly and securely online as well as onsite to appeal to a wide range of customers. Make it simple for clients to choose the day, time, and number of tickets they want.

Allow clients to sign digital waivers as well, so they can start jumping and having fun as soon as they arrive. Customers may be encouraged to book online to guarantee they receive tickets before they sell out. Before they open their doors, new trampoline park operators will want to have this system in place.

You may also include the ability to purchase extras such as VIP tickets to improve profit and client happiness.

Express Customer Gratitude

Trampoline park business ethicsLet your consumers feel valued by offering excellent service and staying in touch. Keep clients interested by giving them the choice to get exclusive bargains through email. Share information about new equipment or any events you’re planning to thank your consumers.

Inform them that the park is intended for their enjoyment, and provide photos of the equipment in use to create a better visual. Customers will remember you if you make them feel as though you haven’t forgotten about them.

Improve Your Food Options

To appeal you a larger audience, be sure to provide food that both kids and adults alike, including nutritious options. Today’s consumers are more conscious of the need for healthy eating, so think beyond the pizza box.

Think up strategies to enhance food sales. You may, for example, offer consumers the opportunity to add meal packages to their tickets at a reduced price. Let consumers know how much they’ll save right away, and market your food specials both online and in-store.

Soft Play Will Significantly Enhance the Condition of Your Trampoline Park

Entrepreneurs must distinguish themselves from the competition if they want their businesses to grow. So, whether you’re ready to open an indoor trampoline park, you’ll need to figure out what makes people select your park over another.

How do you set yourself apart and provide a one-of-a-kind experience that will entice people to return? Offering daring indoor play equipment is one method to increase the fun factor and entice visitors to return. Soft Play has everything you need to create an exciting indoor trampoline park.

Providing a unique, non-traditional play structure and equipment that will make kids happy and your business prosper. Make your trampoline park, for example, a location where kids may not only bounce on trampolines but also swing on a Wobble Hopper.

Also, they can navigate and balance through a Wiggle Waggle maze, play on a non-belayed ropes course, and climb up a Roller Run. Including a big selection of play systems, both large and little, to keep kids and parents entertained and active for hours.

Funding Options for Opening a Trampoline Park

Following are the main various options for financing your indoor trampoline park which is similar to an altitude trampoline park costing. Thousands of entrepreneurs start new firms with little support each year. Here are a few funding possibilities for your company:

Use Your Capital: The simplest approach to finance a business is to use funds from your checking or savings account. Though it might be a large out-of-pocket expense, utilizing your own money shows potential investors your devotion to your firm, which may help gain extra investment in the future. You might also sell personal assets to support your firm.

Obtaining a Bank Loan: You may be able to take a bank loan for your business, but this might be difficult. One advantage of a bank loan is that it often has cheaper interest rates than a credit card.

Trampoline park funding optionsA loan from the Small Business Administration (SBA): You might be able to get an SBA-guaranteed loan. You may be able to borrow up to $5 million from the SBA, which is more than enough to build a trampoline park. Certain limits apply, and you must adhere to SBA guidelines. If you pick this option, an SBA lender may walk you through the steps.

Get a Microloan: If you have most of the finances you need but need to cover a gap, you may be qualified for a $500 to $35,000 microloan. A microlender, as opposed to a bank, is generally more accommodating with loan terms.

Crowdfunding: You could have to think about utilizing a crowdfunding platform to raise funds for your business. Friends, family, and strangers may all utilize the site to give money and assist you in reaching your goal. It’s a good idea to give funders something in exchange, and you’ll need a strong story to get people excited about your company.

Using Credit Cards: Credit cards can be used to purchase critical things for your business, but bear in mind that credit cards have hefty interest rates. If you decide to use a credit card, make sure it has a rewards program for companies so you can receive some money back on your purchases.

How Much Can You Charge to Customers?

In most cases, businesses that operate indoor trampoline parks generally charge roughly $10 per hour of jumping time. Rates are slightly higher in high-rent regions and may be lower in less-populated ones.

