23 Best Trampoline Tricks You Should Know About!

Last Updated on September 4, 2021

You may have seen outstanding trampoline tricks show on Olympic sport. Believe it or not, you can also impress everyone by doing these at home. But, you have to acquire the skills first. So, how to start trampoline tricks at home?

Well, you’re in the right place to know the cool trampoline tricks. Here we cover the basic and advanced trampoline tricks to make you a skilled trampolinist!

Reading this article, you are going to learn how to do trampoline tricks. And the best trampoline tricks with video demonstrations will help everyone from beginners to advanced learners. Here we go!

Different Trampoline Tricks to Do on A Trampoline

Trampoline TricksBasically, you can do several tricks on a trampoline such as drops, jumps, flips, handsprings, and much more. For your easy understanding, we’ve categorized the trampoline tricks according to the skills of the jumpers. Decide first where you are and find your appropriate tricks there!

Please note:

Simple Trampoline provides only guidance regarding trampoline tricks but never encourages anyone to try these tricks without proper supervision. As some of the tricks are dangerous that might cause accidents.

So, we strictly decline the liability if any injury occurs accidentally. Whoever tries any of the tricks, he/she is doing so at his/her own risk.

Basic Trampoline Tricks for Beginners

Seat Drop

Seat drop is an easy and fundamental trampoline trick that anyone can do easily. This popular trampoline bounce is simply landing on a seated position, and get back to the standing position.

While sitting straightens your legs, keeps your back vertical, and push the jumping bed using your arms. But don’t do seat drops several times in a row as you may lose control.

Straddle Jump

This is a good high jump of trampoline exercise. To do straddle, raise your arms above, and keep legs apart from each other. Try to position legs at an angle of 90 degrees and touch shins. First-timers can start by touching the knees. Then gradually try to touch shins.

Tuck Jumps

From the very first day, you can do tuck jumps on trampolines. Just stand upright, and jump straight keeping your arms upwards. After jumping a few times when you feel comfortable bring knees to touch your chest. Also, keep your legs together and touch your shins. The more you try the more you can do this accurately.

Pike Jump

Pike jump is an easy trick to do on a trampoline. Let’s demonstrate how to do a pike jump on the trampoline. Firstly sit on the mat straightly placing legs forward and together firmly. Raise your arms up and bend forward until you touch the toes. This will create a curved and tight shape of your body.

Now stand up and jump over the trampoline to create the shape we said earlier. If you are a beginner touch knees instead of toes. And gradually increase the difficulty by jumping higher and touching the toes more.

Knee Drop

It is another simple body bounce. Just fold your knees at the right angle, drop your knees in the jumping bed and back up. Make sure your back stays verticle not pitch forward or wrench backward. To incorporate arms in this exercise, keep arms straight and higher while going upward. If the bed is hard enough, knee pads might give you a comfortable jumping experience.

Mid-Level Tricks  of Trampoline

Front Handspring

Front handspring is a good trampoline technique that anyone can do by practicing for a while. And this is quite easy as well. Discover how to complete the front handspring move!

Generate power by bouncing a while then flip forward while placing your arms together on the trampoline mat. Simple and interesting, isn’t it?

Back Handspring

This is the reverse process of the front handspring. All you have to do is flip on the backward putting your hands on the trampoline surface.

You can compare the back handspring trampoline move with head down in a swing while swinging back and forth.

Front Drop

Front drop is a popular intermediate-level gymnastic trick. Things that you need to do before the front drop or belly drop is gain some amount of air by jumping a while. Then lay down on your belly keeping hands below the face.

Raise your head a bit to see in front of you. Now get onto hands and knees from the lying position. Then start bouncing maintaining rhythm dog drop to front drop and back to your feet. And when you start from the standing position it is called the full front drop.

Back Drop

The cockroach or backdrop is opposite of the front drop. Lay on the back (cockroach position) of the trampoline mat first. Then build some power by pushing the mat continuously. This will produce bouncing.

Make sure, you rolled yourself rightly and the neck isn’t in contact with the mat. Doing such back bounce several times, you can understand how to control power and manipulate the body in the air. And when you start from a standing position and complete a standing stance this is called the full backdrop.


Front flip or front tuck is an important flip. How to do a front flip? You can do it by following several steps.

