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Why Is My Trampoline Turning My Feet Black and How to Stop It?

Why Is My Trampoline Turning My Feet Black

Why Is My Trampoline Turning My Feet Black and How to Stop It?

Last Updated on October 5, 2023

Trampoline is a great source of recreation to keep everyone active and happy. While jumping on the trampoline you may notice black residue on the mat sometimes, especially, when it’s old enough. If this happens to you, it may make your feet dirty.

So, why is my trampoline turning my feet black?  This may happen due to several reasons like piled dirt and grime as well as build-up carbon, and a few more causes. But don’t worry, you can remove them easily with simple cleaning and regular maintenance.

Let’s discuss the ins and outs of this problem and its solution.

So, Why Is My Trampoline Turning My Feet Black, and How to Get Rid of It?

Why Is My Trampoline Turning My Feet BlackThe Reasons Behind Black Feet on Trampolines

There are several causes that may turn your feet black while trampolining. Here we’ll explain them all.

Carbon from Mat

The trampoline mat is usually made from UV-resistant polypropylene that lasts longer without any deterioration. But nothing lasts forever, and it’s true for trampolines. When the trampoline is exposed to harsh weather, it has to fight against sun, rain, winds, and other environmental elements.

Using the trampoline for a long time, the trampoline mat or spring pad starts to deteriorate due to constant sunlight. Thus, the trampoline mat and spring padding are prone to break down and release carbon residue.

Another reason for the carbon black residue in the trampoline mat may come from the wear and tear of the mat and spring pad after long-term use. Due to this, a small amount of black residue may be released from the trampoline.

Dirt and Grime

Our surrounding has an infinite number of particles that may cause adverse effects on the trampoline. The wind is a potential threat in this case, as it brings harsh elements to the trampoline. And when you jump on the trampoline having accumulated dust, this will turn your feet black.

Other elements that may build up residue from environments are leaves, automobiles smoke, muck, industrial waste floating in the air, dust, gases, etc.

Harsh Cleaning Agents

Sometimes, the solutions you use on the trampoline for cleaning might be the reason for the problems. For instance, when you use any harsh reagents to clean up the trampoline, this could react adversely with the trampoline. This may cause deterioration of the trampoline, especially, in the mat, spring pad, and enclosure net and you may see black dust on the trampoline mat.

How to Determine The Black Residue Is Carbon or Dirt?

It’s important to determine whether the black residue is dirt or carbon. If it’s carbon, it could be threatening to health. In this case, children should be kept away from trampolines as carbon could be hazardous.

To be confirmed, rub your hands on a trampoline mat or scrap your fingernails there. If it’s just dirt, it will be oily. But, if it’s carbon, it’ll feel powdery touch.

Tips to Avoid Turning Your Feet Black from Trampoline

If you want to protect the trampoline from harsh environmental elements, you should take some steps from the very beginning. Here are some suggestions for you.

  • While installing the trampoline, put it in a shady space.
  • Clean your trampoline regularly.
  • Use a trampoline shade cover to protect the trampoline from harsh weather.
  • If you plan to avoid jumping in winter, winterize the trampoline
  • Avoid hard and sharp elements. But specially-made trampoline shoes are okay in some cases.

Tips to Clean Black Dirt from The Trampoline

Let’s know how to clean dirt from the trampoline.

  • Sweep the trampoline mat well with a long-handle broom.
  • Use a bucket of semi-warm soapy water to clean the trampoline. Two or three tablespoons of dish detergent will be good enough to make the soapy solution.
  • Slightly rub the trampoline with a soft brush with a soapy solution until the black residue removes completely.
  • After that rinse the trampoline using a garden hose.
  • Make the trampoline dry before you jump there.

Tips to Remove Trampoline Black Stains from The Clothes

If black residue is on your feet, it can be cleaned easily after washing.  But, when the strain is on the clothes, this will be quite tiresome to remove. However, here are some effective tips to clean off the clothes.

While removing stains from clothes, don’t mix dirty clothes with regular clothes. Keep the cloth soaked overnight in a bucket of detergent water. Mix a single cup of detergent with the water. After that clean by hand or washing machine.

If the cloth gets large and strained, it’s quite difficult to clean it. In this case, you may need to use a solvent-based washing spray for several hours. Then scrub it well and clean it.

Final Words

So, why is my trampoline turning my feet black? This could primarily happen due to harsh elements of the environment or carbon releases from the trampoline. If you see it on the trampoline, determine first what kind of grim this is actually and take necessary actions according to this.

We recommend you use a trampoline cover to protect it from heavy impacts on the environment. And always keep the trampoline clean for making the trampoline hygienic and not-seeing black feet after jumping.

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