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5 Best Propel Trampoline Reviews with Propel Trampoline Instructions!

Propel trampoline reviews

5 Best Propel Trampoline Reviews with Propel Trampoline Instructions!

Last Updated on September 13, 2023

Propel Trampolines manufacture affordable recreational trampolines for moderate-income families. Their trampolines perform greatly both indoor and outdoor purposes. Buying the best Propel trampoline for your kids or families out of numerous sizes isn’t an easy task. To ease your choice, today we have come with these Propel trampoline reviews.

Comparison Table of Best Propel Trampolines

Best Pick
Propel Trampolines Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline with Enclosure, 7-Feet Round by 86-Inch Tall, Yellow and Black Frame Pad
Budget Choice
Propel Trampolines PTS55-RE Junior Trampoline with Enclosure, 55", Red
Propel Trampolines Rebounder Fitness Trampoline, Red, 38-Inch
Number of Springs/Bungees
40 Springs
30 Springs
32 Springs
Maximum Weight Capacity
150 lbs
100 lbs
250 lbs
Number of Poles
Pad Color
Yellow & Black
More Information
Best Pick
Propel Trampolines Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline with Enclosure, 7-Feet Round by 86-Inch Tall, Yellow and Black Frame Pad
Number of Springs/Bungees
40 Springs
Maximum Weight Capacity
150 lbs
Number of Poles
Pad Color
Yellow & Black
More Information
Budget Choice
Propel Trampolines PTS55-RE Junior Trampoline with Enclosure, 55", Red
Number of Springs/Bungees
30 Springs
Maximum Weight Capacity
100 lbs
Number of Poles
Pad Color
More Information
Propel Trampolines Rebounder Fitness Trampoline, Red, 38-Inch
Number of Springs/Bungees
32 Springs
Maximum Weight Capacity
250 lbs
Number of Poles
Pad Color
More Information

[wpsm_titlebox title=”” style=”main”] Nowadays, Propel trampolines are not providing satisfying performance or quality. So, we will suggest you consider Zupapa Trampolines or Skywalker Trampolines. With them, you will have a great experience of jumping. And you can also check today’s Deals on Trampolines![/wpsm_titlebox]

Because of Propel’s abundant accessories and budget-friendly price, they are becoming popular day by day. They mainly provide recreational trampolines targeting children and families. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 Propel trampolines with complete guidelines. Let’s explore the reviews and pick the right one that is worth your money.

5 Top-Rated Propel Trampoline Reviews

01. Propel 7 Ft Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline


Our top-pick Propel trampoline is the 7 ft small indoor and outdoor trampoline. This round trampoline is safe and perfectly suits children. The trampoline can withstand 150 lbs of weight. The small diameter trampoline is 86 inches tall.

It adopts 40 galvanized weather-proof steel springs that provide an ultra-smooth bounce. The advanced T-brackets lock into the four strong legs that prevent the frame from twisting and increase the overall stability.

The enclosure attaches to each of the four padded enclosure poles with a robust bungee. This prevents the kids from getting injured if they bump into the enclosure. Actually, the impact absorbent response safety enclosure system gives a cushioned touch at hitting.

This Propel trampoline features a Sure-Lock thick yellow and black safety pad system. In the P7D-YB pad, there are 4 holes that are attached to the corresponding net poles and fed through before mounting to the frame. So, you needn’t worry about the pad’s displacement.

The small-sized trampoline boxes include a basketball with a Jump-N-Jam basketball hoop system. This 7 ft indoor/outdoor Propel trampoline is definitely delightful for your kids in any weather. If you are searching for the top-valued Propel trampoline, this is the right one for you.