Start by tuck jump. When you could manage good bounce doing this try forward roll and then dive roll. After that do flip to sitting. And when you are confident to complete these steps, attempts for frontflip.

Practicing a lot will make you develop your frontflip skill. Keep in mind, you needn’t use your hands to support your body in this trampoline flip like front handspring method.


How to do a backflip on a trampoline? To learn to backflip on a trampoline, you need to practice a lot. Here is the demonstration to learn backflip!

Start with vertical jumping. When jumping reaches to a comfortable situation, hit the mat with your feet and try to do a backflip. For the first-timers, you mightn’t get the expected flip but practicing a while you can do this successfully.

And when you’ve nearly finished flip, use your hands to prevent falling and to protect your head and chest.


This is quite a complicated trampoline technique that includes front drop and back handspring. After completing a front drop, do a back handspring instantly. It needs good effort to complete Cody. If you aren’t good at trampoline tricks, don’t try to do it for safety hazards.

But while you fall in the front or back, always keep your legs at the right angle.


For intermediate-level skilled trampoline users, kaboom provides some special appeal. It is actually a combination of a backdrop and backflip. When dropping back, push the mat continuously to generate bounce, then make a backward spin to your body several times.


Barani or frontflip 180 is spinning while doing a front somersault. After warming up, jump forward and spin your body at 180 degrees. So, after completing the Barani, you will discover yourself facing opposite to the beginning stance. The following video might help you understanding frontflip 180.

Swivel Hips

If you want to learn swivel hips, a trampoline would be the best companion for you. At the sitting position, keep straight your back and face the legs forward together. Jump up and push with arms to complete the sit and stand jump cycle. Now swivel half turn and continue the process as far as you can.


Underflip is actually a backflip with 180 degrees rotation. So this is called backflip 180 too. In Underflip, your shoulders and hips need wide laid. After generating a good bounce, jump backward at 180 degrees rotation. But this is quite risky to practice this skill by yourself.

Side Flip

How to do a side flip on a trampoline? Side flip is comparatively complicated than the frontflip or backflip. Extend the hand in front on which side you want to complete the flip. And extend the opposite hand back. After making a confident bounce, flip in the side. Make sure your front hand doesn’t get hurt.

Pro or Advanced Trampoline Tricks

Back Flip with Full Twist

Jump straight into the mat to generate power. Then flip in the back while creating 360 degrees twist. You have to practice for a good period of time to achieve twist technique.

Double Frontflip

The process is almost similar to the single frontflip. But in this case, push the mat with extra pressure, fold your body and do a double frontflip.

Triple Frontflip

Nothing special, just use more pressure on the trampoline mat for a higher bounce and try to flip three times or more.

Double Backflip

Hit trampoline bed to create more bounce than the single backflip and complete flip twice backward. Other things are common like a backflip.

Triple Backflip

This time makes three flip in front of you. So, apply more pressure on the mat than the double flip.


This is one of the world’s best trampoline tricks. You may see this is  Olympic Sport that is actually a continuous front or back handspring process and end up with a flip. This is a fun trick to do on a trampoline. Tumbling floor-length usually goes more than 20 meters. So the Tumblers do continuous tumbling there.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best trampolines for tricks?

The large-size trampolines are the right choice for trampoline tricks. You can find them in gymnast trampolines or adult trampolines suggestions. But in general, consider a 17×12 ft or bigger size trampolines. If you find these trampolines out of your budget, you can still get access to some trampoline parks and practice as much as possible.

What precautions should be maintained in trampoline tricks?

There are many precautions, out there we’ve listed below the most important ones-

  • Start with a warm-up before going to the main tricks
  • Learn under a good trampolinist to avoid injuries
  • Wear necessary clothing and avoid pinching items
  • Don’t try any trick by yourself without understanding clearly

Final Words

These are the most common and important trampoline tricks list. Hopefully, our trampoline flips and tricks will improve your skills and help you burn more calories. Please keep in mind, different trampoline gymnasts explain the ways in their own ways. Here we’ve tried to represent the athletic tricks in the simplest ways.

Whether the techniques you follow, we highly recommend you starting from the basic types to avoid accidents and injuries. And gradually step up to the advanced moves. Now, it’s your time to own the Olympic gold medal or at least getting appreciation from friends!

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