How to Move a Trampoline Without Taking It Apart: 5 Awesome Techniques!

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There is hardly anyone who would not love to have a trampoline in the backyard or inside the house. Trampolines are great for both entertainment and fitness. They can keep kids and adults for hours. And with the possession of a great trampoline, there come some responsibilities. You have to take care of your favorite trampoline for its soundness. From time to time you must clean it properly. But perhaps the most challenging task is moving your trampoline from one place to another. It is a tiresome and painful task. Yet sometimes you have to just move it. So we have decided to present you with an in-depth guide on how to move a trampoline without taking it apart.

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How to Move a Trampoline Without Taking It Apart?

How to Move a Trampoline without Taking it apartThe moving technique of the trampoline largely depends on the trampoline types and weights. If it is a kid’s trampoline or mini trampoline you can easily move it without taking apart. The main challenge or problem occurs in the case of large and heavy trampolines. Then you have to decide depending on the facts like how much distance you have to move the trampoline, how large your trampoline, your strength, and available helpful strong people around you.

What is the Best Way to Move the Trampoline?

For large trampolines, like the adult trampolines or the gymnastics trampolines, the best way to move them is dismantling. You have to take apart all the parts like the enclosure net, poles, jumping mat, springs, frames, etc. and put them in the box. Then you can take them anywhere you like and you have to reassemble it. But the reassembling is the part most people never like. Since assembling large trampolines is not so easy.

And if you have faced challenges while assembling it in the first place, you will hardly like to do it again. You will not either like to take a professional’s service. That will cost a good amount of money.  In such a situation, you can follow the below steps to move the trampoline without taking it apart.

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How to Move a Trampoline without Dismantling it?

When you are planning to move your trampoline without dismantling, you need to consider the distance. Depending on the distance the moving method will change.

How to Cover Short Distance

If you need to move the trampoline to a short distant place like from one end of your yard to another end or other alike distance, you can the suitable one from below means.


If you are strong enough and there is no enclosure net and poles attached to your trampoline, you can try to move the trampoline yourself depending on its weight. You can go under the trampoline, place yourself in the middle and try to gently lift the trampoline using your back. But you have to do this with great care otherwise you may be injured.

But you can’t apply this technique for heavier trampolines. In that case, you will need at least four strong men to help you move the trampoline. You along with the four men have to hold the trampoline maintaining equal distance from each other. This way you can carry the weight evenly. Then you will take the trampoline to the shorter distance you want.

Trampoline Wheels

In case you are strong enough or don’t have enough people around you for help, you can think of using the trampoline wheels. Trampoline wheels are great to move trampoline without much hassle. You can get them from online stores. Some manufacturers provide them with the trampoline. If you don’t receive wheels with your trampoline, you have to buy them additionally. Don’t worry, they are very affordable.

You can easily attach the wheels on the leg of the trampolines and drag it to your desired place. You can do this on your own or engage another person in the process. Then you can easily take the wheels off the trampoline. Never leave the wheels attached to your trampoline. And you should never jump on the trampoline that is attached with wheels. Wheels are to make your trampoline easily moveable. So accidents may occur. Different trampolines need different wheels. So if necessary you have to buy carefully.

Sliding the Trampoline

In case, you just need to move your trampoline very little distance in the backyard or lawn, you can try the sliding method. You have to apply WD40 or similar things under the legs of the trampolines. This way it will be easier to slide the trampoline. You have to take off the enclosure net before sliding the trampoline. It will be great if you can engage two persons in the process since trampolines are heavy and hard to slide alone. The WD40 may hamper the grass a little bit. So you have to apply carefully. But don’t worry. Your lawn will recover with time.

The sliding method is good for moving your trampoline to mow. Once you are done you can put it back. Again, you can take the professional lawn mowing service. In that case, don’t forget to inform them that they have to move a trampoline so that they can bring an extra person for the necessary help.

Ways to Cover Long Distance

Sometimes you may need to change the town or simply change the house. In that case, you will have to cover a long distance and the above-mentioned ways will not help. So you will have to think about other possible ways.


You can arrange a truck to contain your whole trampoline. But you may want to take off the net and poles so that they are not damaged on the way. Depending on the situation you may need to remove one or two legs of the trampoline. And most importantly, you have to secure the trampoline with quality straps before starting the journey.


You can also think of a large trailer to move your trampoline for long distances. But the trailer must match the width of your trampoline. You will have to lift and place the trampoline on the trailer. Quality ratchet straps are to be used in enough numbers to perfectly secure the trampoline with the trailer. The trailer must move with a moderate speed otherwise the trampoline may be damaged. The weather condition must be kept in mind while carrying the trampoline.

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Things to Do Before Using Trampoline Again

Once you have successfully moved your trampoline to another house or town it is time to set the trampoline up and jump again. But before doing that, you should inspect whether any part of the trampoline is damaged or not. You may need to clean the trampoline to some extent. Besides, you should learn the techniques to tie down your trampoline to avoid being blown away in strong winds.

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Final Words

Possibly you are now familiar with the ways on how to move a trampoline without taking it apart. Yet we always consider that dismantling the trampoline completely is the best way to move it to a long distant place. This way you can secure the trampoline more. Since taking trampoline to a long distant place without dismantling is risky and costly. But sometimes, we do need to take the toughest means.

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