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Trampoline Care & Trampoline Maintenance: 11 Things You Should Never Avoid


Trampoline Care & Trampoline Maintenance: 11 Things You Should Never Avoid

Last Updated on January 25, 2023

A quality trampoline costs a handsome investment. No matter how pricey or sturdy your trampoline is, without proper care and maintenance, your favorite trampoline will fall apart. In order to assure the sound health of your trampoline, you have to perform proper trampoline care. It is a very good habit that every trampoline lover should have. But many trampoline owners are not so sincere in trampoline maintenance.

Again, there are some people who think that the trampoline is being taken care of only in the winter. This is also wrong. To keep your trampoline in shape you have to maintain it throughout the year. But the maintenance steps vary depending on the weather. In this article, we will discuss the most basic things on how to maintain and care for the trampoline properly.

What is Trampoline Care or Trampoline Maintenance, btw?


If you are a beginner or just have got your first trampoline, you may wonder what the heck trampoline caring is. Well, whenever we mention the maintenance trampoline, we mean a series of small steps that are to be followed from the beginning of the trampoline setup and then afterward regularly. Those steps include various tasks like installing the trampoline properly, regular checkups, cleaning, etc.

A Good Location is a Key

You may think since you have a sturdy trampoline you can place it anywhere in the backyard as long as there is enough space. In fact, you are not wrong actually. But it will be better if you can find a shady place where the land is even.

Even places are great for the perfect setup of the frame on which the whole trampoline lies.  As long as the frame is established properly, you will have great jumps along with a great life period for your trampoline.

Though most of the top-rated trampolines come with UV-protected mats and other materials, the sun will tear them eventually if the trampoline is left in the sun without any care. That’s why we always suggest picking a shady place. Again, avoid a place where trees or branches of trees are nearby.

This way you can protect your trampoline from accumulated leaves and other elements from the trees. You should never place the trampoline under trees or branches. Otherwise, an injury like back pain may happen while jumping high in the sky.

Setup Your Trampoline Properly

Most of the trampolines come with an explanatory instruction manual. Some manufacturers even provide video tutorials. Some trampolines are really easy to set up, while some are a little bit tricky depending on the trampoline type. Whatever the case you have to stick to the manual all along. Most trampoline setup requires multiple persons.

Once you have selected a perfect location for the trampoline, you are ready to set up your trampoline. Most importantly you set up the frame firmly without any twist or gap. Otherwise, your trampoline will get weaker with each jump. There are some important tools required while you are installing your trampoline.

They are hand gloves, spring pool tools, etc. Many manufacturers provide them with trampoline boxes and others don’t. So it is better to check them while buying the trampoline.

Check Your Trampoline Regularly

Regular maintenance is necessary for pretty much everything in this world whether it is your own health, mobile phones, cars, or trampolines. If you take regular care and maintain your trampoline properly, the jumpers will remain safe for a long time along with your trampoline.

So make a routine that you will check the trampoline after a certain period of time. And that time can be a couple of weeks, every month, or every two months. Remember that, the most often you can check the trampoline, the greater your trampoline health will be.

It is natural that sometimes you will be too busy to inspect your trampoline deeply. But you have to check properly after some intervals, especially after storms, rain, or the winter. While checking the trampoline pay attention to everything like the frame, springs, jumping mat, pad, safety net, enclosure zipper, etc. And don’t neglect the cleanliness of your trampoline. Never use any dirty trampoline.

Avoid Shoes & Jewelry


You should jump with bare feet or you can wear socks maximum. Never jump on a trampoline while wearing shoes. This may cause great harm to the jumping mat. Since shoes could have pinch points they can tear the mat badly with time. And shoes put lots of pressure while you are jumping on a trampoline wearing them.

You should not carry any jewelry or sharp or pointed things in your hands or pockets while jumping on the trampoline. They may also cause harm to the trampoline mat accidentally.

Keep in Mind the Weight Limits

Every trampoline comes with some weight limits for the jumpers. Kids’ trampolines have some weight and age limits. Similar limits go for adults’ and kids’ trampolines. Generally, adult trampolines have more weight limits than kids’ trampolines.

As long as you don’t cross the weight limit your trampoline will remain safe for a long time. Extra weight will put a huge impact on the trampoline and make your trampoline weak in the long run.

One easy way to maintain the weight limit is to restrict the number of jumpers to one. It sounds easy but is really hard to implement. Besides, a single jumper will be safer for own self than multiple jumpers. There will be no chance of collision.

If you can’t restrict the number of jumpers, try not to cross the weight limit at least. And you can invest in a high-end trampoline with more weight limits and safety features like spring-free trampolines or gymnastics trampolines.

Trampoline Covers Are Handy

The trampoline cover is an important accessory for taking care of the trampoline throughout the year. If you can’t find a shady place to set up your trampoline, a cover can save your trampoline from the hot sun to some extent. Again you can cover your favorite trampoline in the rain and prevent water from entering your trampoline.