Specifications and Features:

  • Model number P7D-RE
  • 84 x 84 x 86 inches dimension
  • Adopts 40 galvanized springs
  • Can withstand 150 lbs of weight
  • T-brackets in 4 strong legs
  • Sure-Lock safety pad
  • Yellow and black pad color
  • ASTM Certified


  • Affordable kids’ trampoline
  • Small space required
  • Easy to assemble
  • Best-Pick Propel trampoline
  • Includes basketball accessories


  • Only for kids

[wpsm_button color=”main” size=”big” link=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KOKVTJW/ref=as_li_ss_tl?linkCode=sl1&tag=simpletrampoline-20&linkId=1fee5c3a8d24e76d0ce015d9b79e30e9&language=en_US” icon=”none” class=”” border_radius=”50px” rel=”nofollow”]Check on Amazon[/wpsm_button]

02. Propel 14 Ft Round Trampoline


Come with another popular Propel P14D-BE trampoline. A lot of jumping space for bouncers. This 14 ft Propel trampoline is perfect for all-age jumpers and large families. There are 72 springs that create the smoothest bounce for you. It comes with a thick blue safety pad that covers the springs.

The T-brackets lock into all 6 strong legs and make it easy to assemble the trampoline. This trampoline has a weight limit of 275 lbs. Sure-Lock frame pad system tightly holds the pad with the trampoline. This is a good family-size Propel trampoline with upper bouncing.

Specifications and Features:

  • Model number P14D-BE
  • 72 galvanized springs
  • Support 275 lbs weight
  • 6 strong legs use T-brackets
  • Blue color safety pad
  • Meet ASTM standard
  • Sure-Lock safety pad


  • Upper bouncing
  • Family size trampoline
  • Average price trampoline
  • High-end Propel trampoline for all


  • Need to purchase a ladder separately
  • Without supervision don’t allow kids
  • More space required

[wpsm_button color=”main” size=”big” link=”https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Propel 14 Ft Trampoline&crid=L9GIRE6NAV9C&sprefix=propel 14 ft trampoline,aps,716&linkCode=sl2&tag=simpletrampoline-20&linkId=9cc24be99dbd6ae506d9585211fc1d00&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl” icon=”none” class=”” border_radius=”50px” rel=”nofollow”]Check on Amazon[/wpsm_button]

03. Propel 55-Inch Junior Trampoline


Your little kids need a safe, soft, and small bouncy trampoline. The Propel preschool trampoline is a good option in this case. This preschooler Propel trampoline is a fun toy (there are online games for trampolines too) for your kids that aids the kids grow physically and mentally. This is not an adult trampoline, it’s for kids only.

You don’t need a large backyard to set up this toy. This junior Propel trampoline mat is only 55 inches. This uses 30 bungees that provide great bounce and eliminate the dangers of traditional springs. The safety enclosure is soft and durable that directly attached to the jumping mat and thick padded poles. So, your kids will be safe while jumping

This preschooler Propel trampoline has 6 padded poles that support the enclosure net. It will endure up to 100 lbs of weight. In the trampoline, there is a base net that prevents kids, toys, and pets from getting beneath the jumping mat. You can set up this trampoline easily indoors and outdoors for your kids.

Specifications and Features:

  • Model number PTS55-RE
  • 55-inches mat
  • Enclosure net and base net
  • Withstand 100 lbs of weight
  • 30 bungees instead of springs
  • Pads of red color
  • ASTM Certified


  • Safe bounce for toddlers
  • Best budget Propel trampoline
  • No springs eliminate injuries
  • Base net adds extra safety
  • Propel junior trampoline
  • Easy to assemble and transfer


  • Adults are supervisors only
  • Careful about outward legs

[wpsm_button color=”main” size=”big” link=”https://www.amazon.com/Propel-Trampolines-PTS55-RE-Trampoline-Enclosure/dp/B00VTKXSUE/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=simpletrampoline-20&linkId=2670e9c9f70558b808f297d45568feb7&language=en_US” icon=”none” class=”” border_radius=”50px” rel=”nofollow”]Check on Amazon[/wpsm_button]

04. Propel 15 Ft Trampolines with Anchor Kit


The largest Propel trampoline is the P15P-RE trampoline. For the larger jumping area, this trampoline is mostly suitable for larger families of any age people. The safety enclosure ensures safety for the bouncers. There are 108 springs that provide an ultra-smooth bounce.

Six poles hold the net and prevent jumpers from falling out. The durable trampoline can withstand 300 lbs weight. The Propel trampolines 15’ round trampolines come with an anchor kit. If you have a large backyard and want great bouncing, then this trampoline is definitely for you.