However, while first establishing a trampoline park, you should keep the fee as cheap as possible. Again, providing some convenience to the family for as little as it takes to be legitimate must be a better concept for the business’s growth.

Some Factors Must be Needed To Opening a Trampoline Park

Several criteria must be considered while establishing a trampoline park or any other form of business or organization:

The Naming of Your Trampoline Park

Naming trampoline park businessSelecting the appropriate name is both crucial and difficult. If you run a sole proprietorship, you may choose to use a business name other than your own.

When registering a business name, we recommend doing the following research:

  • The business records of your state
  • Federal and state trademark registrations
  • Platforms for social media
  • Availability of web domains
  • It is critical to register your domain name before someone else does

Establish a Legal Entity

Sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), and corporations are the most frequent forms of business structures.

If your indoor trampoline park is issued, becoming a formal business organization, such as an LLC or corporation, safeguards you from being held personally accountable.

You may create an LLC on your own and pay only the minimal state LLC fees, or you can employ one of the Best LLC Services for a nominal price.

File Your Taxes

Before you can begin the business, you must register for several state and federal taxes. For the register of taxes, you must first get an EIN. It’s really simple and completely free!

Set Up Net-30 Accounts

When it comes to developing your business credit, net 30 vendors are seen to be the best option. The popular vendor phrase “Net-30” refers to a corporate credit agreement in which the corporation pays the vendor within 30 days after receiving goods or services.

Net-30 credit terms are frequently employed by organizations who want merchandise urgently but do not have the cash on hand. The accounts are reported to the major business credit agencies (Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Commercial, and Equifax Business Credit) in addition to developing business ties with vendors. This is how firms establish business credit to get approved for credit cards and other lines of credit.

Establish Business Accounting

Recording your numerous costs and sources of income is crucial to evaluating your company’s financial status. Keeping precise and thorough accounting also makes yearly tax filing much easier.

Obtain All Required Permissions and Licenses

Failure to get appropriate permissions and licenses can result in significant penalties or possibly the closure of your firm.

Obtain Commercial Insurance

Insurance, like licenses and permits, is required for your business to operate safely and legally. In the case of a covered loss, business insurance protects your company’s financial well-being. There are several sorts of insurance plans designed for various types of businesses with varying risks.

If you’re not sure what kinds of dangers your company could encounter, start with general liability insurance. This is the most frequent type of coverage required by small businesses, so it’s a good place to start.

Create a Brand for Yourself

Trampoline brand for trampoline businessYour company’s brand represents what it stands for as well as how the public perceives it. A strong brand will assist your company in standing out from the crowd. If you already have a logo, you can use our Free QR Code Generator to incorporate it into a QR code.

Select from 13 different styles of QR codes to produce a code for your business cards and publications, or to help spread the word about your new website.

Build Your Company’s Website

Social media accounts, such as Facebook pages or LinkedIn company profiles, are not a substitute for having your business website. Using website builder tools, you may easily create a basic website. You don’t have to pay a web developer or designer to construct a website you’re pleased with.

Install Your Company Phone System

Getting a phone for your business is one of the finest methods to keep your personal and professional lives distinct and private. That isn’t the only advantage; it also helps you automate your business, provides it legitimacy, and makes it simpler for potential consumers to identify and contact you.


Starting a trampoline park necessitates a considerable initial investment, and the firm may not produce a profit for several days or may extend to months. If you intend to seek banks or investors for assistance, you’ll need to create a thorough business plan that includes extensive market research to demonstrate that your park idea is viable.

Instead of beginning from scratch, there are various trampoline park franchises available, including Sky Zone, Air Trampoline Park, Bounce!, and Urban Air. With this business model, there will be extra charges in addition to the initial franchise fee and monthly royalties, which will generally range from 5-8 percent of total sales.

While this may appear to be a large price, a reputable franchise will give name recognition, established procedures, marketing assistance, training, and buildout help. Trampoline parks are family-oriented companies, so finding employees who will love working in that atmosphere is critical.

Staff that like working with children and have warm, lively dispositions may leave a lasting impact on both parents and children. This favorable contact may make each customer’s visit to the park memorable, motivating them to return in the future.

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