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What Time Does The Trampoline Park Close?


What Time Does The Trampoline Park Close?

Last Updated on October 5, 2023

What time does the trampoline park close?

The Trampoline park is great amusement for kids to adults even for seniors. Before you visit any trampoline park, it’s wise to know the attractions, opening and ending times, cost, etc. Knowing the opening and closing times is important so you reach or exit there at the right time.

The opening and closing times may vary due to locations and seasons. Even the closing time might also be different from branch to branch under the same park or it may vary a bit for special days. In this article, we’ll give you an idea of what time does the trampoline park close. Let’s move on!

What Time Does The Trampoline Park Close: For Different Prominent Parks

Altitude Trampoline Park


Altitude trampoline park of different locations provides the best flips and tricks and trains kids for better jump life. Here kids and adults find numerous attractions for great fun such as Dodgeball, Warped Wall, Main Court, etc. If you want you can invite your friends to parties. Also, you can get a membership to this park to enjoy great discounts at the altitude trampoline park and its advantages.

Opening and ending times of Altitude park vary from one branch to another. Tampa Altitude park opens at 10 am every day except Saturday at 9:30 am. On the other hand, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday it closes at 9 pm, whereas Friday and Saturday the park close at 11 pm, and the ending time for Sunday is 8 pm.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Sky Zone is an international trampoline park having more than 200 parks worldwide including the US, UK, Mexico, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, India, and Guatemala. The attractions vary with park location. However, some of the common attractions are Freestyle Jump, Foam, Zone, Toddler Zone, Speed Zone, Drop Zone, etc.

Fenton Sky Zone park Opens at 10 am and closes at 11 pm in general. But due to parties or special events, the park closes at 8:30 pm for a few days. So, it’s recommended to know the opening and ending times of the park while purchasing a ticket for a specific day.

Closing Time of Urban Air Adventure Park

Closing Time of Urban Air Adventure Park

If you look for a trampoline park with lots of facilities then Urban Air Adventure Park will be a cool option. But the attractions vary with the place. Some of the common attractions are Drop Zone, Sky Rider, ProZone Performance Trampolines, Runway, Slam Dunk Zone, and so on. In Urban Airpark, you will find a luxurious cafe with numerous foods and snacks. So, you can arrange birthday parties there for abundant fun.

Urban Air trampoline park has more than 170 branches in the US. Their opening and ending times may vary from one another. Ahwatukee Urban Air closes at 8 pm on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, whereas the closing time for Friday and Saturday is 9 pm. But, on holidays and special hours, the closing time may vary.

Flip N Fun Trampoline Park

For trampoline lovers, Flip N Fun park is a recognized name. The park is situated in Ruston, Texas. It has numerous attractions and facilities for family fun for all ages. Flip N Fun center includes Trampoline Park, Laser Tag Arena, Bumper Cars, Pizzeria, etc. The park closes at 9 pm from Sunday to Thursday. On the other hand, Friday and Saturday it closes at 10 pm.

Rebound Trampoline Park

Rebound trampoline park is a new entertainment park for individuals, families, and groups of people. From 5 to 50 people, you can rebound together in the park. In Meridian, United States it has several branches for fun and exercise. The park runs four days a week. Friday and Saturday it closes at 11 pm whereas Sunday it closes at 9 pm and Monday at 10 pm.

AirMaxx Cloud Trampoline Park

AirMaxx Cloud Trampoline Park

AirMaxx Cloud is not only a park but also an adventure. It includes numerous attractions like Trampolines, Virtual Reality Booths, Ninja Warrior Course, etc. You can also rent inflatables from AirMaxx. The special events include Flips and Chips, Power Hour, Glow Party, and many more.

AirMaxx Cloud park publishes one monthly calendar and maintains the schedule for opening and closing. Several days the park closes at 3 pm or 5 pm, 9 pm, or 10 pm. There is actually no fixed time here, you have to follow the schedule from their website.

Get Air Trampoline Park (What Time Does the Trampoline Park Close)

Get Airpark is a wonderful trampoline park. It is an international park having branches in the US, Canada, Japan, Belgium, etc. In the USA, you will find Get Airpark in numerous locations having plentiful attractions like Trampolines, Kiddie Court, Foam Pit, Dodgeball, Slackline, etc. The park gets open 7 days a week.

Pomona Get Airpark closes at 8 pm on Sunday to Thursday, whereas Friday and Saturday the park close at 7 pm. But on special days like March 20, the park closes at 1 pm and on May 15 it closes at 1:30 pm.

End Words

Hopefully, you got ideas on what time does the trampoline park close. So, whenever you plan to go to the top trampoline park, maintain the time to avoid visiting on off days and after closing the park. You can share the article with your friends so they get the information too.

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