To use a cover in the winter, you have to take some facts into consideration. Trampoline covers may enable moisture to accumulate beneath and thus your trampoline spring or frame may get rusted. So if you use a cover in the winter you have to remove the cover from time to time so that moisture can be dried naturally.

Never Neglect the Wind Stakes

Wind stakes are really great to provide your trampoline with more stability and safety during rough stormy weather. Some trampolines come with wind stakes and others don’t. You have to purchase them additionally. Extreme storms may blow your trampoline and hamper your or others’ homes. Quality wind stakes can save from such a disaster.

If possible you should invest in quality wind stakes. Or if you know a bad storm is coming secure your trampoline by dissembling it and storing it in a secure place.

Trampoline Care in Different Weather

Trampoline Care in Different Weather

You have to take care of your trampoline throughout the year. But the steps of maintaining the trampoline differ according to the weather. In this section, we will discuss the basic maintenance steps during various seasons.


During winter, snow will fall as usual and freezing temperatures will prevent you from jumping on the trampoline. So if it is possible for you, we will suggest you disassemble the trampoline and store it in a secure place. In this process, you have to undergo the hassle of dissembling the trampoline and assembling it when the weather is ok. But honestly speaking the hassle is worth of. If you don’t want to dismantle it, then learn how to move it without taking it apart.

Now, if you are willing to disassemble the trampoline in winter and have the intention to jump on the trampoline during winter when the weather is friendly, you can use a quality cover with certain precautions. Covers generally allow moisture to accumulate beneath. This way rust will occur in the frame and spring.

And you can avoid using covers in the winter at all. In that case, make sure you clear the snow from time to time and at once after heavy snowfall occurs. Accumulating snow will create huge pressure on the frame and jumping mat.

All the safety measures we are suggesting are to ensure the long life of your trampoline. Some manufacturers claim that you can keep your trampoline as it is even in the winter without taking any significant measures. Well, that’s up to you whether you will take any precautionary steps or not.


If you have completely dissembled the trampoline, before setting it up again, check each and every part very carefully. And if necessary replace the hampered parts with ones. And if you have just left the trampoline outside for a while, clean the trampoline properly before using it. It is a must to inspect the mat, pad, and enclosure net for any sort of wear and tear before jumping on the trampoline again.


When you dry your clothes for a long time in the sun you know what happens to the clothes. Keep the fact in your find while leaving the trampoline for a long time in the sun day after day. The easiest solution to this can be a shady place in your backyard. Or you can place your trampoline near a tree but far enough from hanging branches.

If you have nothing of those things, just get a quality trampoline cover and use it whenever you are not jumping on the trampoline for a while. Keep the accessories like the basketball hoops of your trampoline neat and clean too.

Storms and wind will occur from time to time and gather pebbles, dry leaves, tree branches, etc. on your trampoline mat. So clean them whenever it is necessary. During rain, cover your trampoline and inspect it properly after rain to remove water from the frames and springs. Normally they will dry naturally. But we still suggest inspecting them. Since too much water for a long time may cause rust even in the galvanized steel.


In the fall, leaves from trees might be piled up in the trampoline bed. So, at this time, the main consideration is cleaning the leaves from the trampoline bed. You have to sweep the mat to remove leaves from there. Sometimes twigs and seeds might harm the mat especially if they are sharp enough. If they are stuck in the mat, this might hurt your kids. So, before every jump uses a leaf blower or clear off the leaves using a broom.

Replace the Parts When Necessary

If you maintain proper care for your favorite trampoline, your trampoline will accompany you for a satisfactory period of time. In the process, if you find any parts like springs are rusted or the jumping mat is torn, you should replace them without any delay.

Or if you are lucky enough to be still in the warranty period claim that as soon as possible. If you neglect any problem considering that small enough, that negligible problem will result in great loss in the long run. So be someone of action.

Avoid Exposure to Certain Elements

In general, any quality trampoline is sturdy enough to endure wind, storm, sun, and moisture. But you should never leave your trampoline for a long time in the sun or rain. There is no loss in being careful with your trampoline. Rather, with proper care and maintenance, you are just adding years to your trampoline.

Warranty Coverage

Most of the top trampoline manufacturers like Zupapa trampolines, and Sportspower trampolines provide a different warranty period for the frame, spring, mat, and other things. Among them, some offer a warranty for 10 years or even for a lifetime which is really great. They may cost more than other ones. If you have no budget problem, always go for a trampoline with more warranty time.

FAQs on Trampoline Care & Maintenance

How to care for your trampoline basketball kit?

In high winds, detach the net and basketball hoop. Teach your children not to hang on to the basketball kit.

How do care spring pad of the trampoline?

The spring pad and springs should have some space between them to extend the pad lifespan. In cold weather and rain detach the safety cover.

Final Words

Every trampoline lover knows his trampoline is worthy of great care. Trampoline care is not limited to our suggested steps only, rather it is an ongoing process. If you go along, you will find what is really necessary for your favorite trampoline maintenance. Good luck with your trampoline!

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