Trampoline Size Guide: Ultimate Trampoline Size Chart!

Last Updated on September 22, 2021

Owning a perfect size trampoline is important because it will maximize bouncing and entertainment as well as prevent you from severe injuries. When it’s time to pick the best size trampolines, most of us may have a dilemma about which is the perfect size, as there are abundant options. It will be more complicated when you see diverse trampoline shapes and types.

Well, we come with the trampoline size guide that will clarify your worries and help you to pick the right one from different trampoline sizes. So, keep reading and enjoy the comprehensive trampoline size chart.


Trampoline Size Guide: How to Choose The Right Size of Trampoline

Trampoline size guideTrampolines come in various sizes and shapes for numerous purposes. Each size has a special field of use. You may have a large or small backyard and need the perfect size of the trampoline.  To figure out the perfect size trampoline, you need to know and consider a few things. They are discussed below.

Pre-Considering Factors

If you plan to determine which are is the perfect trampoline size for your kids, then you should think of some facts first. These include –

  • Who will use the trampoline?
  • What is your garden size for the trampoline setup?
  • What is your budget?

Shape-wise Standard Trampoline Sizes

You’ve already known, there are different shapes of trampolines such as round, oval, rectangular, square, octagonal, in-ground trampoline, water trampoline, spring free trampolines, and many more. Normally, round or circular trampolines are used for entertainment and rectangular trampolines are used for gymnastics purposes.

Typically, observed boys prefer round trampolines and when they grow they tend to choose rectangular ones. Girls have a tendency to choose rectangular trampolines over round as they like to dance and gymnastics routines.

However, the shape isn’t all, size is also an important factor. Usually, trampoline standard sizes vary from 8ft to 15ft. But there are also more sizes that we have discussed below according to their shapes.

Round Trampolines Size Consideration

Round shapes trampolines provide central pulling bouncing which is actually safe than all other bouncers. Several popular round trampoline common sizes are 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 15 ft, etc. They all have distinct uses.

If you need a kids trampoline and haven’t any large backyard then 8ft and 10 ft round trampolines are absolutely good. They are budget-friendly also. These trampolines are perfect for small families with smaller kids that keep your kids safe from injuries. They allow jumping 1 kid at a time.


The 12ft round trampolines are good for most usual families with 2 kids. They don’t have lots of space but allow 2 kids to bounce at a time even young’s can also bounce on them. This 121ft trampoline is good for flipping.

When your family has grown up and you need the biggest trampolines then the 14ft and 15ft trampolines are well enough. If your kids are above 10 and they invite their friends then these large-size trampolines are highly recommended for you.

Rectangular Trampolines Size Consideration

Rectangular trampolines are referred to as gymnasts’ trampolines. Few available most common trampoline sizes are 7x10ft, 8x12ft, 9x14ft, 10x17ft, 14x16ft, and many more.

The 7x10ft trampolines are good for small families and compact gardens. They are good for similar purposes as the 8ft and 10ft round trampolines. But they provide even bounce on all surfaces.

If you are looking for trampolines for 12 or 13 years old junior gymnasts then the 8x12ft and 9x14ft rectangular trampolines are quite good. They are good bouncers and need small spaces than the 12ft circular trampolines. These trampolines are good for use as in-ground trampolines.

Whenever you need the Olympic size trampoline then 10x17ft trampolines are perfect. They are not suitable for toddlers unless they are grown enough. These trampolines need a large backyard as well as plentiful investment. They are good for general families and self-invented ball games.


The 14x16ft trampolines are almost square trampolines. They are good for ages 15 to 19+ and have enough spaces for wrestling, soccer. These trampolines are good for tumbling and practicing techniques.

Age-wise Average Trampoline Sizes

You may wonder which size of trampolines are good whether for kids or adults. Actually, as the kids’ ages grow, you need to pick large sizes of trampolines. We will discuss different sizes of trampolines here according to kids’ ages.

While you need trampolines for toddlers ages 1 to 3 years old then we recommend the toddlers or mini trampolines for them. These specially designed trampolines give hurtless bouncing. If you need trampolines for 4 years kids then the mini trampolines or 4.5 to 6ft trampolines are fairly good.

