How Much Does the Trampoline Park Cost?

Last Updated on August 23, 2021

Kids’ even adults have great attractions on trampoline amusement parks. Those parks are so exciting and playful that you can hardly avoid them. Therefore, the question arises, how much does the trampoline park cost? And this is important to get the answer before entering into a trampoline park especially if you are a novice or tight-budget person.

Well, the cost of trampoline parks depends from park to park. Generally, the price starts from $10 to $15 for children for an hour and $5 to $10 for parents’ passes. And you can spend as much you want in that fun zone.

In this article, you’re going to know how much trampoline parks cost. So read the article to reveal an affordable trampoline park near you to enjoy quality time with family.

How to Determine Trampoline Park Price?

Trampoline park cost depends on several factors-

  • Spending hours
  • Locations of the park
  • Number of members
  • Facilities and games you have

Different Types of Trampoline Park Costs

Trampoline Park costs include several costs like-

  • Membership cost
  • Cost for different plays
  • Entry cost
  • Sock cost

All the important ones are explained below.


Trampoline Park Membership Cost

Most renowned Trampoline Parks offer membership facilities. By owning a membership, you can get unlimited access and party discounts benefits. You will find several packages of membership. Higher packages will give you more facilities, but the prices will be high. Many amusement parks offer less than $10 per month membership cost for their basic package.

Average Cost at Trampoline Park

As we said earlier the cost of trampoline parks varies from one to another. On average the cost is $10 to $20 for a regular teen for an hour. However, most parks offer discounted costs for 2 or more hours of play. For example, if the regular price for an hour is $15, then tickets are available for 2 and 3 hours at $25 and $35 respectively.

And some of the parks also allow toddlers below 3 years old at lower than $10 for an hour. Besides these, there are some hidden costs that you may pay having these services like socks purchase.

Trampoline Park Party Cost

Trampoline parks are nowadays widely used for parties and events. If you want to book for a big party, please contact the authority at least 1 week before. The premium members of the trampoline park will give an advantage in terms of price and priority in this case.

Various parks offer dissimilar parties for fun. For example, Altitude Trampoline Park offers different event and party facilities such as pizza birthday, pizza party, chicken nugget party, no food party, etc. And the cost varies from $16.99 to $21.99.

Different Popular Trampoline Parks Cost

Below we’ll break down several top trampoline parks costs for your easy findings.

Sky Zone Adventure Park

Sky Zone is one of the best trampoline parks in recent times. Here is some of the package of New Rochelle Sky Zone Trampoline Park, New York.

Package Name Cost Facilities
Little Leapers $20.99 Bouncing and climbing for kids while the parent will observe
Glow 1 hr $20.99 Lasers, music, and backlights create a crazy dancing club in the dark
Glow 2 hr $41.99 Lasers, music, and backlights create a crazy dancing club in the dark
Glow 3 hr $62.99 Lasers, music, and backlights create a crazy dancing club in the dark

Urban Air Adventure Park

This is another lovely amusement park for trampoline-loving people. Like other good parks, Urban Air Adventure Park also offers several attractions in dissimilar packages. Here are some of the popular packages of the Altoona, Pennsylvania branch.

Package Name Cost Facilities
5 & Under $11.99 Deluxe access for children 5 & under
Basic Attractions $16.99 Basic trampolines
Deluxe Attractions $21.99 Basic Trampolines, Tubes – Indoor Playground, ProZone Performance Trampolines, Wipeout, Battle Beam, Warrior Course
Ultimate Attractions $29.99 Basic Trampolines, Tubes – Indoor Playground, Climbing Walls, Ropes Course, ProZone Performance Trampolines, Wipeout, Battle Beam, Warrior Course

Get Air Trampoline Park

Get Air Trampoline Park has different packages to jump and have fun there. Below, we’ve enlisted the packages of the Victorville, California branch.

Package Name Cost Facilities
Little Air 1 hr $9.99


Trampoline jump & fun
Little Air 2 hr $13.99 Trampoline jump & fun
Little Air 3 hr $16.99


Trampoline jump & fun
Big Air 1 hr $15.99


Flip, jump, and other skills
Big Air 2 hr $22.99


Flip, jump, and other skills
Big Air 3 hr $25.99


Flip, jump, and other skills

Cheapest Trampoline Park

We found Zero Gravity Trampoline Park as one of the best affordable trampoline parks for unlimited family fun. This will save at least $2 for each play. Their basic jump package is available for $16.99 whereas the deluxe jump and ultimate jump are available at $19.99 and $26.99 respectively.

The basic pass of Zero Gravity is $12.99 for 60 minutes. $15.99 for 90 minutes and $19.99 for 120 minutes. And one parent is allowed with each child and the parent pass is $7.99. Besides all these, group pricing is very attractive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Trampoline Parks Franchises?

There are many trampoline parks at different locations worldwide. Each of them offers lots of fun and play opportunities for the whole family.

Some of the best trampoline parks in the world are- Sky Zone, Flight Trampoline Park, Urban Air Adventure Park, Get Air Trampoline Park, Rockin’ Jump, Abenteuerland Trampoline Park, Launch Trampoline Park.

Several other renowned ones are Big Air Trampoline Park, Helium Adventure Park, Jump America, Maxx Arena Trampoline Park, Fly High Trampoline Park, Free Fall Trampoline Park, and many more. Find the right trampoline park near you.

Can I use personal socks in trampoline parks?

No, most parks don’t allow you to use personal socks there. Instead of that, you have to purchase socks (almost at $3) before getting into the trampoline.

What are the attractions of the park of the trampoline?

Trampoline parks have plenty of attractions for children and adults simultaneously. There is something special for you no matter who you are. Some of them are- toddler jump zone, swing set, slackline, slide, free climb to upskill climbing, freestyle jump without any fear, drop zone to fly high and land softly, basketball, sky ladder, volleyball, challenge zone for testing your obstacles skills, and so on.

Are there any discounts on occasions on Trampoline Park?

Yes, Trampoline Parks provide discounts on various occasions like summer season, black Friday, charismas.


After reading the article, you might get the exact ideas on the price of trampoline park. Now, research a while to find the nearest trampoline parks at a minimum cost. If you want to do fun play for a long, please activate your membership to any good park.

Keep in mind, Trampoline Park is nowadays not only fun but also a good way of exercise to burn calories in an enjoyable way. Hopefully, you got your answer on how much the trampoline park cost does. And if you want to make a mini trampoline park at home, just set up an inground trampoline in the backyard.


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