Specifications and Features:

  • Model number P15P-RE
  • 15 ft jumping diameter
  • Uses 108 springs
  • Red color pad
  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Pass ASTM standards


  • Maximum size Propel trampoline
  • Highest bouncy Propel
  • Ideal for larger families
  • Include anchor kit
  • Large jumping areas


  • Can’t transfer easily
  • Larger space required
  • Don’t allow playing kids alone
  • Without a ladder, it’s tough to climb

[wpsm_button color=”main” size=”big” link=”https://www.amazon.com/propel-15-trampoline-w-enclosure/dp/b004x37wds/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=simpletrampoline-20&linkId=4186bea1462095e8db00e0f1c8f517cd&language=en_US” icon=”none” class=”” border_radius=”50px” rel=”nofollow”]Check on Amazon[/wpsm_button]

05. Propel 38-Inch Rebounder Fitness Trampoline


If you need a fitness rebounder for exercise, then the PT38-R model Propel rebounder won’t dishearten you anyway. You don’t need a large backyard to install this fitness trampoline, even you can install it in your bedroom.

The 38-inch mini Propel trampoline can be easily hidden under the bedstead. Anyone can shift this rebounder to a suitable place. It will support 250 lbs of the jumper’s weight. This rebounder uses 32 metal springs that deliver low impact workout.

The soft red color pad covers the springs and ensures your safety. The mat diameter is 38 inches. You don’t need to jog for hours, just install this rebounder in a corner of your room and become sweating within a few minutes. Just make sure to know about the negative rebounding side effects before you use one.

Specifications and Features:

  • Model number PT38-R
  • Dimension 38 x 38 x 9 inches
  • Support 250 lbs weight
  • Adopts 32 springs
  • Red color pad
  • ASTM Certified


  • Fitness rebounder
  • Needs small space
  • Easy to move and hide
  • Lightweight design
  • Lowest price Propel trampoline


  • Don’t allow kids
  • Short lifespan

[wpsm_button color=”main” size=”big” link=”https://www.amazon.com/Propel-Trampolines-Rebounder-Fitness-Trampoline/dp/B00TI4R4YE/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=simpletrampoline-20&linkId=fee00172c3bfa83467cb1ff45d239c91&language=en_US” icon=”none” class=”” border_radius=”50px” rel=”nofollow”]Check on Amazon[/wpsm_button]

Background of Propel Trampolines

Propel trampolines started their journey in 2006. They manufactured one of the cheapest, safest, and bounciest trampolines on the market. For over 25 years, they are in the trampoline manufacturing business.

The company was founded upon quality values and principles. They consider honesty and integrity as important parts of their company.

Propel trampolines mainly manufactures different sizes of round trampolines and a few models of square trampolines. You will find most of their trampolines under $500. If you love lots of trampolines accessories then you will find a rich number of accessories with these trampolines.

Important Facts About the Propel Trampolines

Propel trampoline reviews

As a Propel trampoline lover, you have the right to know all about this trampoline and our duty is to inform you of all important things completely. For your easy understanding, we include all the vital facts below.

The Uniqueness of Propel Trampolines

Of course, every trampoline has strengths and weaknesses. According to customers’ demands, every trampoline manufacturer highlights a few features. Propel trampolines have such distinct features too that any manufacturer can’t beat anyway.

Perhaps the most amazing feature of Propel trampolines is the wide variety of add-ons. These trampolines have the best trampoline accessories such as a clubhouse, shade cover, weather cover, mist sprayer, ladder, spring puller, anchor kit, and many more.

You will find some quality models such as Springfree, Upper Bounce, Bounce Pro, etc. that come with a high price tag. But Propel trampoline supplies budget-friendly products.

Most of their trampolines’ price lies under $500. So, if you are a budget constraint customer, these Propel trampolines will be a great choice for you.

Another unique feature of Propel trampolines is their bouncing quality considering their price. Overall, this company is an amazing addition to the history of the trampoline.