In the case of 5 to 6 years kids, 6 to 10ft trampolines will be okay. If the kids’ age is 7 to 9 years then 8 to 12ft trampolines will work well. For 10 years old, you should take the 12 to 14ft trampolines.

If your children are 11 to 13 years old don’t take anything lower than 12ft and never exceed 16ft. For teenagers of ages 14 to 16 years old, you must pick the trampolines more than 14ft.

The adults who need gymnast trampolines are recommended to the Olympic trampolines. If you want to use a trampoline to maintain fitness then the rebounders’ workouts are good options.

Trampoline Size Chart for All

Here is the size chart for trampolines for you:

Age Standard Size Indoor / Outdoor
1-3 Years Old Toddler / Mini Trampoline Indoor
4 Years Old Mini Trampoline / 4.5ft / 6ft Indoor & Outdoor
5-6 Years Old 6ft Trampoline – 10ft Trampoline Outdoor
7-9 Years Old 8ft Trampoline – 12ft Trampoline Outdoor
10 Years Old 12ft Trampoline – 14ft Trampoline Outdoor
11-13 Years Old 12ft Trampoline – 16ft Trampoline Outdoor / In-ground
14-16 Years Old 14ft Trampoline+ Outdoor
Adult (Gymnast) 10x17ft Outdoor
Adult (Fitness) Mini Trampoline / Rebounder Indoor

How to Measure Standard Trampoline Size?

Though most trampolines have their specific sizes, it is better to know how to measure the standard trampoline size. It will help you on various occasions like determining the free spaces of the backyard or the other places where you are planning to place the trampoline or simply planning to winterize it. Trampoline size measurement is very easy once you know the actual process. In the following section, we will briefly mention the basics of measuring the different trampolines.

How to Measure Round Trampolines


  • Start measuring from the outer edge of the frame and continue up to the exact position of the opposite side. Try to hold and measure as straight as you can.
  • Continue the same process, but this time in the perpendicular direction of the first measurement.
  • If both the readings same, that will be great. If not just calculate the average of both readings. Thus you will get an approximation of the actual trampoline size.

How to Measure Square/Rectangle Trampolines


  • First, measure one side from the outer edge to the outer edge of the frame.
  • Then measure the opposite sides, for square trampolines both the readings will be the same.
  • For rectangular trampolines, you will get different readings.

How to Measure Octagonal Trampolines


  • For octagonal trampolines, you have to measure from one corner to the exact opposite corner.
  • Follow the same process in perpendicular directions.
  • Calculate the average of both readings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Trampoline Size is best for me?

It actually depends on your requirements and the available space you have. Therefore, you can choose

  • 8ft-10ft trampolines for small backyards
  • 12ft trampolines for medium-sized backyards
  • Larger than 12ft size for open areas

Which Trampoline Size is Standard for Gymnasts?

You should try to match the standard size which is 10ft X 17ft. If that is hard for you, try to get as closer as you can.

What Are The Size Variations of Mini Trampolines?

Just like any other trampolines, mini trampolines come in various sizes. Several kids size indoor trampolines are 36″, 38″, 40″, 48″, 55″, 60″, 72″, 84″, and many more. Adults mini trampolines or rebounders sizes usually come with 32″, 36″, 38″, 40″, 48″, 52″, etc.

Do All Brands of Trampolines Come with The Same Sizes?

Not yet, different trampoline brands manufacture different sizes of trampolines. They manufacture according to market demands and their forecast reports. But, you may see some common sizes of trampolines amongst different brands.

How High Is A Trampoline?

Normally, 6 to 8ft trampolines ground height is 2ft, and larger sizes height is approximately 3ft. And their height with the safety net varies from 6 to 9ft.


Choosing the right size of the trampoline is very important. After reading the trampoline size guide, you now learn the standard sizes for different purposes. Don’t ignore the right size of trampolines while purchasing yours. It’ll maximize exercise at the same time entertain you a lot while providing you the perfect bounce. Therefore, you will burn calories in an enjoyable way.

With the help of this trampoline size chart, purchase the most suitable ones for kids or families. Enjoy the great performance of perfect size trampolines and never forget to maintain them properly!


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