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Rectangle Trampoline Vs Round Vs Square Vs Oval: Which Trampoline Shape?


Rectangle Trampoline Vs Round Vs Square Vs Oval: Which Trampoline Shape?

Last Updated on October 5, 2023

Different types of trampolines evolved over time to fulfill a variety of people’s demands. Some of the common trampoline types are round, rectangle, square, oval, and other complex shapes. Each type is different from others in terms of performance, price, and even size. So, you may wonder which one of these trampolines is ideal for you.

That’s why we’re going to inform you of the difference between a rectangle trampoline vs round, square vs round, and so on. Let’s reveal the facts!

Comparison Among Rectangle Trampoline Vs Round Vs Square Vs Oval

Rectangle Trampoline Vs Round

rectangle trampoline vs round vs square vs oval

Round and rectangular trampolines are two major shapes of trampolines. They have many similarities as well as differences. Let’s know some important dissimilarities between them.

Bouncing Style

Rectangle trampolines give even bounce throughout the jumping mat. On the other hand, round trampolines provide a center-focused bounce. Rectangular trampolines allow you to bounce higher than round models. So if you need a trampoline for gymnasts, the rectangle model will be a more suitable option due to better bouncing.


Round trampolines are mainly used for recreation purposes. But the larger ones are also good for adults and family jumping. On the other hand, rectangular trampolines are designed for athletes and large families. If you are a gymnast, diver, snowsport, G-Tramp aerialist, or parkour athlete rectangular model will be the best fit for you.

Weight Limit

Usually, rectangular trampolines can hold more weight than circular trampolines. This is because of the durable structure and high-quality springs of the rectangle trampolines. Keep in mind, round trampolines engage all the springs when one jumps there but rectangle models only engage the springs near the jump area.


In terms of safety, round models are considered safer compared to rectangular trampolines. Due to center-focused jumps in circular trampolines, they pull the jumper in the middle of the trampoline thus the chance of accidents lessens a lot. But rectangle trampolines are not as safe as the round models as they are designed for skilled jumpers.

Gymnasts know the safety aspects well so they will feel safe in rectangle trampolines still install a safety pad and enclosure net for further safety.


Round trampolines are simply cheaper than rectangular trampolines. This happens because of using professional-grade materials in rectangle trampolines. Another reason for the higher price of the rectangle models is the high jumping power due to the strong springs and top-quality mat.

Square Vs Round Trampoline


Square trampolines are another version of rectangle trampolines so their quality and performance are almost the same as the rectangle models. Let’s know how they differ from round trampolines.


Square trampolines give a higher bounce than round trampolines. They also provide even bounce throughout the jumping mat like rectangle models. Their structural quality and spring performance are better than circular models. Thus square trampolines can us used as a substitute for rectangle trampolines.


If you need an affordable option, round trampolines would be your first choice. Square trampolines are quite expensive than circular trampolines.


We’ve said earlier that the round model pulls jumpers to the middle of the trampoline. On the other hand, square trampolines provide even bounce. So round trampolines are safer than square models.

Round Vs Oval Trampoline

Round and oval shapes trampolines seem almost similar. Their performance is also alike. Round trampolines are widely used but oval ones are not used in general. Here we’ll discuss several differences between these two shapes of trampolines.


Oval trampolines are more spacious than round trampolines. So, if you need more space to practice versatile tricks go ahead with oval trampolines. Oval models will allow several kids to jump together. Keep in mind, you need a larger backyard to set up the oval trampolines. So, if you don’t have enough space in the backyard go for round models.


Both round and oval trampolines are safe when jumping once. But if you want to jump two or several persons together oval trampoline may cause safety hazards as it has two center points. But round trampolines remain safe like before.


Due to size and construction, oval trampolines are more expensive than round models. As round trampolines require fewer materials thus they are more cost-efficient than oval models. If we compare round trampoline assembly oval trampolines require some special attention while installing.

Square Vs Rectangle Trampoline


We’ve said earlier that rectangle and square trampolines are quite similar to each other. But there are some differences between them such as-

Weight Rating and Space

Usually, rectangle trampolines come with a higher weight capacity than square trampolines. This is because of the professional-grade materials in rectangle models. Thus gymnasts prefer the rectangle models as they allow them to perform lots of stunts at once due to larger space.


In terms of price, square trampolines are more affordable options than the rectangle models. So if you look for a low-cost but almost the same quality trampoline the rectangle square model will be the most preferable option. Otherwise, go for the rectangular models.

Rectangle Trampoline Vs Round Vs Square Vs Oval Comparison Chart

  Rectangle Square Oval Round
Bounce Very bouncy Lower than rectangle Lower than square Lower than oval
Price Expensive Pricier than oval Pricier than round Most affordable
Weight limit Highest Lesser than rectangle Lesser than square Lesser than oval
Used By Gymnasts and large families Gymnasts and large families Recreation and family fun-loving people Recreation and family fun-loving people


Hopefully, after reading the comparison among the trampoline types you might understand, between rectangle trampoline vs round which one is perfect for you. In general, go for a rectangle trampoline when you want an even and high bounce from the trampoline. On the other hand, get the round model for a center-focused recreational purpose. And square and oval trampolines lie between them.

So, choose the right type of trampoline matching your requirement. Let’s have amazing fun and exercise to live a healthy life.

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