Propel Trampolines Construction


Propel trampolines use numerous weather-resistant galvanized steel springs that create ultra-smooth bounce. The preschool model uses bungees similar to a trampoline chair instead of springs to ensure toddlers’ safety.

There is a sure-lock safety pad that covers the springs and makes you safe from injuries. The spring cover pad is made of UV-resistant PVC.

This thick safety pad is kept in place all weather by the holes which the corresponding enclosure poles feed through before attaching to the frame. The T-brackets increase the overall strength and prevent the frame from twisting.

The trampolines have an impact-absorbent polyethylene enclosure system that prevents you from falling outside. The enclosure attaches to the padded poles with a high-strength bungee. So, if the children bump into the poles they don’t hurt anyway.

The mat is made of polypropylene which provides great bouncing. For making the service life of the trampoline last-longing, you need to clean your trampoline from time to time.

Propel Bouncing Quality


Propel trampolines provide good bouncing as there are lots of springs. The bounce is quite good compared to its price. But this bouncing is lower than the top-quality trampolines such as Skywalker, BouncePro, or Springfree. Although, if you want enjoyable bouncing, you may try a water trampoline with a bouncing feature.

Accessories Come with Propel Trampolines

Propel’s trampolines are simply the best for their accessories. They provide versatile add-ons for their users. Even other trampoline users also love Propel’s accessories and buy them separately. But we always recommend using Propel’s accessories with their own trampolines for getting the best experience.

Propel trampolines accessories can be divided into two broad categories- entertainment and beneficial. So, what do they actually offer you?

Propel Clubhouse

Whenever you ask among the Propel trampoline jumpers, which accessory they love most. Probably, most of the responses to the Propel trampoline clubhouse.

This accessory kit converts the trampoline into a clubhouse for kids. This is so much popular that, many users of other trampolines brands buy this separately.

You can easily install this with the enclosure poles. The zippered entrance allows you to open or close. The walls of the clubhouse tent are weather-resistant and ensure a secure play area. The trampoline tent is adjustable and there are two or three screen windows according to tent size.

Propel Trampolines Trampoline Club House, Multicolor, 15'
Propel Trampolines Trampoline Club House, Multicolor, 15'
Zippered privacy Entrance ties open or closed. Trampoline is not included; 3 screened windows with adjustable covers,Weather resistant walls protect play area

Propel Weather Cover

This is one of the most useful add-ons of the propel trampolines. It protects the trampolines from rain, snow, sun, UV rays, and any hostile weather situations. This can be used for all four reasons. The weather cover is made of durable, waterproof, and long-lasting woven poly materials.

To install the cover, you need to remove the enclosure poles. After that, the cover is hooked securely to the frame. The weather cover is available with the Propel trampolines 12′ enclosed trampoline, 14 ft round, and 15 ft round sizes. You can purchase this trampoline tarp for around $50.

StormRider Anchor Kit

Trampoline grounding is important in areas where occasional winds and storms take place frequently. The Propel trampolines StromRider anchor kit is ideal for all its models.

It helps to prevent costly damage to trampolines. They are on-ground rather than in-ground trampoline types which have some problems.

The anchor kit contains three stakes of 18-inch galvanized steel and strong nylon straps. This easy-installing kit will tightly hold the trampolines into the earth. It costs nearly $20.

Propel Trampoline Shade Cover

The shade cover fits Propels 12, 14, and 15 ft trampoline with the 6 enclosure poles. This one-piece roof assembly is made from polyester. It is UV and water-resistant. By installing the shade cover you can protect your kids from the sun whilst allowing a cross breeze.

Propel Trampolines Propel Shade Cover, 14', Multicolor
Propel Trampolines Propel Shade Cover, 14', Multicolor
One-piece Assembly drops over and ties securely; Colors may vary; Fits the following models
$69.99 −7% $64.99

Propel Ladder

The Propel trampoline ladder is made for all ages of children. It is 39 inches long and can support 150 pounds of weight. This fits with all Propel’s trampolines. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. You can buy this kit separately for nearly $20.

It is recommended not to use the ladder below the age of 6 years kids. When the trampoline is idle, remove the ladder and keep it beneath the tramp.

