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Trampoline Zipper Lock Repair and Replacement with Trampoline Zipper Suggestions


Trampoline Zipper Lock Repair and Replacement with Trampoline Zipper Suggestions

Last Updated on October 5, 2023

Enclosure net plays an important role in safe jumping on the trampoline. It protects jumpers from falling on the ground and getting injured. In addition to that, the enclosure net uses a zipper to restrict unwanted visits to the trampoline. For example, when you zip up the net, kids can’t get in and out of the trampoline which will extend safety. Even pets and beasts will keep away thus they can’t harm the trampoline mat, safety pad, and net.

The Trampoline zipper lock is an essential part of the enclosure net. This helps to zip on and off the zipper. But zipper-lock even the zipper itself might be stuck even break for some reason. If this happens to you, what will you do then? Don’t worry, today we’ll guide you on how to fix a trampoline zipper lock and also give you an idea of trampoline zipper replacement. Let’s read the article!

Trampoline Zipper Lock Repair & Replacement for You

Why Trampoline Zipper Lock is Essential?

Trampoline zipper locks do great jobs. Below we’ve listed down several important reasons why you need a trampoline zipper lock-

  • Ensures on and off the net
  • Extends trampoline safety
  • Restricts unwanted visits

Types of Trampoline Zipper Lock

Trampoline zipper locks are available in two common types- side release buckles and hook systems. Both of them are available in plastic and metal types. Usually, metal buckles and hooks provide better fastening than plastic.  Some enclosures use hooks and buckles for better stability. Moreover, you can also add a traditional lock and lock cable to secure the trampoline.

How to Fix a Trampoline Zipper


The trampoline zipper might be malfunctioning for three possible reasons. These problems are caused due to broken zippers, stuck zippers, or broken zipper locks. Luckily you can fix the problem easily by following some simple tricks. Here we’ll teach you how can you repair your trampoline zipper easily.

What to Do When Trampoline Zipper is Stuck?

This is a common scenario for any zipper. If you find the trampoline zipper is not working well or gets stuck frequently, at first, check the full length of the zipper whether it’s okay or not. Mark the spot where the zipper is getting stuck.

Sometimes this might occur when the fabric of the net snags and tangles. In this case, you can easily solve the problem by removing the snag parts. Gently move the zipper to avoid such a jam again. Tweezers are also a good option to get remedy the problem.

But if the zipper is stuck for any invisible reason, you can solve the problem by applying the pencil’s graphite trick. Insert the graphite of the pencil in the zipper and rub it there. It’s a proven truth that, graphite dust works as a tonic to loosen the zipper.

This happens as graphite works as a lubricant here. Other lubricants also work too. You can try Vaseline, soap, Chapstick, even grease, or Mobil to dislodge the zipper. After resolving the problem, clean the residue from the zipper.

In extreme cases, if the zipper isn’t working in the above two methods, then change the full zipper. Takedown the enclosure net and install a new zipper by stitching with a sewing machine. The detailed method is discussed in the trampoline zipper replacement section.

What to Do When Trampoline Zipper Lock is Broken?


When the zipper lock breaks instead of the zipper what will you do then? Jumping without a zipper lock can throw you out from the trampoline. So, when the trampoline lock breaks off, replace it as soon as possible.

Lots of metal hooks and buckles are available that will allow for replacing the broken ones. Moreover, you can purchase nylon thread and straps for better stability. It is recommended to hold the net with nylon thread and keep it for further use. You also need four nylon fabric repair kits for the safety clasp. You can use backpack fabric or other fabric for that.

After collecting all the materials, sew the nylon strap with any patch. Now put the patch with the outside of the zipper of the enclosure net. Also, add another one to the inside of the net. Then sew both patches together. Similarly, do the same task for the other side of the zipper. So, you can now secure the straps and plastic clasps to close the zipper lock.

Trampoline Zipper Replacement


The previous two problems were quite easy to solve. If the zipper is locked or ripped accidentally, it can be repaired by sewing with nylon thread. But if the zipper is broken or it’s beyond repair this indicates it needs replacement. In the previous discussion, we explained how to replace the zipper lock, now it’s time to deal with the broken zipper.

Before you add a new trampoline zipper remove the existing one using a seam ripper. Most zippers are sewn with mesh using nylon thread. Thus you have to rip the seams closest to the zipper. Don’t forget to leave the nylon intact so you can add a new zipper in that place.

Align both sides of the zipper. Then pin them with the net. After that sew it nicely with the net using nylon thread. So, the new zipper is stitched there. If you want you can remove the net to do this more perfectly.

Trampoline Zipper Replacement Suggestions

YaHoGa Large Trampoline Plastic Zipper

If you want to replace the zipper YaHoGa trampoline zipper will be an affordable and good option. It is made of plastic but provides great strength and reliability. The two available sizes of the zipper are 72 and 30 inches long. But, 30 inches pack comes with 2 pieces of zipper replacement. It is 3 inches wide so you can easily stitch it to the trampoline net. The double-pulling system allows the opening and closes the zipper from both sides.

Leekayer Heavy-Duty Plastic Trampoline Zipper

Leekayer zipper is another popular trampoline zipper that will give you a good solution to replace the trampoline zipper. Due to the dual puller, you can open and close the net from both sides. Resin plastic zipper provides better strength and reliability. It’s available in several lengths like 30, 33, 36, 84, and 114 inches.  The 84-inch zipper will fit almost every trampoline net.

Leekayer 2PCS #10 84 cm Heavy Duty Zippers for Sewing Separating Large Plastic Zippers Black Tape with Double Pull Tab Slider, Sleeping Bag, Boat, Canvas, Cover, Trampoline, Dog Bed,Tent (33' 2pcs)
Leekayer 2PCS #10 84 cm Heavy Duty Zippers for Sewing Separating Large Plastic Zippers Black Tape with Double Pull Tab Slider, Sleeping Bag, Boat, Canvas, Cover, Trampoline, Dog Bed,Tent (33" 2pcs)
Length : 33 inch from bottom to top (teeth length), the full length is 34 inch end to end; Zipper Quantity: 2pc Package, Color: Black Tape
$9.99 Amazon Prime

Meillia Long Plastic Zipper for Trampoline

Still not getting the trampoline zipper, Meillia plastic zipper won’t disappoint you. This trampoline zipper replacement is available in several sizes 24, 26, 30, 32, 40, 59 inches, and many more. The finest plastic provides maximum strength and reliability. Here you will also get two ways pulling system.

Tips to Extend Trampoline Zipper Lock’s Lifespan

Here are several tips that will help you prolong your trampoline zipper life.

  • Apply lubricant and cleaner
  • Remove dust regularly
  • Open and close the zipper carefully


We’ve mentioned here several ways to repair the trampoline zipper. Consider the zipper situation first, then apply the method that matches your zipper. If it has only a stuck problem, you can resolve it by applying graphite or lubricants in most cases. Broken zipper locks can be repaired with metal or plastic hooks. And if the zipper is broken, replace it soon.

Trampoline zipper-lock repair and replacement is not a very hard job. You can do it easily following our guidelines. Hopefully, you can replace the trampoline zipper successfully.

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