What to Wear to A Trampoline Park (Outfits)

Last Updated on February 7, 2023

Every occasion has its own outfit, right? You never wear a swimming trunk to the office or office uniform to the swimming pool and so on. When you think of trampoline park clothing, the same things happen. Not every outfit is ideal for the trampoline amusement park opened by various groups. The trampoline park has its own attire for flexibility, safety, and comfort.

So, what to wear to a trampoline park? The best answer is the trampoline park itself where you are visiting. Most trampoline parks have their own attire guideline. In this article, we’ll provide an in-depth guide in this regard. So, stay tuned!

Trampoline Park Outfits Guide For Boys and Girls


We’ve enlisted several common trampoline park outfit ideas that you can wear at the trampoline park. Also, there are several clothes that you should avoid for safety and a better experience, we also included them too.

What to Wear to A Trampoline Park?

Tight T-Shirt

This is an essential cloth for any cost-level trampoline park. You shouldn’t wear strapless because it could make the top downward. It may also tug your clothing, which is not good for having fun all day long. On the other hand, a fitting t-shirt will provide you comfort without worrying about the top.

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Yoga Pants

Yoga pants aren’t ideal for the workplace, but they are the perfect attire for high trampoline bounce. As yoga pants are elastic made that stretch easily thus make ideal for mobility. Also, they are tight enough in the waist so there is no chance of falling or slipping off.

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Cargo Pants

If you don’t own yoga pants, cargo pants are also a good choice. This will provide almost the same performance as yoga pants. Shorts are not ideal for trampoline parks due to trampoline and plastic burn. But not all pants are good for the trampoline. For example, jeans are not good to wear as they are very tight and their seams are not plain.

If you jump with jeans there is a high risk of splitting the pants. This is very embarrassing and it will stop you from having fun.

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Socks may increase traction on board which might ruin your jumping fun. Most trampoline parks are maintained well regularly thus there is no need for socks there. For example, you needn’t wear socks in Flip N Fun trampoline park as they use spic-and-span for their trampolines. But, socks provide good traction for the slippery surface. Thus some trampoline parks like a glow-in-the-dark one recommend trampoline socks for better traction.

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Tie Up Your Hair

Before getting on the trampolines, it’s also necessary to tie up your hair. Bouncing like a pro on the trampoline with free hair is fun but it may be a safety hazard. Suddenly it might be tangled with a trampoline which can cause serious injury like back pain. So, tie your hair for a safe bounce.

Take Off Your Jewelry

As you are going to board on your bounce, it’s wise to take off all the jewelry like necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. A necklace can be a great hazard if tied up on the trampoline. So, most trampoline parks recommend putting off your jewelry before you get on the trampoline for safe jumping. Besides safety, this jewelry can be broken which is also a loss for you.

No Skirt

Usual dresses or skirts aren’t a good item for bouncing on the trampoline. When visiting an adult trampoline park, wear a dress that covers more skin. Bad clothing can be a reason to refrain from bouncing. There are many cute outfits to wear to the park, like trampoline leggings.

No Short

Shorts are also unacceptable attire for the trampoline park. Although shorts allow good mobility they exposed too much skin which might be embarrassing too. As shorts show more skin thus there is a high chance of occurring injury and plastic burns. This could cause partial even permanent injury.

Wear Slip-On Shoes

Tennis shoes or socks are not a good option for an indoor trampoline park. This is awkward in most cases as you don’t get enough place to put it on and off. Some trampoline parks like Rebounderz allow wearing slip-on. It will save you time and you can easily put it on and off. They need less room so you can store them in the locker or cubby without any hassle.

Don’t Bring a Big Purse

The fewer things you bring to the park the better. If you tote a large purse, you’ll limit your mobility as well as your cubby or locker. Also, having a big purse, you’ll draw thieves’ attention easily as they’ll think there might be valuable things inside. So, most quality trampoline parks encourage you to bring a few items so that you can maximize your fun instead of bag handling.

Boys Trampoline Park Outfits

Boys Should Wear These Clothing in Trampoline Park

  • Comfortable T-Shirt
  • Shorts with elastic waistband
  • Tuck the shirt into the shorts
  • Bare feet

Boys Should Avoid These Clothing in Trampoline Park

  • Denim, twill shorts, or khaki
  • Shirts that can cover your face if upside down
  • Socks, shoes, or sneakers
  • Belt with buckles
  • Clothing studs

Girls Trampoline Park Attire

Girls Should Wear These Clothing in Trampoline Park

  • Leotard
  • Bike shorts or athletic shorts
  • Comfortable t-shirt
  • Tuck the t-shirt into shorts or pants
  • Bare feet

Girls Should Avoid These Clothing in Trampoline Park

  • Long hair, avoid jumping with it down
  • Long hair should be pulled up into a bun
  • Loose-fitting clothes
  • Denim, khaki, or twill shorts
  • Shirts that may cover your face when upside down
  • Shoes, socks, or sneakers

What to Wear on Sky Zone?

Sky Zone is a popular trampoline park. Here we’ll learn what they recommend to wear on their trampoline.

What should I wear to Sky Zone?

Sky Zone doesn’t have any strict dress code but you should consider athleisure or activewear. But they recommend SkySocks.

Can I Reuse SkySocks?

Yes, you can. But, bring them back on your next visit.

Is There Locker in Sky Zone?

Yes, Sky Zone has rent lockers to keep valuable things.

Can I Wear a Hat at Sky Zone?

Yes, you can. But you are responsible if it gets lost.

Can you wear jeans at a trampoline park?

No, you can’t.

Are Sky Zone Socks Free?

Socks’ prices are included in the ticket. But you can buy them separately from Sky Zone at $3 per pair.

How Much is a Trampoline Park Sock?

Most trampoline socks are available between $2.5 to $5. But their price may vary with trampoline parks. Some parks include the price with tickets while others do not include the package. But you can buy socks from there.

Questions on Trampoline Attire

Is it ok to wear shoes on a trampoline?


Answer: This depends on shoe quality. Leather soles shoes can damage the trampoline mat thus it’s good to avoid these. It can make your trampoline tricks harder and even cause injury due to slipping. We recommended going barefoot. If you still want them, choose flexible rubber soles shoes or gymnastic slippers.

They are slip-resistant and comfortable which will allow controlled trampoline jumps. Moreover, if you go with shoes make sure there are no stones under the soles that could damage the mat severely (it also helps to protect your feet from becoming black because of dirt).

Can you wear jeans at Urban Air?

Answer: No, Urban Air trampoline park doesn’t allow jeans.

What is the Urban Air dress code?

Answer: First of all, you must wear a wristband of Urban Air provided by the park authority. Each has a dedicated color. You can’t wear shoes on a trampoline.

When jumping on a trampoline, empty your pockets of keys, chains, or any sharp objects. Follow the instruction of the court monitor and ask if you are confused.

What do you wear to a trampoline party?

Answer: At a trampoline party, wear as usual attire that we’ve discussed above like yoga pants and fitting t-shirts. Also avoid socks, skirts, and shorts.

Can I wear jeans to Flip Out?

Answer: No, avoid jeans while jumping on the trampoline for safety hazards. Flip Out trampoline park doesn’t permit jeans.

How much are Defy Gravity socks?

Answer: Defy Gravity socks are available at $3.

Final Thoughts

We hope this trampoline attire guide will help you understand what to wear to a trampoline park and what to avoid. So, next time when you visit any trampoline park, have proper clothing. The right trampoline outfits not only increase your safety but also extend your jumping fun. So, enjoy trampolining!

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