Propel Mister Kit

The Propel trampolines mist sprayer is another useful kit for hot sunny days. This makes the jumping area cools up to 20 degrees Celsius and ensures enjoyable bouncing on hot days.

It is rust and UV-resistant. You can easily assemble this kit with the trampoline. You can save money by purchasing a mister kit with a ladder.

Propel Trampolines Ladder and Mister Kit
Propel Trampolines Ladder and Mister Kit
Provides quick and easy trampoline access; Cools jumping area up to 20 degrees; Makes jumping enjoyable even on the hottest days

Jump-N-Jam Basketball Hoop

The basketball hoop adds extra fun with the trampolining and makes your kids active for hours. The flexible hoop is attached to the enclosure net and pole. It also includes a ball and pump, so you’ve all to play basketball right away. This Jump-N-Jam fits all of Propel’s models.

Propel Trampolines Jump 'N' Jam Trampoline Basketball Hoop
Propel Trampolines Jump 'N' Jam Trampoline Basketball Hoop
10 Inch Safety-Flex Rim; Sturdy Backboard; Promotes Coordination and Exercise; "Slam-Dunk" with Ease

Trampoline Spring Puller

The spring puller is an affordable and handy kit. This helps you attach springs easily from the jumping mat to the frame. It costs under $5 and works for all of the Propels’ trampolines models.

Propel Trampoline Accessory Kit

This includes a ladder, anchor kit, and rebounding shoe bag. The ladder is 39 inches tall that fits all Propel trampolines. An anchor kit will protect your trampoline from heavy damage by winds.

The shoe bag is used to keep shoes, wallets, and jewelry. It lets jumpers reminding to remove their shoes before they start bouncing.

Propel Replacement Parts

Trampoline parts will wear out and need replacing while necessary. It is recommended to inspect all the components regularly or before starting to bounce.

If you find any defect, swap the part as soon as possible. Luckily most of the parts can be found on Propel’s official site or can be brought on Amazon.

The available replaceable parts are frame tubes, bungee springs, T-brackets, leg pieces, jumping mats, safety enclosures, safety pads, poles, instruction manuals, screws, etc. You will find most of the components at a reasonable price.

Keep in mind, not all available replaceable parts go with all the models, you need to take them according to model adaptation.

Comparing Propel Trampolines with Other Brands

Every trampoline has special features for which it wins over others. At the same time, it has a few downsides also.

From the large variations of trampoline brands, which one you should buy- Propel trampoline or any other product, it’s very important to decide before buying a trampoline.

Here’s a short comparison between Propel trampoline and its competitors. After reading this you will definitely love Propel over others.

Propel Trampoline vs Skywalker

One of the greatest differences between Propel and Skywalker trampolines is the accessories. Propel trampoline has plentiful amazing accessories whereas Skywalker has few options.

A few of the Propel trampoline accessories are clubhouse, weather cover, shade cover, mister kit, etc.

If we talk about the price, you will find Propel trampolines from $60-$525 and their average price is $250.

On the other hand, Skywalker trampolines’ price range varies from $50-$1250 and their average price is approximately $400. Also, take a look at these trampolines under 0 or trampolines under 0.

Now, come to the point of shapes. Skywalker offers wider shapes and sizes of trampolines for various purposes but most Propel trampolines come with round shapes for recreational use and very few are rectangular shapes.

So, the Propel trampoline is not a bad choice over Skywalker.

Propel Trampolines vs Zupapa

Zupapa trampoline is another recreational trampoline manufacturer. They provide more trampolines than Propel. But they are pricier than the Propel trampolines. Zupapa trampolines feature a no-gap between mat and pad which is equivalent to Propel’s safety-lock padding.

Propel trampoline definitely wins over Zupapa if you compare its accessories. So, you can pick Propel trampolines and save some money or go for a used one from Craiglist.

Propel vs BouncePro

Propel is known for its affordable price and amazing safety features. With BouncePro trampolines you will get decent-quality bounce and safety. On the other hand, Propel takes great care for the safety and amazing bounce effect.

