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How to Take a Small Indoor Trampoline Apart: 7 Steps!


How to Take a Small Indoor Trampoline Apart: 7 Steps!

Last Updated on October 5, 2023

Indoor trampolines are a great way to have year-round exercise and fun at home. Mini-trampolines are available for children as well as adults. Some of them are foldable for easy carrying and hiding. In some cases, you might need to disassemble these small trampolines. So how to take a small indoor trampoline apart?

This is not so complicated; you can do it by removing all the parts one by one. Today we’ll guide you to dismantle an indoor mini trampoline easily.

How to Take a Small Indoor Trampoline Apart Step by Step?


Like disassembling the outdoor trampolines, there are several steps to take down the indoor trampolines. So, what are the ways to do it?

Step 1: Gather Tools and Accessories

First of all, you need several things to take down the indoor trampoline such as-

  • Clean towel or broom
  • Working gloves
  • Rust removal spray
  • Spring puller tool or its alternatives like pliers, metal chains, screwdrivers, etc.
  • Boxes to store trampoline parts

Step 2: Clean the Trampoline

Before starting the indoor trampoline disassembly, you may need to clean the trampoline well. If there is dust clean it using a broom or towel. You may need to apply rust removal spray to clean the springs.

Step 3: Detach the Spring Pad

After cleaning the trampoline, remove the spring pad from the trampoline. Just untie the straps of the pad and remove the pad completely.

Step 4: Remove the Handle


If the mini trampoline has a handle, detach it. The handle might be attached with legs or frame through screws. So, unscrew the handle from the leg or frame. Some handle has a removable gripper, detach it too from the vertical handle rod.

Step 5: Remove the Legs

Now, put the trampoline upside down. Then remove the trampoline legs by twisting them. Some legs may be fastened by screws, in this case, unscrew them. Don’t forget to check the feet of the legs. After removing the legs keep them in the box.

Step 6: Take Down the Springs and Mat

Taking down an indoor trampoline
Image: Simple Trampoline Team

Springs and mat are connected together. So, when you remove the springs, the mat will be detached automatically. To remove springs, you can use the spring puller tool or any of its alternative options. If the trampoline has bungees, you may need a bungee removal tool.

To detach the spring, hook the v-ring end of the spring and pull it towards the trampoline center. If you hook the springs on the frame side, pull it outside. In this way, take apart all the springs from the trampoline. The mat has also been removed from the construction after removing the springs.

Now, clean the springs and mat well. If you find any rust in the spring apply rust removal spray. But if any spring is too rusty or stretched too much, replace it with a good one. Then fold the mat and keep it inside the box. Also, store the springs in a separate box.

Step 7: Disassemble the Frame

Frame disassembly is an easy task. Just use some hand pressure to take apart the O-rings of the frame. If the rings are connected through screws, unscrew them.

The following video shows how to disassemble mini-trampoline springs and mats using a metal chain.


FAQs on Disassembling an Indoor Trampoline

How much time does it require to take apart a small indoor trampoline?

In most cases, you can do it within 15 to 30 minutes. But some models may need a maximum of 1 hour to detach the mini-trampoline.

Are mini-trampoline disassembly services available?

Yes, indoor small trampoline dismantling services are available. Search on the web with your location or talk with experienced people.


How to take apart a small indoor trampoline apart? The steps are gathering the essential tools, cleaning the trampoline, detaching the handle, untying the spring pad, removing the legs, taking apart the springs and mat, and disassembling the frame.

Mini trampoline disassembly actually requires less effort and time compared to the large trampoline taking down process. By now you know the ins and outs of the indoor trampoline take-apart process. And most importantly, consider the safety factor while dismantling the indoor trampoline.

Also, check this mini trampoline assembly video if you need it. This is my video on the topic:


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