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Trampoline Frame Repair: Fix Your Trampoline Frame or Net Pole Easily


Trampoline Frame Repair: Fix Your Trampoline Frame or Net Pole Easily

Last Updated on October 5, 2023

Trampoline is an expensive apparatus for both indoor and outdoor exercise, sport, and recreation. Though the trampoline is a sturdy enough tool, nevertheless, sometimes it can be fragile or bend in many places, particularly the trampoline frame or net pole. However, it is simple to fix if you know the process of repairing the trampoline frame or the net pole.

Trampoline Frame Repair: How to Fix a Warped/Broken Trampoline

If you are determined to throw away or want to hire a trampoline mechanic to repair your bend or broken trampoline, I’ll suggest you take a look over this article and you may repair it easily at home. Having technical expertise and the proper equipment, a bent or damaged trampoline frame or net pole may be simply bent back into form.

Moreover, by appending some components to the framework, you may fortify its weak places. Attaching a metal substance entangle to the weak place to make the frame or pole sturdier. Along with that, attaching an extra pole to the weak point, as a trampoline leg, to sustain the robustness of the trampoline frame, net pole, or enclosure.

How to Fix Out Bent Trampoline Frame or Net Pole


Most of the time, the trampoline frame is bent by any pressure, percussion, or hit on the frame. You can make two approaches to fix out bent trampoline frames. The initial is attempting to turn the bending part back to the previous state, while the latter is rebuilding it again.

Turning Back the Bent Trampoline Frame or Net Pole


Turning back the trampoline frame or net pole to form may be exceedingly dangerous since the pipe has the potential to shatter altogether. You’ll have to apply pressure on it using clamps or a hammer to turn the structure back. It’s critical to apply steady pressure and keep an eye out for a fracture or joint point.

If a fracture forms, it indicates the trampoline frame or the net pole is about to annihilate, therefore going any farther is pointless. In such a scenario, attach a metal substance entangle to the bent place. It can give extra support to the frame if there remains any danger to bent more in place.

If you can fix the bend into shape, you must accept that it will not be flawless. Because the material has already been compromised, it is still prone to further bending.

Rebuilding the Frame or Net Pole Bent Parts or Legs

Rebuilding the Frames or Net Pole Bent Parts

If there is a bend in the enclosure’s main pipe, it is advisable to rebuild the whole portion. Because there is a great concern about safety. But before rebuilding or replacing any pipe of the trampoline frame, you need to follow these steps-

  • The foremost step is to dispel every spring which attaches the pipe to release the pressure
  • After that, it’s better to replace the pipe with the best component of the trampoline frame and create a way for a new one
  • You’ll need to measure the precise amplitude of the trampoline frames and select another pipe that will fit the frame
  • Attach the joint more carefully to make it sturdier and don’t keep any frailties to install
  • At last, you can wrap the place with padding and tape to ensure extra safety measures


Source: gettrampoline.com

Straightening a Bent Trampoline Frame, Enclosure, or Pole

Straightening a trampoline pole generally straight the trampoline leg which sustains the whole mass of the trampoline. Though trampoline legs are relatively small pieces of a pole, attaching to the frame, there is no complexity to fix out. To press it back into its proper shape, you need to utilize a sleeve tube, an adjustable spanner, or you can use a squeezer tool.

A sleeve tube is an apparatus which a slightly bigger girth tube that fixes the bent places of the tube. When the bend’s angle isn’t too steep, you can attempt to slide it to the place whither it bends. After that, you need to use the hammer to make it straighten and observe the places where the bent is located.

Source: doityourself.com

Repair a Broken Trampoline Frame, Enclosure, or Pole by Welding

Don’t be concerned if the frame or pole of your trampoline is broken! You can fix it by welding on the broken frame or the pole. Welding is a construction method that combines materials, generally metals, by melting the components together and allowing them to cool, resulting in infusion.

It differs from lower-temperature metal-joining processes like soldering and brazing in that it does not melt the base metal. So, there’s no risk for the frame or pole to be spoiled or damaged. Furthermore, it’ll strengthen the sustainability of the frame or poles.


What Is the Cause of Your Trampoline Warped?

Before you get into the intricacies of how you’ll repair the damage, you need to figure out what triggered it. There are several reasons why a trampoline frame has a warp or bend. In most situations, excessive usage is to blame.

You must consider the fact that trampolines must bear a tremendous amount of force or pressure and repercussions. Depending on the brand’s quality, the entire structure may become loose or perhaps collapse totally.

Furthermore, one of the springs may shatter, weakening the framework. As a result, you have a trampoline frame or a bent leg. In other circumstances, leaving the trampoline exposed to adverse weather conditions such as extreme cold, thunderstorms, and hot days for an extended time may cause it to break.

Precautions for Repairing a Trampoline

Being structured with the metal component, trampolines frame, enclosure, or pole can be rebuilt. Though trampoline is jumping equipment for people of all ages. Here is a great safety concern, if the enclosure, frame, or pole become bent, broken, damaged, or sometimes rusty.

In these conditions, the consequences of a hazardous accident. So, before jumping on a trampoline, check and double-check the trampoline frame and pole if there is any frailty! Repair the frame or pole depending on the condition of the pipe.

If its sustainability becomes less, no need to bend the frame. Always put a cover on the trampoline after not getting rusted. You should better replace the pipe in case. You may also replace tiny items like springs and screws with superior ones.

Questions on Trampoline Repair (Frame, Net Pole)

How to fix a warped trampoline?

You can fix a warped trampoline with pressure which is a bit risky. You can also repair the bent parts.

How to fix a broken pole?

The easiest and most effective way is to do it by the welding method.

Why is my trampoline bowing?

Bowing happens because of various reasons. Applying too much pressure, uneven ground, exposure to harsh weather, and faults in the material are the primary causes.

How to fix trampoline net poles?

Depending on the situation of the net poles, you can either apply the heat-pressure method or repair the parts.

How to fix a bent trampoline pole?

Like the frame repair, you can do it by applying heat first and then pressuring it to get back in shape.


Trampoline frame or pole repair is a common issue among trampoline users. After long-term use, every trampoline risks bending or breaking while using. But you should remember that you can’t leave a trampoline outdoors and expect everything to be alright.

You must remember that a trampoline is a metallic item, and like any other product, it will not endure forever. You can, however, extend its life by doing routine refurbishment. That, of course, implies you’ll have to put in some effort, but it’ll be well worth it.

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