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Top 5 Trampoline Assembly Tools


Top 5 Trampoline Assembly Tools

Last Updated on October 5, 2023

When installing a trampoline, the tools needed to put a trampoline together should be within hand reach. The best tools will help you to put together the trampoline safely and quickly. So, what tools are needed to put a trampoline together (even on concrete)?

The trampoline assembly tools list isn’t very long. Several required trampoline installation tools are-

  • Screwdriver and Spanner
  • Rubber mallet
  • Spring puller
  • Electric drill
  • Gloves

But there are several alternative tools that you can use instead of some major tools. Here I’ll explain the functions of different tools and accessories required to install the trampoline easily.

Trampoline Assembly Tools to Put a Trampoline Together

Spring Puller


A spring tool or spring puller is used to pull and place the spring in the right spot. It has a pulling end that looks like J and a gripping end like T. Both ends are connected through a rod. Usually, the spring puller is made from steel and the gripper has a curved surface for a firm grip.

Besides the readymade spring tool purchasing, you can also make a spring puller at home using wood, nail, etc. To use the tool, hook one end of the spring and pull the spring to put it in the right frame slot or v-ring of the mat. Spring pulling tool is also important for trampoline disassembly.

There are also several spring puller alternatives that you can use if you don’t have a spring tool at hand. Some of them are- screwdrivers, caulk guns, ropes, trampoline springs, pliers, etc. So, if you don’t have the actual spring puller, don’t worry and use any of the alternative options to install the trampoline springs in the right way.

Screwdriver and Spanner

While installing the trampoline, you need to tighten the screws in the frame, in this case, a screwdriver or spanner will be handy. If you have both, this will make the process faster. But choose the right size spanner or screwdriver.

To tighten a screw, hold it in the screwdriver or spanner jaw then move it anticlockwise until it snugly fits with the structure. Pliers can also be used to fasten the screws instead. Even you can use an electric drill here. For your information, these tools are important during taking apart the trampoline too.

Electric Drill

No power tool is required actually in the assembly process of a trampoline. But it’s optional you can use a power drill to attach the screws fast. This helps you during dismantling the trampoline to loosen the screws rapidly and easily.

Rubber Mallet

A rubber mallet is recommended tool for trampoline disassembly. It’s not too heavy and not very hard. Mallet will help you to put the springs in the right place as well as drive the screws in a proper way. It’s also handy during anchoring the stakes in the ground.


glove-as-trampoline-installation-toolsHand gloves are used to protect your hand during trampoline installation and dismantling. Gloves will help to handle heavy items like frame parts. This will also keep your hand safe from hurting by the springs, frame edges, and other sharp things. Double-coating gloves will work well here.

FAQs on Trampoline Tools Needed

What tools and accessories are needed to assemble a sunken trampoline?

In-ground trampolines require some additional tools and accessories to install them in the right way. Besides the usual tools like a spring puller, hammer, screwdriver, and gloves, you might need a shovel or excavator machine, and many other things for hole preparation, retaining wall making, and other tasks.

What tools do you need to install a mini-trampoline?

Like the backyard trampoline, you needn’t many tools to assemble the mini indoor trampoline or rebounder. Most mini trampolines allow to install them using a spring or bungee-pulling t-hook.


By now you know the names of the tools needed to put a trampoline together even if that is a big adult-sized one. Whether you are a professional trampoline installer or a DIYer, these tools are a must to install the trampoline properly. Most of them come with the trampoline package but you can also purchase them separately.

These are not very expensive but will save time and effort. So, before installing the trampoline check you have all these tools and then proceed for a quick trampoline installation.

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