Therefore, if you are looking for budget trampolines for your kids and don’t want to be tense about their safety, Propel is a good option for you.

Propel Trampolines vs Sportspower

Sportpower doesn’t have abundant accessories like the Propel trampoline. Propel trampoline’s mini model uses bungees that ensure your toddler’s safety but Sportspower doesn’t do so. Sportspower has more expensive trampolines than Propel trampolines.

Sportspower trampolines provide some unique features such as Flash Litezone that the Propel trampolines don’t have. But considering accessories and price you can choose the Propel trampoline.

Propel Trampoline Instructions for Assembly

Before assembling the trampoline, you need to read the Propel trampoline instructions thoroughly. By following the steps shown in the video below, you can make ready your trampoline within a few hours.

It needs two people to set up the trampoline. If you are not confident, then it is convenient for you to get the Propel trampoline assembly services.


Weight Limit of Propel Trampolines

Most of the Propel trampolines can withstand more than 250 pounds of weight. Propel 15 ft trampoline weight limit is 300 lbs. This is not very high compared to the top trampoline competitors.

Some Propel models also come with less weight-carrying capacity. For example, the 55-inches kids model has a weight limit of 100 pounds. You must maintain the limit for safe bouncing.

Are Propel Trampolines Safe?

The materials and parts of Propel trampolines are eco-friendly and engineered considering safety facts. It will give you an ultra-smooth bounce.

The safety-lock pad will prevent you to go in contact with springs, so you will be safe from the spring’s side. You also need to take good care of your trampoline.

Propel trampolines use an impact-absorbent enclosure net that won’t let you fall outside the trampoline and give a cushioned touch.

The padded poles shall also prevent you from injuries. Moreover, all the Propel trampolines meet the ASTM safety standard. So, don’t worry about Propels trampoline safety at all.

Where You Find Propel Trampolines for Sale?

In the era of the internet, you needn’t go shopping physically. One of the top shopping platforms is Amazon nowadays.

You can get multiple products with their comparison at a time there. For this reason, we have linked Amazon products to the above Propel trampoline reviews.

Absolutely, Amazon is a trustworthy e-commerce site. Their shipping and other facilities are satisfactory. If you want to buy a Propel trampoline from their official site, then you can do it also.

Are Propel Trampolines Perfect for All?

The Propel trampoline provides different sizes of trampolines. Most of them are round shapes and a few of them come with rectangular designs.

The round shapes trampolines are used for recreational purposes. They provide safe bouncing and suits for all ages kids and families.

If you need a good rectangular trampoline, then you can choose it from Propel. It’s for gymnasts or larger families and allows more bounce than the round-shaped trampolines. There is also a fitness rebounder from Propel’s brand for fitness concern people.

So, most of the Propel trampolines are for kids and family items and very few of them are for professional uses.

Propel Trampoline Warranty

Propel trampoline permits a one-year warranty for its frame and springs, whereas other parts come with 90 days warranty from the date of purchase. While buying the Propel trampolines you need to register your trampoline for getting the full warranty.

Trampoline Customer Reviews

On Amazon, you will find lots of positives about Propel trampolines from real consumers. Their ratings are also appreciable. Some customers complained about missing parts and some silly things.

We always recommend checking all the parts while purchasing Propel trampolines. If there is any component missing or any other fault found don’t hesitate to Propel’s customer care.

What is the weight limit of a 15ft Propel trampoline?

The weight limit for a 15ft Propel trampoline is 300 lbs.

Which is better, Propel or Skywalker?

For a budget option, Propel is good. And, for a long-term investment, Skywalker is the go-to brand.


We never claim that the Propel trampoline is the only greatest trampoline in the market. But there are abundant quality brands of trampolines that will ensure their excellence. The Propel trampolines are certainly a good choice for middle-class families.

Their accessories and price tags will attract trampoline lovers like the glow-in-the-dark one does to buy this recreational trampoline.

Hopefully, after reading the Propel trampoline reviews you are satisfied with its quality considering its prices. Whether you need trampolines for kids, families, or fitness purposes you will get all types from the above lists. Now, pick the best Propel trampoline and start bouncing!

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